The WORST Resturant Tier List
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  • King Savage
    King Savage

    I ain’t even know this channel existed it’s just something ab Kenny that makes u want to tune in to what he says

  • Arshiya Azmi
    Arshiya Azmi

    Subway a lower tier sub Proceeds to put it in b

  • David Cordova
    David Cordova

    ayo kenny I've been to Penn Station. Im from Cali but I went to one I think its in OHIO and its fire a must try Kenny

  • racquel parrilla
    racquel parrilla


  • Caleb Atkinson
    Caleb Atkinson

    What's wrong with papa Johns?

  • Assirem Ahtash
    Assirem Ahtash

    mhm.... kfc.....

  • Alex The mta and r211,weather, fan
    Alex The mta and r211,weather, fan

    Pdq is a car wash too.

  • spencer driskill
    spencer driskill

    "CANES IS A HIT" Truer words have never been spoken

  • I iamm_mik3
    I iamm_mik3

    Bro here in Louisiana we are so behind I've never heard of half the restaurants on the list. I never heard of In and Out burger until last year.

  • B

    Kenny’s gotta make this title like Fast Food Tier List or something instead of Restaurant. Just a weird pet peeve that I really shouldn’t care about at all, but we gotta draw the line somewhere lmao

  • B

    McDonalds is trash. Makes me sick even thinking about it. People who say they have the best fries are either addicted to salt, have never had actual real food/fries, or are just crazy. The ONLY thing I rock with is the Oreo McFlurry, but the ice cream machine is down so much. I haven’t voluntarily gone there since I was like 10, but I’ve ended up there because that just happens sometimes with other people. Trashhhhhh. Shit is not real food, anyone who eats real food probably is getting sick a decent % of the time. Fight me 😂 The main thing I cannot rock with is Little Caesar’s being in B tier. I understand the cheap aspect of it. If it’s all they have at a party you’re gonna eat it, their breadsticks aren’t bad. But that’s the definition of average to below average even with that context. Just straight up food wise it’s D tier at best, but with the context I could understand you putting it in C tier even though I wouldn’t. B tier though? No way. Also Wendy’s has to be in C tier. They have good chicken sandwiches and stuff. Frostys are great. If BK is gonna be in C tier, Wendy’s has to be in C tier. Their grilled chicken sandwich actually isn’t too unhealthy, if you get fresh greens and a fresh tomato on it, minus that sauce they have on it, it’s solid. Gotta throw a little hot sauce on there. The actual meat quality is just above average for a major fast food chain. The fries are meh, but BK fries are meh too. I’d take Wendy’s all day over BK, but like I said I’d understand them being in the same tier. One below? Cant do it. Beside that I have no real issues. Obviously my list would look a lot different, but I understand his justifications for most stuff. Obviously it’s all subjective. But man looking at Little Caesars being on the same tier as Wing Stop and some of the others there kinda makes me sick. Just can’t justify that in any possible way 😂 Enjoyed the video. I don’t understand people who get legit mad over this stuff. Even as someone who used to love sour patch kids (extreme sour patch, watermelon, etc are lit) but I don’t eat candy like that anymore, just too old (about same age as Kenny, like a year or so older I think) to be eating that stuff anymore except on extremely rare occasions. Just don’t even think about buying it tbh. Regardless it’s not that serious! Just opinions. Relax. I appreciate the context and the explanations he gives while doing these. Interesting to see other people’s palates when it comes to certain stuff. Definitely should be called like Fast Food tier list though or something like that. Gotta be some separation between a real restaurant like a steakhouse or a nice Japanese joint etc. and this kinda stuff. Nitpicking though.

  • Autumn Ling
    Autumn Ling

    HOW has he never had moes

  • Kalen Brightwell
    Kalen Brightwell

    Bro cookout is amazing u need to try

  • Brown Clouds
    Brown Clouds

    I didn’t think it was physically possible to never have Taco Bell😂

  • Shorty

    I had Baja Fresh i had it in cali It’s decent food not bad

  • Joshua Sharrow
    Joshua Sharrow

    We know kenny's girl is chef 6 nights a week, my mans uses the microwave

  • EJ Olguin
    EJ Olguin

    Sonic is fine?!?!?!?!?

