The Most Unnecessary Sequel Ever (Like Mike 2)

  • A A
    A A

    It wasn’t that bad tbh he just doing to much

  • Buddie Greens
    Buddie Greens hone again

  • Opochtli

    Same bro

  • Bryce Warren
    Bryce Warren

    This scene at 11:10 make no sense bruh😂

  • Chris Wiseman
    Chris Wiseman

    This was a lit ass movie. Bro trippin

  • DirtyWater

    Lmao I never knew there was a like mike 2

  • Roc Gang
    Roc Gang

    Like Mike 2 is tough tho

  • Jbo Longway
    Jbo Longway

    Nigga I’m crying lmaoooo

  • King Gaming
    King Gaming

    Like mike 2 was good

  • Tray Weathersby
    Tray Weathersby

    Yea Like Mike 2 was trash💯

  • Htown Q
    Htown Q

    this movie hoed and robbed the and 1 lovers and supporters shit was straight garbage

  • TheBeefywolf

    12:56 How is he boxing out 3 people

  • the imortal biggieshaq
    the imortal biggieshaq

    Baseball has different age rules

  • AJ

    Now he's just Regular Bow-Wow

  • Kobe Smith
    Kobe Smith

    He watched it too late. Streetball was in then. It makes a huge difference

  • NoRest Twitch
    NoRest Twitch

    Do above the rim with 2pac !


    You crazy Mike played at Rucker Park

  • James James
    James James

    When you said “early 2000’s gangsters” I immediately knew they were white guys lmao

  • James James
    James James

    I had like mike for my PSP and I would watch that shit on repeat all the time as a kid.

  • Bando 1017
    Bando 1017

    Lol your 24 yo?? I legit thought you was 35-42.

  • Stephen Serna
    Stephen Serna

    Why his dead best dad look like sen dog from cypress hill

  • Rodney Williams
    Rodney Williams

    You call him Tracy Reynolds I call him T Time.

  • NoLimitP

    Yea this was ass lmaoooo

  • Prison Mike
    Prison Mike

    Any dude name buck wild wears black Air Force’s to sleep shit he even tells his grandma she owes him rent for even staying in her own house

  • wolf of wilds
    wolf of wilds

    I got this shit on DVD this shit was so bad its good

  • AlwaysBearded

    I remember watching like mike multiple times but until watching this I fully forgot i watched the sequel 😂😂😂

  • Nikko Gabbert
    Nikko Gabbert

    Coach carter

  • Deric Mango
    Deric Mango

    You need to do more of these movie analysis if you havnt . Love and Basketball . White man CANT jump. I know you from Through the Wiiiiiiire. Nice to see you branching off and doing your own thing .

  • Eric Berry
    Eric Berry

    Like Mike was lit

  • Jarred Morris
    Jarred Morris

    this movie was super stupid.

  • BboyDJFLIP

    The concept of a traveling team and picking up new players is exactly what And1 was.

  • Moneybagz Lawson
    Moneybagz Lawson

    That nigga turned into a mutant


    Lmfaoooo I tolerated it because of Kel

  • Nick Marchionda
    Nick Marchionda

    Kenny now review thunder struck.

  • Forced to take a picture with my wifes son
    Forced to take a picture with my wifes son

    GAIN SOME WEIGHT. You look like a Holocaust survivor

  • mr reacts
    mr reacts

    Like mike was mines fav to

  • Daniel Carabajal
    Daniel Carabajal

    Kenny what about thunderstruck

  • Beware of the Daggles
    Beware of the Daggles

    I wanna see Like Mike for some reason now 🤔

  • 未知のギャング

    Only real ones know bout the sequel

  • Eli Barnes
    Eli Barnes

    calvin cambridge = goat

  • dmar how
    dmar how

    God said Don't shave your Beard

  • big L
    big L

    Couch carter is probably my fav basketball movie ✌

  • Caleb Collier
    Caleb Collier

    The 6th Man was my favorite basketball movie.

  • Hodge Quinn
    Hodge Quinn

    Ain't that Trent from Big Mama's House

  • Floki5000

    Kenny is the best

  • Lifeisgood

    They took the rules of street ball from And1 bro

  • Donavan Lee
    Donavan Lee

    I wouldn’t say his father was a deadbeat. A deadbeat is a father who abandon his kid. His father was just always working

  • Donavan Lee
    Donavan Lee

    Dude said he was getting guarded by FouseyTube😂😂😂

  • Big Noob
    Big Noob

    It's Kenny from Kenan and Kel.

  • MundisMaple

    I saw this the other week and for the life of me I didn’t know it existed and I couldn’t get through half of it.

