The Worst Snack Tier List
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  • King Savage
    King Savage

    The one thing that was OFF on this list was the Fritos🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Jusuf Nurkić
    Jusuf Nurkić

    Ngl, I was fighting Kenny after the first two snacks 😂😂

  • Tommy Plays
    Tommy Plays

    Kenny I agree I hate sour patch kids to

  • Sevilledaman N
    Sevilledaman N

    The only thing I agree on is a hot Chito’s

  • R2 Icee
    R2 Icee

    I’m about to have a brain seizure watching this

  • Sophie Filo
    Sophie Filo

    What made you suddenly allergic to nuts and dairy? Medication or something...?

  • Jackson McGrady
    Jackson McGrady

    Kenny made me feel fat today

  • Soy Saucing
    Soy Saucing

    Woahh pause dude was shaking his stuff to his mouth

  • Super swag
    Super swag

    Before anybody goes in the comments and says your trash cause he doesn’t like a candy you like stop everybody has their own opinion and if you can’t accept that you gotta go

  • Andrew Carlson
    Andrew Carlson

    Kenny know what he was doing at 5:07 😏

  • minecraft player
    minecraft player

    how tf am I heavier than Kenny, i'm 13 bruh

  • JS7Fan

    I hate cheetos

  • JS7Fan

    Did you call Chex mix trail mix?

  • ArmandAce

    4:51 I chocked on a tomato once and I never had tomato becides once since then so I see what u mean.

  • Murtaza Khan
    Murtaza Khan

    This man rly put haribo gummy bears at D

  • Hype Hoops
    Hype Hoops

    Didn’t Even Start the video but i already know Kenny has a story fo every single snack. Lol

  • kizzcross

    bro, here in Brazil, we have a "cream cheese" cheetos(not actualy cream cheese, but another kind of cheese that there is only in BR), and im telling you, it puts the flamming hot cheetos to bed dog fr

  • Jason and Leo
    Jason and Leo

    I got sour batch kids in A teer and flamin hot Cheetos in F teer

  • Simon DiMatteo
    Simon DiMatteo

    Love the vid tho!

  • Simon DiMatteo
    Simon DiMatteo

    The disrespect to chex mix. "trail mix" D:

  • Adam

    nah oreo is S and higher lmao

  • Rylan Crabb
    Rylan Crabb


  • Kolt

    Flamin hot cheetos best there i agree

  • Chase Davis
    Chase Davis

    Kenny on point about recesses pieces.

  • Boob

    I hate regular Cheetos

  • Jam Productions
    Jam Productions

    I love sour patch kidz

  • free headd
    free headd

    Jesus loves you

  • Jack Davies
    Jack Davies

    Bro Sour Patch is elite

  • A Sc
    A Sc

    He’s right about flaming hot Cheetos, that’s about it 😂

  • TheGamingBoy40

    Hot Fries aren't on the list but they're the greatest snack of all time

  • Tommy Frederico
    Tommy Frederico

    Oreos are vegan.... fun fact

  • Kenobi Bricks
    Kenobi Bricks

    Fruit roll ups?

  • Yung meat Lover
    Yung meat Lover

    Cold meat is just 🤮

  • Smore O
    Smore O

    He is 125! Im 14 5"9 and im 145

  • trust aidan
    trust aidan

    Wenny Weecham

  • Ryan Wolf
    Ryan Wolf


  • Hotdoginator

    Stale ass chips ahoy😂

  • Will Gleeman
    Will Gleeman

    Definitely with you on them pretzels bro

  • SHEESH Esta
    SHEESH Esta

    Cheif keef?

  • C K
    C K

    Love you bro but damn this is bad

  • lil ray
    lil ray

    S tier Jalapeño Cheetos my all time favorite chettos, flaming hot munchies, Doritos nacho cheese, A tier Cheetos crunchy, cool ranch Doritos, oreos, peanut mnm’s, microwave popcorn, skittles B tier - flaming hot Cheetos, Fritos, Funyuns, pretzels, barbecue lays, gummy bears, mnms regular, ritz crackers C tier buggles, sour cream and onion lays, chips ahoy original, original pringles, Chex mix D tier - original ruffles, original lays, mixed nuts F tier - cheezits, original goldfish Never had - sour patch kids

  • Chaz Blanks
    Chaz Blanks

    Anything with nuts is automatically F tier for me.

  • Chaz Blanks
    Chaz Blanks

    Sour patches and Vault soda was crack. It will have you hyper and bugging your parents.

