The Worst 2021 March Madness Bracket
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  • Pele K
    Pele K

    Out of 10 brackets I have watched including the official one, you are the only one with a better bracket than me.

  • Derric Rose
    Derric Rose

    Syracuse fans WYA

  • Ben Flis
    Ben Flis

    Had baylor over gonzaga in the chip and just won my pool because of it

  • Rocket Cycle Gaming
    Rocket Cycle Gaming


  • Rocket Cycle Gaming
    Rocket Cycle Gaming

    Please react to this after the tournament 😂

  • Cody CCR
    Cody CCR

    Disrespected Oregon state

  • JD

    Can’t believe he had Baylor lose in Final 4.😂

    • JD

      They literally won

  • Anton Alley
    Anton Alley

    Looking at this from April 2nd, he actually did good except for illinois, uconn, and Ohio state he did really good

  • Bradley Hello
    Bradley Hello



    UCLA proceeds to go to the final four

  • J Club
    J Club

    "It'll be funny if UCLA does it and not MSU" Me after UCLA making the final four: Yep.

  • Mason Cassell
    Mason Cassell

    Funny how Loyola Chicago beat Illinois 🤣😂🤣😂

  • R Gundoju
    R Gundoju

    dude where are the cougars

  • MichiganSp0rts ON IG
    MichiganSp0rts ON IG

    Mike smith nice with it! BIG E8

  • ImtheArrow

    whos here during elite 8?

  • Touchdown Twins
    Touchdown Twins

    Oral roberts baby

  • kian adriel mendoza
    kian adriel mendoza

    kenny, no offense this do be trash

  • Jackson

    Mines worst

  • John Ross
    John Ross

    “I have a feeling about this match up” *north Texas wins*

  • Nah Bro
    Nah Bro

    He did get Oregon over Iowa right

  • Jared Gasco
    Jared Gasco

    oral roberts making it far

  • Sabrina Chesne
    Sabrina Chesne

    Baylor beats Illinois Kenny woo there good 10 seed Rutgers beats Illinois still picks clemson

  • Stites Hamner
    Stites Hamner

    Dude everyone’s bracket was infinitely screwed this year

  • Javier Cordova
    Javier Cordova

    It's funny how he predicted Loyola's run last time, and they were the wons taking out Illnois.

  • Cool boy
    Cool boy

    ORALroberts wun

  • EvilGramCrackr 29
    EvilGramCrackr 29

    Writing this comment before the Sweet 16. Currently Kenny is 30-18

  • Josh Ryan
    Josh Ryan

    Who’s gonna tell him ab Illinois😂

  • oKinzu

    Illinois got upset by Loyola chicago lmaooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Ethan Horton
    Ethan Horton

    How it feel that uncoon lost first round

  • Wild Bro’s
    Wild Bro’s

    Man, watching this a week later is hilarious. He had pride in illinois

  • AidenYeatts_

    I’m a michigan fan and mike smith was a great transfer

  • Braden McWreath
    Braden McWreath


  • Grucci T
    Grucci T

    loyola won

  • Qu1nn _playz
    Qu1nn _playz

    bruh Kenny picked Texas so quickly but then they just lose

  • Qu1nn _playz
    Qu1nn _playz

    Kenny which one do you pick Illinois or Loyola Chicago bc Loyola Chicago made an upset and beat Illinois

  • Jaxon Ansley
    Jaxon Ansley

    r.i.p Ohio State

  • Simeon McAdams
    Simeon McAdams

    How casually he took Ohio state lol

  • Carson Rouse
    Carson Rouse

    Never bet against sister Jean

  • Elliott Jennings
    Elliott Jennings

    I’m here a week later. This bracket is so ass 😂

  • neetrab

    Nova taking it ALL AGAIN!!!

  • Jack Steinhardt
    Jack Steinhardt

    Kenny: let’s take Illinois over Loyola-Chicago Loyola-Chicago: You dare pose me mortal

  • Jack Bacon
    Jack Bacon

    Oral roberts 🥵🥵🥵🥵

  • Kyle Havens
    Kyle Havens

    Watching this a week later, solid bracket actually 👏

  • Dillon Rockwell
    Dillon Rockwell

    “It would be funny if UCLA actually does it” beats BYU

  • daniel schmitz
    daniel schmitz

    This aged very poorly

    • Mike Wazowski
      Mike Wazowski

      It wasn’t that bad because how many upsets there was this year

  • MTD25

    “Gonzaga hasn’t had a team like this since Adam Morrison” Been in the tournament 23 straight years and were in the national championship 3 years ago Kenny 😂

  • Smyzmaster

    He did well in places and it was catastrophic for him in others

  • Brent Coleman
    Brent Coleman

    When i’m here after Oral Roberts already beat Ohio State and then he picks Ohio State without even looking😂😂😂😂

  • Hayden Ballard
    Hayden Ballard

    Watching this video now is pretty cool to see how this bracket got completely obliterated.