  • Chief Dabeni
    Chief Dabeni

    I thought you where the actor of the like mike 2 movie lmao 😂

  • Earl Gault
    Earl Gault

    Nah like mike 2 isn’t that bad, but the 1st is so much better

  • 444TheChosen One
    444TheChosen One

    Review the best basketball movie, slam dunk Ernest

  • jyvoi billinger
    jyvoi billinger

    I liked the sequel. 😭

  • Chaz Blanks
    Chaz Blanks

    Like Mike was 🔥🔥🔥🔥. Overall Like Mike two was cool but nowhere better than the original

  • Britain Smith jr
    Britain Smith jr

    That’s how and1 street ball worked I thought

  • rell real
    rell real

    The no I and team line got me too😂😂😂

  • airjordaniv

    You must haven’t seen thunderstruck 😭😭

  • Absolutely Pro
    Absolutely Pro

    That ending of the vid was great

  • Demauri Mitchell
    Demauri Mitchell

    Bro after seeing that movie i hopped on my GameCube and tried to find him on 2k3 back in the day

  • DeJuan Buchanan
    DeJuan Buchanan

    Like mike 2 is a great movie it’s a classic Idk what dude talking bout

  • Matt Kealey
    Matt Kealey

    Wanted to be the 1,000 comment

  • Amir Whitlow
    Amir Whitlow

    Back in 02 you could go to the nba straight from high school

  • Bruce David
    Bruce David

    I actually liked, like mike 2, used to watch it with my little brother alot as a kid...

  • Nick Foggie
    Nick Foggie

    Bro you look like Hardstop Lucas little brother 😂😂

  • Wavy_wyatt

    It wasn’t that bad

  • BitcoinBuckets

    That sequel was low budget as hell

  • VainAttempts

    I saw this shit on BET when I was a kid lmfao

  • Samuel Keith
    Samuel Keith

    Dude please do more movie reviews this shit is hilarious!!!😂

  • Drayke Turner
    Drayke Turner

    Like mike 2 Calvin super glues the shoes bacc together and returns to the knights and they win a championship😂😂

  • Jamal Jones
    Jamal Jones

    So you not going say nun bout white boy with braids😂😂

  • Jayy 2litt
    Jayy 2litt

    Like mike 2^^

  • Jayy 2litt
    Jayy 2litt

    Yes this was definitely one of the worst movies ever

  • OhSoGhost

    Its like Mikes career.. first movie is like the bulls, while the second is like the wizards (which no one talks about)

    • L-STORM

      Didn't think of that 🙌

  • Michael Gladney
    Michael Gladney

    Thank god. So true. This first one should be the only one

  • Clxmpiana

    that’s my cousin lol😂

  • Jabari Cambridge
    Jabari Cambridge

    Like Mike 2 was fire bro

  • EllisTaco

    KOT4Q Sent me

  • Tez Downer
    Tez Downer

    i actually watched it if they didnt attach the like mike name too it its not that bad but the fact it had nothing to do with the first is what made it horrible.... u mean to tell me u cudnt throw bow wow more money to return???

  • William Hood
    William Hood

    I enjoyed this more than I would’ve enjoyed the movie

  • Kari TheMa9ician
    Kari TheMa9ician

    Lowkey I like this movie better than the original 🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂 it seemed more Hood and Lil bow wow was the only good thing about the OG movie🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Alex A
    Alex A

    Brenda song still the baddest to eva do it 🔥

  • V Tez
    V Tez

    I got the Calvin cambridge jersey

  • Davion Jeffery
    Davion Jeffery

    I’m the only one who watched and liked this movie😂

  • Joseph Tercero
    Joseph Tercero

    When I saw this movie i said nah those dead man shoes bruh

  • Quian Smith
    Quian Smith

    The vertical thing was unnecessary because Bowwow dunked on an NBA regulated hoop 😂😂 just had to let you know every other point was valid but the jump ?

  • Kharí Clark
    Kharí Clark

    "If I don't upload in the next 3 months.. you know exactly why" LOL

  • Suli Breaks
    Suli Breaks

    never knew there was a sequel. damn, planned on watching it, until the review lol. appreciate you saving me the time.

    • Jay43k _TSM
      Jay43k _TSM

      @Nick Marchionda lmao

    • Nick Marchionda
      Nick Marchionda

      It was on Netflix for a while don’t think it is on their any more.

    • DatBoy _Tai
      DatBoy _Tai

      Nahh u should still watch it, it ain’t that bad u can still enjoy it😂

    • Kari TheMa9ician
      Kari TheMa9ician

      Naw bro u should still watch it 😂😂 it’s wayyy funnier than the first one. The first one is more like a Disney movie tbh

  • Kvon Elloie
    Kvon Elloie

    Ummm above the rim🤔🔥🔥


    New to the channel, video had me crying good shit

  • JuJu3x Backup
    JuJu3x Backup


  • Homie DoMore
    Homie DoMore

    My favorite basketball movie is *The 6th Man.* Underrated film.

  • Tyree Mcleod
    Tyree Mcleod

    Idc this movie was fire🔥

  • Xavier Sensabaugh
    Xavier Sensabaugh

    We can’t lie that mike was good at shooting three.

  • Itachi Fbm
    Itachi Fbm

    You got served 2 zombieland 2 so many

  • Jank Foots
    Jank Foots

    The first video I posted on ALgone was a Like Mike 2 clip.

  • Yung JJ
    Yung JJ

    I still liked the movie tho no cap. Just can’t compare to the original lmao

  • SirBishop

    Belly 2

  • Ant Perez
    Ant Perez

    Tht jwn ain't make it to theaters I dont think lol

  • Ant Perez
    Ant Perez


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