  • Jack Krysl
    Jack Krysl

    How bdubs not on there

  • Jerrick Williams
    Jerrick Williams

    lol bold take: canes has the best sauces EVER

  • Chase Brown
    Chase Brown

    It’s unheard of to not have Whataburger If you’re from Texas😂

  • SytheGG

    My exact portillo's order lmfao

  • Lil Stool
    Lil Stool

    you gotta try whataburger fr

  • Dwight Poe
    Dwight Poe

    Boston Market reaction was spot on, this the third Kenny channel I sub to :)

  • user _ english
    user _ english

    NC Native here 🙋🏾‍♂️ Can confirm Cookout is amazing.

  • Amanda Palmer
    Amanda Palmer

    Waffle House 4$$

  • Elijah Triolo
    Elijah Triolo

    Kenny put Carl’s Jr. at the last tier what the heck.

  • kian adriel mendoza
    kian adriel mendoza


  • RipXavier

    I know I’m late, but pdq is s tier for sure. I’d say I like pdq better than Chick-fil-A

  • Owen Simon
    Owen Simon

    Jersey Mike’s is easily the best sandwich

  • Owen Simon
    Owen Simon

    U gotta try cookouts double burger it’s 🔥

  • Cry Baby
    Cry Baby

    You're missing half of your life if you havent tasted Jollibee

  • Colbraz

    A&W in Canada is lit

  • Travis Hurd
    Travis Hurd

    Just saying taco bell is S tier

  • Coolperson4531

    I recommend that you trie moes and Taco Bell to me both solid b tiers

  • Winters College TV
    Winters College TV

    You should definitely hit up a Schlotzky's or Quiznos

  • Ch_xle


  • HeXLT

    I respect the Portillos choice as a Chicago man myself. But personally would have put Potbellys and Wing Stop in S

  • Brylle Enriquez
    Brylle Enriquez

    J o l l i b e e

  • Owen Lynch
    Owen Lynch

    Taco Bell is easy S tier, no better drunk food


    Yo Wawa is fire a HELL where my Philly gang at

  • Hudson Murray
    Hudson Murray

    I would put papa johns on the A tier especially with their garlic sauce umm delicious.

  • Hudson Murray
    Hudson Murray

    You haven’t had Taco Bell, Whataburger, Arby’s, and you hate IHOP what’s wrong with you man come on you got to try them though they are really good.

  • Bruce Toillion
    Bruce Toillion


  • Bruce Toillion
    Bruce Toillion

    Dude you should try carls jr because their Angus thick burgers are so good

  • Shadowless Gengar
    Shadowless Gengar

    PDQ does almost arrival with Chick-fil-A if you like Chick-fil-A you’ll like there

  • Sports Prod.
    Sports Prod.

    Pdq is good but doesn’t compare to chick fil a service and the food itself isn’t as good tbh

  • IShowSpeed

    I've only had about 10-13 ove these not including chicken fla

  • Nicholas Glodowski
    Nicholas Glodowski

    No Rocky Roccocos😔

  • Reid Kopp
    Reid Kopp

    Speed in drive thru knocks it down a little bit but Panera food Is s tier

  • Barley Biscuit
    Barley Biscuit

    Little secers s

  • Fivvl

    Schlotskys is 🔥

  • Fivvl

    Domino’s is a tier 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Ari Romano
    Ari Romano

    how is shake shack and wingstop on the same tier as subway

  • Tomato Smoothie
    Tomato Smoothie

    Is no one gonna y’all about he counts in threes? Never heard of that

  • P

    You’re from Illinois and you gave Culver’s a B?? You’re a disgrace

  • FTR Spitfire
    FTR Spitfire

    Man I saw they had portillos but if Ricobenes was on it, I hope he would have made an S+ tier. Also Kenny dont do a muck bang from taco bell. Dont kill you body lol.

