Zillow House Hunters

  • * j *
    * j *

    get your girl in the room and make a vol. 2 of this lmao

  • KabobKing

    click remove boundary and you can see all houses in the state at once

  • Snipeprecision 1
    Snipeprecision 1

    I use to live in college station

  • Datbum Jay
    Datbum Jay

    Im so confused if thats a braid or a twist


    Yessir Kenny come move to texas

  • LazerHornet

    This is an amazing video idea

  • Cns Evan 205
    Cns Evan 205

    I want more of these vids Kenny!

  • Revultiez

    This is actually so random but I love it lmao

  • Scott Tape
    Scott Tape

    Wish he knew that if you look at the most expensive areas, you get the biggest rip-offs.

  • Aaron Albrecht
    Aaron Albrecht

    Do more!

  • Jaeden Larch
    Jaeden Larch

    if you ain't ever start tearing up looking at other houses you ain't a real one

  • Christopher Cisneros
    Christopher Cisneros

    I need more

  • Jason Shuman
    Jason Shuman

    I literally live in Malvern, PA and when I started the video I was hoping you'd land on PA... what are the odds you ended up going to my town LOL

  • Sean McNamara
    Sean McNamara

    Bring ur girl on makes the game more fun according to u

  • Sean McNamara
    Sean McNamara

    Kenny a million dollars is a lot, but u have to think of location. My dad is a real-estate agent and the most important thing is location. My dad house is worth $300,000 but do to location it worth 1 million dollars. Homes are expensive, a million dollars home is not luxury home anymore.

  • Jonathan Malavez
    Jonathan Malavez

    Bro just have your girl do her pitch commentary style

  • Sports Highlights Productions
    Sports Highlights Productions

    5:09 I was like “didn’t house of highlights get him court side playoff seats? D’angelo Russell soft skin?” But then he said it

  • Vincent P.
    Vincent P.

    Kenny landed on >$1m and still went for things under 1 mil

  • kirby wolf
    kirby wolf

    >1 million means that it has to be greater than 1 million

  • Eugene Sullivan
    Eugene Sullivan

    couples game please try it again

  • Caden Wilson
    Caden Wilson

    Instructions not clear, played this game with my girlfriend and now we’re $5,000,000 in debt

  • Paddy McIsaac
    Paddy McIsaac

    This is actually so Fire. More please

  • Kael schiller
    Kael schiller

    clackamas/happy valley oregon woulg get u a huge modern nice house with a mil

  • Blue Orbee Music Reactions
    Blue Orbee Music Reactions

    I like this a lot Kenny

  • Braxtonz Ballerz
    Braxtonz Ballerz

    College station is were Texas A&M is

  • Known Keyz
    Known Keyz

    You need to show us you vs your girlfriend

    • Known Keyz
      Known Keyz

      But I get what you mean by weird

  • Kai Havert Stan account
    Kai Havert Stan account

    Look up 1 mil in London, it’s mad

  • Caleb Nelson
    Caleb Nelson

    Advice for y’all, if you do play this game try to stay away from the west coast. House prices are wild over here. (like some 2 bedroom houses with meh backyards in the middle of a suburb are $400,000)

  • The Playground Kids
    The Playground Kids

    2k is not really fun to watch anymore

  • Phanton Richter
    Phanton Richter

    1 mil is literally a mansion in Arkansas lol

  • Mr. Bruhmoment
    Mr. Bruhmoment

    U suck Kenny get a better jumpshot

  • Luka Lam-bellissimo
    Luka Lam-bellissimo

    Kenny should look at houses in Toronto. A million is the minimum these days

  • Burgundy Sauce
    Burgundy Sauce

    Kenny have you watched the last dance on Netflix highly recommend it for a big bulls fan like you

  • free headd
    free headd

    Jesus loves you

  • Taye Cha
    Taye Cha


  • Mike Playz
    Mike Playz

    Kenny why man you should have won the 100😔

  • Alex Campbell
    Alex Campbell


  • Dreylon Madison
    Dreylon Madison

    Appreciate the caution for your girlfriend Kenny! if anywhere is the spot/channel for her to be, we’ll make it safe here 🤙🏽

  • xDuverge

    this vid making me wanna play sims

  • YungPackerboii ESPN HIRE ME
    YungPackerboii ESPN HIRE ME

    Vid was fire

  • Long Jon
    Long Jon

    Windham is the next town over from and I be constantly looking at Zillow at houses I can’t afford

  • Hunter Luedtke
    Hunter Luedtke

    I'm in Houston how's it over here are so nice and fairly cheap

  • Leopota Aholelei
    Leopota Aholelei

    Kenny legit made a future trend lmao

  • Exclusive Eli
    Exclusive Eli

    Very nice casual video 💯

  • Exclusive Eli
    Exclusive Eli

    I love this

  • Donovan Paul
    Donovan Paul

    Pls do more of this

  • Camden Bradley
    Camden Bradley

    who doesn’t love zillow mannn🥰

  • Camden Bradley
    Camden Bradley


  • Squizzx -
    Squizzx -

    bring her on

  • Eric Hammer
    Eric Hammer

    You should do the same but with Canada options only

  • Painter Productions
    Painter Productions

    10:30 this man don’t know math symbols y’all

  • Josia Cliffor
    Josia Cliffor

    banger , should do it again

  • Jc lol
    Jc lol

    please do this again

  • Jackieboy Beast
    Jackieboy Beast

    Yo this is why Kenny is the goat. Like I could watch him read a book on how to divide fractions and he would make it so interesting

