The REAL Reasson I Quit Basketball

  • ShiftyBeast

    it is what it is

  • NoI3ody2

    Yo he could've just flashed his height

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    iFlicc R6

    kenny how they gon recommend this video after the HoH video😭😭

  • free headd
    free headd

    Jesus loves you

  • Deric Mango
    Deric Mango

    Do you still live in Chicago ?

  • Ayo its Dino
    Ayo its Dino

    You spelled “reasson” wrong. It’s reason, not hating just saying

  • Jay Morpheum
    Jay Morpheum

    I played basketball 2 times got 2 models 1 trophy

  • Younes abd
    Younes abd

    So your basically MJ

  • Pablo Diaz
    Pablo Diaz

    We want that matchup vs Flight

  • Skillover Myluck
    Skillover Myluck

    Hey Kenny. Im from World Champs Sports Cards in lisle. Get back to me. Sponsor talk !!

  • Mark Mendez
    Mark Mendez

    We want irl basketball Kenny

  • Eminence

    whats a reasson

  • ExclusiveHoops

    I also played at amusend park (idk how to spell it 😭) but I played there since I was 9 years old and I just turned 15 and 2020 was my last year playing there. And the format for the basketball program is completely different. It’s 4 teams Spurs, Bulls, Lakers, and the Heat. And it’s no draft combine nor draft. The coaches would just pick people who were good or just friends. And we play once a week all the way from January to like April. And it’s 3 different types of leagues call Baby, Junior, And Senior. And Everyone would go to the playoffs it will be the best team against the worst team and the 2 and 3 seed would go against each other. And it’s crazy that we played competitive basketball for the first time I’m actually shook 😳. Big fan btw been watching since 2017.

  • Parker George
    Parker George

    Kenny you should play Cashnasty

  • Eli Larson
    Eli Larson

    POV: The title still says Reasson

  • Vishal Iyer
    Vishal Iyer

    Shit bro....nothing hurts more than getting his cookies smashed.

  • jmoney2177

    Can you do hair videos

  • doozerman88

    You be talking like u old Kenny... I'm 32 my guy.. from springfield hop with iggy at the Y and s*** but I watch you mainly because your young and getting it and I love to see young black man prosper.... But stop it with this old head stuff lol it getting ridiculous lol

  • Nahum Mesfin
    Nahum Mesfin

    Kenny should try out for a g league team

  • Tej H
    Tej H

    more storrrrrrrrys

  • Wesley Avery
    Wesley Avery

    Hi Kenny

  • Laura Byrne
    Laura Byrne

    can you make a baseball storytime

  • vT Jesterr
    vT Jesterr

    kenny we need some irl basketball vids

  • benny 2e
    benny 2e

    What age is 5th grade

    • The Genius
      The Genius


  • Ethan Evenson
    Ethan Evenson

    Kenny needs a “story time” series like so he sees

  • JayCapalot

    Rip cookies

  • Milo Obrzut
    Milo Obrzut

    Pierre is his cousin?

  • Amos Nimo
    Amos Nimo

    kenny jordan?

  • awesomerko74089

    I am the same okay at basketball but great at basebakk.

  • damian

    if kenny was 6’3 he would be in the nba

  • Bharathi Nagarajan
    Bharathi Nagarajan


  • Jezza Lyon
    Jezza Lyon

    Sorry about them cookies man I thought it was a pair of sneakers

  • Eli Shrader
    Eli Shrader

    kenny just didn’t have the cameras on at the time

  • sLiM

    R.I.P the cookies

  • Random Animal
    Random Animal

    I like story time

  • Charley Walsh
    Charley Walsh

    Kenny you gotta get that trainer

  • Ralph Adriane Dilao
    Ralph Adriane Dilao

    Kenny, I hope you come hoop again... I'll be watching you through good and bad times

  • lilk1515

    So basically he did a Michael Jordan played basketball and then stop to play baseball and then went back to basketball

  • Kenny Hardaway for MVP
    Kenny Hardaway for MVP


  • LazyyMaster03

    I was about to comment to try and bring the people to make Kenny get back to hopping, but he's going to do it on his own.. I'm happy, and excited to see it..

  • Corbin Hopkins
    Corbin Hopkins

    I didn't know Pierre was his cousin. Cool

  • 2K Head
    2K Head

    Every team got those kids who are tall for no reason. Like why are these guys out here 5'5 apparently 10 years old?

  • Johannes

    here when the title said Reasson

  • David Asare
    David Asare

    Amundsen? You lived up north?

  • Kuba Stypula
    Kuba Stypula

    Justice for the cookie

  • Luke Hauptman
    Luke Hauptman

    We love the stories kenny

  • Itz London
    Itz London

    Pause at 5:03 Thank me later

  • Kenneth Hinde
    Kenneth Hinde

    I like the name

  • EWA

    What's the P.O. Box?