  • Toval Two
    Toval Two

    No caap u lost yo Chicago card for this shit


    Kenny listen to me, Jack in the Box has better burgers than in an out that’s how good they are

  • VJ Rivilla YT
    VJ Rivilla YT


  • nc23 jordan
    nc23 jordan

    Chick fil a is garbage food the worst fast food idk how there still in business now bojangles and cook out that's where its at

  • JS7Fan

    Yes little ceasers is good. It’s the only fast food pizza I like

  • Steven Thompson
    Steven Thompson

    when kenny said he never had Wawa i died inside

  • Random ass plug
    Random ass plug

    10:30 “for diatory reasons” W

  • Random ass plug
    Random ass plug

    9:46 “everybody making jokes about their rude service”

  • Random ass plug
    Random ass plug

    8:23 fr? I have never gotten sick bc of it,

  • Random ass plug
    Random ass plug

    Sour patch is trash the fuck

  • Tucker Mulder
    Tucker Mulder

    Never had Taco Bell? Wow. Btw I absolutely love your hair

  • Matthew VanZandt
    Matthew VanZandt

    jersey mike the best sub bro

  • Matthew VanZandt
    Matthew VanZandt

    little ceasers nice


    No one: Kenny: Sour Patch kids are gross

  • WeL3 Videos
    WeL3 Videos

    Chick-fil-A 3x S tier

  • ArmandAce

    New Orléans canes is better than other canes. New Orléans Popeyes better than other Popeyes.

  • Sinjin

    If chickfila wasnt a S i swear i was disliking this video

  • Mortage_Frosty

    Kenny: gets to a new restaurant Also Kenny: "You know I remember this one time"

  • RamenMan HappyWheels
    RamenMan HappyWheels

    I agree with Little Caesar’s 100%. It is imo better than Dominos, Pizza Hut, AND Papa Johns.

  • Donovan Murphy
    Donovan Murphy

    bruh how have you never had taco bell

  • Harrison Ray
    Harrison Ray

    And bro u gotta try cookout if u do it’s a s tier

  • Harrison Ray
    Harrison Ray

    Bojangles Gotta be a tier

  • Austy

    Missin out on wawa

  • Chris Paul
    Chris Paul

    As a texas boy whataburger is the best fast food chain ever

  • Chris Paul
    Chris Paul

    Little cesars slap

  • Qdoosiii

    Penn station is fire but over priced

  • Ethan Cheifetz
    Ethan Cheifetz

    Pdq is goated for the nuggets

  • Marcus Myers
    Marcus Myers

    I dont no If I disagree with Kenny at all What a great tier list

  • Gavin Penland
    Gavin Penland

    It's interesting being from NC with all the references he made. Mostly fire tho

  • Adrian Diaz
    Adrian Diaz


  • Gunyun Gunynater
    Gunyun Gunynater

    Go to Cincinnati for skylines

  • David Aldrich
    David Aldrich

    After this video I’ve learned I’m bland, I have eaten at like 11 of these

  • CloakedLike Itachi
    CloakedLike Itachi

    Kenny I’m telling you if you go to Texas or anything in the south get whatburger it’s so good

  • Ajisgoated2 On Instagram
    Ajisgoated2 On Instagram

    ive never had at least half of these

  • CLXFoRdo7

    Kenny in my opinion Moes rivals chipotle

  • JJ Gaming
    JJ Gaming

    If you want wawa go to philly

  • Dylan Hicks
    Dylan Hicks

    🤮🤮🤮kfc I work at one don’t do that to your body please

  • nomar martinez
    nomar martinez

    clicked off as soon as this man put in n out at B and he said he never had JACK?

    • 1nf!nity

      jack is trash

  • Jordan Noel
    Jordan Noel

    how has this dude ate at denys but hasnt ate at jack in the box

  • Sandrine Grab
    Sandrine Grab

    PDQ is ngl better then Chick-Fil-A Kenny you need to go I like the honey butter personally but you gotta try it 100%

  • Archie Lister
    Archie Lister

    Bruh u never has Taco Bell?

  • Ur mom Pov
    Ur mom Pov

    Kenny they opened the first portillas in Michigan the other day and I came back to this video to get ur order and it’s amazing

  • Ben Pfeiffer
    Ben Pfeiffer

    after basketball camp a while back me and my friend would always go to pdq and loved it, sadly they shut the one by my camp down due to covid

  • Pryguy18

    Quiznos and Waffle House are fire bro you need to try them sometime

    • 1nf!nity

      there is only waffle house in certain places

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