  • Thomas Coltrain
    Thomas Coltrain

    Gotta do another one of these. Loved it‼️

  • FarOneShot

    Hey Kenny on Monday I sent some basketball cards that are numbered and autographed and I think you’ll like them very much 😉

  • Christopher Pitcher
    Christopher Pitcher

    Need more of this lmao

  • Finn Gardner
    Finn Gardner

    do this again its fun

  • masterpeir horten
    masterpeir horten

    get 1 million and go to california or hawaii youll get if your lucky 0.5 cenimeters of land and go to the cheapest place a 100 sq ft house

  • Tyfu The Xterminator
    Tyfu The Xterminator

    12:15 -12:20 Reminded me of a kid learning to read lol. (No offense Kenny.)

  • Colby Schneider
    Colby Schneider

    We need another video on this

  • Matty Ice 0817
    Matty Ice 0817

    Bro said I have to move to Mass for a nice house at the same price??? Massachusetts is one of the most expensive places to live in the US

  • Sonny Harmon
    Sonny Harmon

    Kenny has the best like to dislike ratio on the platform

  • Sonny Harmon
    Sonny Harmon

    Some of these random videos are honestly better than the 2k ones

  • Ian Dunlap
    Ian Dunlap

    This fire

  • Penn

    bring your fuckin gf you don't have to show her face nbd

  • Ryan Spaghetti
    Ryan Spaghetti

    The room you said looked like hotel and had the lights I had same exact reaction as you

  • Ryan Spaghetti
    Ryan Spaghetti

    Good vid

  • Logan akaFusion
    Logan akaFusion

    Bruh get out the city kenny

  • 123bombs away
    123bombs away

    This better be because you want that 100k in two days

  • Timez The Collector
    Timez The Collector

    Hey Kenny!

  • Nicholas Miller
    Nicholas Miller

    You would love Oregon.

  • Benjamin Simon
    Benjamin Simon

    Kenny the estate agent

  • Jake Pelton
    Jake Pelton

    one of his best videos is literally just looking at housers

  • Dan G
    Dan G

    Aye good idea

  • Jacob Anthony
    Jacob Anthony

    This was fire I love Zillow

  • Noah Hause
    Noah Hause

    Texas right now no im from wisconsin if they drove up here they will have a heartattack

  • Marvin C
    Marvin C

    ohhhhhh man, wait till what you see what you get with 1M in Toronto LOL

  • Gmoneytrain

    Oregon gang!

  • stilllow

    flight: cuzi kenny: j-j-j---j-j-j--j-j--j-j-jjjacuuuuuziiiiiii

  • A A
    A A

    I love how he saw a house that was over 6,000 square feet and said it wasn't enough for a mil

  • A A
    A A

    Bend, Oregon is the best place ever, I'm moving there later this year

  • Sean McMahon
    Sean McMahon

    Kenny trynna get them real estate ads. If you know you know

  • Target Zeal
    Target Zeal

    We need the Zillow house hunt meetings

  • Aryan Melz
    Aryan Melz

    You should do Illinois

  • Shmico

    Bro it's frustrating me so much that he mixed up what greater than and less than is 🙄

  • Seth Jensen
    Seth Jensen

    My home town is Ashland, Oregon!!

  • Connor Gray
    Connor Gray

    When he said he was surprised I clicked on the vid that’s crazy I watch the vid bc of Kenny not bc of the content 😂🤷‍♂️

  • Spicy P
    Spicy P

    Do a part 2

  • Calvin Howard
    Calvin Howard

    Hey bro stick to basketball didn’t subscribe for this garbage

  • Kobedropped81

    I liked this vid so much that I’m watching it again

  • Benton Griffaw
    Benton Griffaw

    This guys content and ideas are insanely creative and entertaining

  • Jackson Vardeman
    Jackson Vardeman

    I love this

  • Noel Aquino Salinas
    Noel Aquino Salinas

    YOOO!!!! Kenny you know College Station exists now. But its Bryan/College Station. A smaller city that's growing, with everything being in a 15 mile radius. Won't take more than 20 minutes to go to the other side of it

  • Big Ounce
    Big Ounce

    Results unclear I now live in Alaska

  • Aren Bedros
    Aren Bedros

    Why this video work tho

  • Ian Ongers
    Ian Ongers

    Love seeing my home state in videos😂

  • Mike Nickerson
    Mike Nickerson

    Massachusetts isn’t very cheap compared to other southern states especially lmao

    • Mike Nickerson
      Mike Nickerson

      But sick vid Kenny

  • GreenLight Inc
    GreenLight Inc

    Shit fun cuz me n my ol lady do this. Funny thing is... We are in Dallas

  • YuDelu

    These videos are good

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