  • Jervie

    Those Buffalo ranch Doritos are 🔥 🔥

  • Chick

    Funions 🔥

  • Jake Manterola
    Jake Manterola

    I hate sour patch kids to your not alone

  • Tyler Magyar
    Tyler Magyar

    Pretzels are elite u not buggin Kenny

  • States Man
    States Man

    Can we get a drink tier list or candy list like you mentioned

  • Bao Bao Boi
    Bao Bao Boi

    Thank you for the incredibly correct take on Reece’s Peices and Peanut Butter Cups

  • Will Playz
    Will Playz

    Bruh your triggering me

  • Ayden Wagner
    Ayden Wagner

    Brah sketals are a s tir for me

  • AAron Masters
    AAron Masters

    Pov I have a Geo tongue and the pain from sour is lethal😴

  • Tateos Kassabian
    Tateos Kassabian

    Where tf are POP TARTS

  • Gamer God
    Gamer God

    Finally someone who respects the funnyuns

  • Malcolm reid
    Malcolm reid

    I love you Kenny but this is one of the worst snack tier lists I’ve ever seen

  • Madden Gaming Channel
    Madden Gaming Channel

    I can’t believe sour patch kids is at f


    From a hole balls


    Do a tier list about the worst jerseys of all time

  • Tavia Cathey
    Tavia Cathey

    Sour patch kids are not sour at all. But I am going to respect Kenny’s I opinion.

  • Owen Rogonjic
    Owen Rogonjic

    Yooo Kenny my sister is allergic to diary and nuts too that’s crazy! Keep making great content and making people happy 🙂.

  • Braylon

    Cheetos are F

  • Gibson The Man
    Gibson The Man

    Alternate title: Kenny dissing candy for 11:36 straight.

  • Mursic

    hot cheetos are in the right spot

  • Mustafa Azhar
    Mustafa Azhar

    comeon wahat was thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat ranking you could do better yo how are doritos not s

  • Justin Tharagan
    Justin Tharagan

    Next vid Jordan shoe tier list?

  • Liam Saucy
    Liam Saucy

    this channel is great , i always wanted to see this personal side of kenny , he’s the best youtuber out right now

  • F F
    F F

    I understand that its your opinion but ayo... tell your tastebuds to grow up. Respectfully 😭

  • F F
    F F

    Chocolate isnt dairy lol

  • Gaming. guys Gaming. guys

    can you do your arch maddness bracket now

  • jamir harris
    jamir harris

    Bro yo hair out the front of the hat is bothering me😭

  • Liam Ciappara
    Liam Ciappara

    You should do a purely Halloween candy tier list.

  • Mr Beast
    Mr Beast

    Hello everyone

  • Bramm Friedman
    Bramm Friedman

    Sour patch kids ngl aren't even sour

  • erin

    They make some dairy-free cheese puffs; not quite Cheetos but it’s something! Earth balance sells them. Also be careful with regular M&Ms, they still have traces of peanuts and can make you sick. But Skippers from Vermont Nut Free are almost exactly the same and 100% safe. I’ve been allergic my whole life so if you need substitutes for anything, I’m your girl lmao Also super fun video! Cheered me up a lot :)

  • DJ Abcool
    DJ Abcool

    Kenny starts to give me a coryxkenshin vibe lol. His personality

  • Jeevan Bagri
    Jeevan Bagri

    If kenny died that day in the back of his moms car because he choked on a peanut m&m we would never have KOT4Q....just imagine

    • Cameron Johnson
      Cameron Johnson

      People rarely died from choking on food. They throw it up or cough it out most of the time.

  • Dhruv Pathak
    Dhruv Pathak

    I know people will hate me for this, but I don't really like Cheetos. I always found that they were too cheesy for me. Cheddar Jalapeno Doritos are where it's at for me.

  • Dom

    Hey Kenny, don't know if you will see this but heard you mention your dairy allergy a couple times. Is it lactose intolerance or is it properly allergic to dairy? I got the full dairy allergy and it causes EoE for me, just curious if you experience it in a similar way

  • Evan Boardman
    Evan Boardman

    Who develops an allergy in their 20’s

  • galen cooper
    galen cooper

    Flamin hots 100% number 1

  • ian

    I eat gummy bears and i have never had a cavity in my life

  • ian

    Nobody: Me: Reeseees Pieceees

  • Krxnicsellout_

    Idk bout this one 😂

  • Dylan P
    Dylan P

    5:09 sus

  • JR Sports
    JR Sports

    where r the Takis

  • JR Sports
    JR Sports


  • Kumar Wise
    Kumar Wise

    Fast food tier list

  • Richie Reed
    Richie Reed

    beef jerkey is an easy S

  • Austin Cunningham
    Austin Cunningham

    This quiz was a joke after he said sour patch kids was terrible

  • Lou Gotti
    Lou Gotti

    Now we need Kenny on a GMM episode 👀👀

  • Skye Esports
    Skye Esports

    Na lowkey ppl sleep on pretzels

  • Baseball Rocks
    Baseball Rocks

    I agree with you Kenny i don’t like sour patch because of sourness level and it tastes like stuff the spray in my mouth at the dentist which is sour

  • jaxson

    this list is cursed

  • Mason Rice
    Mason Rice

    5:09 lol

  • VloneJay

    nah u trippin nacho cheese doritos s tier cuh!

  • VloneJay

    homemade rice krispies hit different!

  • VloneJay

    REESES not on this list but best believe it’s S TIER!

  • Noah Weiner
    Noah Weiner

    are you allergic to dairy or lactose intolerant

  • Michael theMenace
    Michael theMenace

    this man is on drugs

  • Josh Brownell
    Josh Brownell

    I agree to all of this 😂

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