  • Supreme Jared
    Supreme Jared

    the Kenny Beecham academy smh

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  • Jyion Walee
    Jyion Walee

    You should start a mycareer series plss! (Like so he can see it)

  • Joshua Milner
    Joshua Milner

    I got a torn labrum bruh

  • Wesley

    Kenny really was a demon on the diamond

  • Dh Dheg
    Dh Dheg

    After COVID we got Kenny vs flight

  • Daniel Knott
    Daniel Knott

    "we would wake up and train": Michael Jordan took it personal.

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    Thomas McMillen


  • Thomas McMillen
    Thomas McMillen

    Y’all still mad at clickbait?

  • iThatKvnle

    I love this channel.

  • C and A
    C and A

    Dear KENNY PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do how you met your girlfriend or how you became a youtuber and also please do a inside and outside house tour

  • Christian

    Do you believe in Jesus because you are very nice and family friendly. Keep it up!

  • Lewis Scott
    Lewis Scott

    I like that intro

  • John Wiese
    John Wiese

    The real reasson

  • Cowey and Froggey
    Cowey and Froggey

    That’s Chicago for you just steeling cookies.

  • lucas henderson
    lucas henderson

    aye u good ss but u aint seen my 1st base. and my 4th in the batting order heavy hitter

  • ΝΙΚΟΣ Κ.
    ΝΙΚΟΣ Κ.

    Day 13 of asking Kenny to do the Rookie goat challenge Add Jordan and lebron to the same draft class, take control of the teams that the get drafted and rebuild the teams around the 2young goats. Make them 1st scoring option and Sim the year to see who is the Rookie goat ✌️

    • Zzz Bbbb
      Zzz Bbbb

      Nah rebuild the lakers

  • Clssified -_-
    Clssified -_-

    bro i own a bakery, i will send you some cookies, i gotchu

  • Thatcher Dray
    Thatcher Dray

    hay kenny i play short stop

  • nathaniel morrison
    nathaniel morrison

    Already knew why but liked the video anyway

  • Benjamin Burlison
    Benjamin Burlison

    Kenny Channeled his inner MJ. Played basketball then went to baseball

  • Aiden Ho
    Aiden Ho

    Kenny is 100% MJ

  • Nate The Great 28
    Nate The Great 28

    Bro this is so sad! He could prob be in the NBA if his cousin wasn’t killed man! Wow! Crazy to see what one event changes everything!🤯😔

  • Mateo Pourbaix
    Mateo Pourbaix

    anyone know what the record in the back is?

  • Tarca

    me and you have almost the exact same story what the fuck i was just older when it happened

  • King Logan
    King Logan

    here’s a story that will trigger baseball players and pitchers and catchers. anyways last fall i was playing fall ball and i was pitching (i’m a really good second baseman so i didn’t get much pitching time) and the dropped third strike rule was in play and my catcher kept dropping strike 3s and i swear to god i shoulda had like 9 strikeouts (i ended up with 4) but the catcher dropped everything so i didn’t. from that day on whenever i pitched they made sure that guy wasn’t catching for me again

  • roman campanella
    roman campanella

    Baseball the shit man! Tell us baseball stories!

  • Tyler A
    Tyler A

    Didn’t you have to have surgery on ur shoulder too?

  • AW0K3N Jaxii
    AW0K3N Jaxii


  • KingUman30

    I think Kenny is going a little insane during quarantine first, he is talking about how KAT's first name is Karl Anthony and not Karl second, he is rambling about his cookies

  • Alexander Sinclair
    Alexander Sinclair

    Story time Kenny is cool,

  • Junior B
    Junior B

    Me being convinced that kenny name was kenny

  • Fill-Up

    Ok Mr. Jordan

  • brandon

    kenny really retired from basketball like jordan, then came back. jordan, drose, kenny.

  • zack scott
    zack scott

    No cap I did the exact same thing with the combine I was took first too

  • Bre

    He still hasn’t changed it from reasson

  • Nate Biggs
    Nate Biggs

    Did he have the cameras on tho?

  • James Snipes
    James Snipes

    Aren’t you left-handed? How did you play shortstop, I’ve never seen that before 😂

    • Zeenicks

      I'm pretty sure he's right handed in anything other than writing, pretty weird 😂

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    Halaba 27

    Rip cookies

  • Dalton Walker
    Dalton Walker

    Why am I so interested in your life?!?

  • Astn.

    One day I just wanna sit down with kenny and just talk about life and lean

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    Chris C

    Yo show us highlights

  • Toasty

    Kenny could have been the next Derek jeter or Lebron

  • Wyatt

    We need IRL bball

  • dxydsf

    11:53 It would be cool

  • MC Ride
    MC Ride

    Shout out to poo poo

  • Amar M
    Amar M

    "shout out to p o o p o o"

  • cameron feeser
    cameron feeser

    Honestly how it happened to me. I went from basketball to baseball and went to college to play baseball but I miss playing ball

  • Juju

    F's in the chat for PooPoo and Kenny's Cookies

  • Kyle Basile
    Kyle Basile

    that jackie robinson team beat my little team to go to the little leauge world series. but they cheated should of been us..

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