Wait...Is This Worth $10,000?

  • John Martin
    John Martin

    Omg ZP is Zaza. I paused the video and figured it out

  • GXRLA Prod.
    GXRLA Prod.


  • Xavier Davies
    Xavier Davies


  • hamood habibi
    hamood habibi


  • Nikhil Gourisetty
    Nikhil Gourisetty

    ZP number 27 was so obviously zaza lol

  • Mr Squirrel
    Mr Squirrel

    Z.P 27 aka ankle breaker aka Zaza The Freak aka Zaza Pachulia

  • LaMelo Ball
    LaMelo Ball

    I got the AOS James harden deodorant

  • Grimm LaStand
    Grimm LaStand

    Man... Kenny watching midgets now?

  • M 901
    M 901

    Stickers said I love midget porn🤣🤣

  • Benplays_NHL_2k Sports
    Benplays_NHL_2k Sports

    Was that zaza pachulias ball

  • Ashley Tweten
    Ashley Tweten

    a zaza

  • Nathaniel M
    Nathaniel M

    It Zaza Pachulla

  • Tricia LaValley
    Tricia LaValley

    Zaza pautulaia

  • Cyiss Clark
    Cyiss Clark

    Yo that was a PennyForReal new channel idea? 1982 copper

  • Madeline Rock
    Madeline Rock

    Zaza Pachulia?

  • Cam Newton Is Godly
    Cam Newton Is Godly

    The edible paper is for a cake

  • Michelle Phillips
    Michelle Phillips

    That is zaza Kenny

  • _ void _
    _ void _

    Bruh rated r is the best

  • Carter Givner
    Carter Givner

    Zara pachulia

  • Tyler Alverio
    Tyler Alverio

    AOS is the gym where flight beat flight mike

  • HRSmith08

    zaza pachulia???

  • Josh Eberly
    Josh Eberly

    kenny should make them rated r

  • Luke N
    Luke N

    Man... the last part hits now

  • Randon Harrison
    Randon Harrison

    That card is worth 40 dollars on the low and not graded if it is a 9 or 10 probably 120 dollars

  • Jordan Golden
    Jordan Golden

    That ball is zaza pachulia

  • arashinho jr
    arashinho jr

    Damn that last one caught me off gaurd, rip doom

  • Nerd_Wizard

    The “Alec Burks” rebuilding challenge You have first trade for Alec Burks Then you trade him every to every single team and get him back After you flip him 29 times he has to play 36 minutes for your team

  • Linc Waddle
    Linc Waddle

    the mega charizard x is $225

  • Marcelo Olmos
    Marcelo Olmos

    Last package is a kick in the balls man

  • Jack Bright
    Jack Bright

    Prob zack paschal

  • Oh_heckk

    wheres the photo from 14:30 from?

  • BGS sorrow
    BGS sorrow

    Rip doom

  • jowar

    So in before 1982 the penny used to be primarily copper but people were melting it and selling the copper for more money than it was worth, (which is a federal offense). so then in 1982 they changed the penny material from full copper to primarily zinc with a copper cover. So that’s why it’s so rare because most pennies in 1982 were changed to zinc and weren’t copper. (I’m not some penny expert, I had to do a chemistry project on this, so That’s why I know)

  • Bland Man
    Bland Man

    Kenny looking like thanos in the thumbnail

  • Rockstar Mega
    Rockstar Mega

    Man’s got a mega Charizard Y

  • Mixx

    Zaza pachulia

  • Wesley Avery
    Wesley Avery

    Hi Kenny

  • Mike Costagliola
    Mike Costagliola

    Isnt it Zaza?

  • Keegan Carey
    Keegan Carey

    he better try that dress on lol

  • Randy Fackler
    Randy Fackler

    Zaza Pachulia is my guess for that auto

  • Geo Velasquez
    Geo Velasquez

    Day 3 of asking Kenny to start mycareer


    I need to know that R rated gift...

  • Naureen Ghani
    Naureen Ghani

    Kenny the ball is Zaza Pachulia

  • Joe

    Zaza Pachulia

  • Tyson_Beast Gaming
    Tyson_Beast Gaming

    The penny is worth at the maximum, $2 lol

  • Davelle Kee
    Davelle Kee

    The Pokémon card is worth 20k

  • papahusko

    Suomi perkele

  • #A Saucyy
    #A Saucyy

    Kenny i have a amazing idea for a challenge. The "Flip Everything" Challenge. Basically you do a fantasy draft and turn the trade deadline off and rebuild that team then make the playoffs. Then once the playoffs come around you have to trade your entire team, fire your whole coaching staff, and win the championship. Leave a like so Kenny can see please!