  • Better Than Most
    Better Than Most

    Little does he know that UCLA beat Michigan St. and advanced against both BYU and the next team😂😂

  • Charlie and The Zags
    Charlie and The Zags

    My fav team is the Zags my dad lived in Spokan and taught there for 9 yrs so go zags

  • DrippBaller

    Me watching it after round of 32 and looking back he got the second pick wrong

  • Brian Hartlaub
    Brian Hartlaub

    I did to for Loyola

  • Viper Gaming
    Viper Gaming

    Watch Loyola lose to Oregon state.

  • W1NGZ

    Root for michigan

  • Tristen Franklin
    Tristen Franklin

    Dope hoodie where u get it from?

  • Allen Hamric
    Allen Hamric


  • Caleb TheVerburger
    Caleb TheVerburger

    Go blue

  • Davus

    u down bad after round of 32 lol

    • Harvey Rodcap15
      Harvey Rodcap15

      you is everyone. This year has the strangest upsets such as Oral Roberts, plus it's the most upsets I've ever seen.

  • Mason Hewuse
    Mason Hewuse

    should’ve picked wisco they blew unc out

  • Ashton Barajas
    Ashton Barajas

    Who’s here after Illinois upset

  • Brian Rawlings
    Brian Rawlings

    UConn out in the first round😂

  • NeverwascooL

    Anyone here watching after the first round played out

  • Joshua Nomura
    Joshua Nomura

    6:55 It actually happened. Go Bruins

  • Braylen Bainer
    Braylen Bainer

    I’m a LSU fan and they just lost in the 2nd round against Michigan

  • Chris Heim
    Chris Heim

    Me here after Illinois lost to Loyola Chicago what a coincidence 😂😂

  • Kathryn Elizabeth
    Kathryn Elizabeth

    I pick Loyola Chicago to beat llinois and make Loyola Chicago go to final four

  • Brody Deren
    Brody Deren

    I agree

    • Brody Deren
      Brody Deren

      Me too


    He Guessed The Iowa Vs Oregon Game Bro

  • Luke Sherlock
    Luke Sherlock

    Bruh how did he predict the Oregon over Iowa pick

  • Jared S
    Jared S

    You're correct...this is the worst 2021 March Madness Bracket! 🤣

  • yo mammas name is obama
    yo mammas name is obama

    "I'm going to advance ohio st right now" well that didnt go right.

    • yo mammas name is obama
      yo mammas name is obama

      Lol this is my most liked comment

    • TD Barry
      TD Barry


  • Aiden Scott
    Aiden Scott

    Houston: Am I a joke to you

  • Pool Hall
    Pool Hall

    Bro, you can still go to school. Pick a school you like and look for online classes. Get yours.

  • Connor Boaz
    Connor Boaz

    Should’ve picked Mean Green

  • Alissa Riley
    Alissa Riley

    Bruh oral roberts be out here. No ORU lost bruh

  • Tank Man
    Tank Man

    POV: your here after illinois lost to sister jean and company

    • Tank Man
      Tank Man

      @Blake Lloyd im a diehard buckeye fan, i share your pain brotha


    When Ohio state loss to oral Roberts

  • Lincoln Young
    Lincoln Young

    This is fun to watch now that I know what's happens

  • CO_ChrisClash-YT

    Houston is gonna be the ncaa champs I’m calling it!

  • Ten Percent
    Ten Percent

    His bracket is busted

  • Nick Williford
    Nick Williford

    well he’s not wrong about the title at least

  • Dababy Convertible
    Dababy Convertible

    Don’t do Michigan like that bro

  • david jones
    david jones

    Dudes bracket isnt even bad

  • Ghost

    Who is here after Oral Roberts got in the Sweet 16

  • itzNxfty y
    itzNxfty y

    Who’s here after Loyola Chicoga beat Illinois 😂

  • Braylen Dilone
    Braylen Dilone

    6:54 Yeah that’s funny bro

  • John Thick
    John Thick


  • Max Vincent
    Max Vincent

    Anyone else here after Loyola Chicago beat Illinois

  • Jen Thoele
    Jen Thoele

    Little does he know he bracket is really bad

  • Thee Muff muff
    Thee Muff muff

    Ur bracket got screwed lmao

  • Aidan White
    Aidan White

    I got Colorado going all the way

  • Cole Smith
    Cole Smith

    Who’s here after Ohio beat Virginia

  • Benjamin Staudt
    Benjamin Staudt

    just saw ur show advertised on TNT!!🙌

    • Caden Durtschi
      Caden Durtschi


  • Fragile

    Illinois is out the tournament 😂

    • SBA Lord
      SBA Lord

      To Loyola 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Blah Blah
    Blah Blah

    Illinois is trash

  • fmorris555

    Who is watching this after loyola beat Illinoi

  • Mr_LochneSs

    When you realize that Illinois lost in the second round to Loyola Chicago

  • Andrew Hoffman
    Andrew Hoffman

    Who’s here after Illinois lost in the first round?

  • JJ Wilson
    JJ Wilson

    Not me watching this after Illinois after losing to Loyola Chicago

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