  • Peter Leblanc
    Peter Leblanc

    Shoutout Zach from Massachusetts bro 😂💀

  • Nico Prisco
    Nico Prisco

    Gotta be honest I just scrolled thru all my streaming apps like Netflix and what not and I just realized I would rather watch Kenny open up gifts than a trashy movie on Netflix

  • TrueHooper

    kenny im sorry to say but were not making the playoffs

  • Ross Clooney
    Ross Clooney

    that penny is worth like $2.00😂

  • Joshy boi 24
    Joshy boi 24

    You should make more nba reaction vids

  • Michael Meacham
    Michael Meacham

    The stickers really said midget porn 😂😂😂😂

  • Benny Zoia
    Benny Zoia

    the ball is zaza pachulia

  • SnAzZy J
    SnAzZy J

    I saw what the stickers said Kenny 🤣🤣

  • Omid Hassani
    Omid Hassani

    The ball is signed by ZaZa Pachulia.

  • Colton O’Neill
    Colton O’Neill

    Zaza puchila

  • BeamHitch

    19:39 bro kenny got lube

  • Devyn Stanton
    Devyn Stanton

    That Mega Charizard EX is worth $50, topload it Kenny!

  • Nick Benetti
    Nick Benetti

    That penny is like 2-4 dollars

  • Garbage Town
    Garbage Town

    zp27 is zaza puchulia

  • Bubs

    Zaza Pachulia

  • Swiftty

    Idk any other nba player with the initials ZP then Zaza 😂

  • Andres Rodriguez Aponte
    Andres Rodriguez Aponte

    When is kenny hardaway coming?

  • bruh

    It's worth a maximum of around 600 - 700 dollars.

  • Zach Howe
    Zach Howe

    ZP 27 is zaza pachulia lmaoo

  • Will Gleeman
    Will Gleeman


  • xXholy MachinexX
    xXholy MachinexX

    The basketball signature was Zaza pachulia

  • Nyree Wade
    Nyree Wade

    Zaza Pachulia 🤣

  • Game Time Productions
    Game Time Productions

    I’m gonna send you a cremation kit

  • Evan Voris
    Evan Voris

    This dude got lube😂😂😂😂

  • Graham Carron
    Graham Carron

    should i send him my mini broken basketball hoop i have and say can you repair it and send it back

  • Tyler Ferro
    Tyler Ferro

    Can someone tell me the origin of the outlet covers

  • Tyler Ferro
    Tyler Ferro

    I love the knife that you use

  • Carson White
    Carson White

    He really sent him stickers that say I love midget porn

  • Carson White
    Carson White

    I got a manscaped ad right after he opened the body care thing

  • Juju

    Stickers rly said "I ❤️Midget P*rn" 9:30

  • Yousuf Sallam
    Yousuf Sallam

    ball was signed by zaza pachulia ima guess

  • Gang time
    Gang time

    kenny literally a thousand away from 200k on this channel 3 channel with like over 200k subs but main closing at 1 milly smh they hating

  • B Rich
    B Rich

    The ball was signed by Zaza Pachulia

  • Dh Dheg
    Dh Dheg

    P.s.a 10 is $500

  • Jacob Banzuela
    Jacob Banzuela

    2:10 its zaza

  • Fernando Anguiano
    Fernando Anguiano

    Make these videos rated R bro I wanna see raw uncut kenny 😂

    • Fernando Anguiano
      Fernando Anguiano

      And what flavor lube was it? 😂

  • Dylan Twedell
    Dylan Twedell

    I love midget porn 😂😂😂

  • Zack McGowan
    Zack McGowan

    Fish the goat

  • Altitude DFG
    Altitude DFG


  • Elijah Begay
    Elijah Begay

    Who else tried to stop at the right monument to see what the stickers say cause I did and 😂😂😂

  • Seth Stewart
    Seth Stewart

    Zaza polchilio for the ball

  • michael Pace
    michael Pace

    I think the signature of that paper basketball was Zaza Pachulia

  • Mark PhantomFTP
    Mark PhantomFTP

    Kenny gonna sell these outlets signed on his next drop 😭😭

  • Hector Watt
    Hector Watt

    Is that autograph Zaza?

  • Dersadler 123
    Dersadler 123

    the charzard goes for around 90

  • BenjiBoy

    Kot4q is the real goat

  • Gaiden

    “I ❤️ midget porn” for anyone wondering what the stickers say

  • Get The Memo?
    Get The Memo?

    Kenny gotta put on that dress for every challenge HE FAILS!!! NO CAP!!

  • TheDondre25

    A Zaza Signed Ball Lmaooooo

  • ImWxvyGC

    its Zaza Pachulia



  • Muffledbox

    I always knew Kenny loved Midget Porn

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