The Most Unnecessary Sequel Ever (Like Mike 2)

  • Mr Walker
    Mr Walker

    I’m surprised you guys didn’t know there was a sequel. I saw the sequel 1st.

  • lastbriteSon

    This dude got a spider on his head 😁

  • Tony Seibert
    Tony Seibert

    Not a t-shirt with a collar on it, a WHOLE polo. 😂😂😂


    Literal generation change

  • Christian Buna
    Christian Buna

    The vulgar cupboard cumulatively mix because wedge meteorologically hook barring a complete ambulance. optimal, earsplitting scanner

  • Icetray03

    I liked iiiiiit 😭😭


    It wasn’t that bad. But it was still bad. No replay value whatsoever.

  • Prince Rain
    Prince Rain

    Basssketball we like that bassssketball

  • de132

    His dad showed up 😭

  • Ssj 8
    Ssj 8

    Never knew they had a like mike 2

  • Enrique Garza
    Enrique Garza

    The fish that saved philadelphia? With Dr. J

  • David Gonima
    David Gonima

    Very cody ko of you

  • Mtho

    Like Mike 2 🤣😂🤣

  • sudiiesalami

    those sneakers could’ve been magic johnson’s lmaoo just saying

  • Big Noob Entertainment
    Big Noob Entertainment

    Sike mike

  • A1Golden Runner
    A1Golden Runner

    Well my day is ruined 😭 I could've went the rest of my life not knowing it exists

  • Aireal Armour
    Aireal Armour

    Above The Rim was mine, but on the low The Air Up There is a guilty pleasure of mine

  • Connor Teglia
    Connor Teglia

    coach carter my favorite basketball movie

  • ShyboGotTalent

    Like mike 2 was cool fr 😂💯

  • Lol Sick
    Lol Sick

    I seen this movie before the original as a kid because on cable this movie would play every week lmao

  • dede playz
    dede playz

    Mines is coach Carter 💯💯

  • Lxp_page_23

    Now here’s the thing, I’m 19 and the second one was the one i grew up with because i was just being born in 2002 lmao, but i agree the first one is way better

  • Christian West
    Christian West

    The cgi is terrible

  • Lineial Quantum
    Lineial Quantum

    The first one was unnecessary, as well.

  • James Forsyth
    James Forsyth

    I remember seeing Jordan play for the Wizards that was dope to see even though sucked

  • Montyistic

    As a kid I never thought about this but what was Jeromes plan gonna be when he outgrows the shoes if he didn’t quit? The movie is still decent though but I have no nostalgia for it.

  • Leo McDonald
    Leo McDonald

    I didn't know they made a sequel, until recently.

  • Lamont King
    Lamont King

    Definitely didn’t ask or need a like Mike 2

  • Crip Cuhz
    Crip Cuhz

    I feel like the only one that watched the second one first

  • CPR

    Space Jam??

  • Some Random Gamer Animator
    Some Random Gamer Animator

    I wasn't interested in the movie until I saw Kel

  • Rhyperior Ranger
    Rhyperior Ranger

    I loved the original as a kid and it was my 2nd favorite basketball movie. So then I saw one of those coming soon to vhs promos for the sequel and thought “oh hell yeah a sequel I can’t wait to find it”. Then I saw a white kid with cornrows on the cover and thought, “Yeah I DEFINITELY don’t need to watch this”

  • Todd Waller
    Todd Waller

    Like mike was good

  • Juntao IsMe
    Juntao IsMe

    Kenny: this street team is weird cuz they go to each city and if they see someone outplays someone on their roster in the new city, that player gets dropped and the new guy comes on to the team Me: guess he's unfamiliar with AND 1 STREETBALL 🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Joseph Mangum
    Joseph Mangum

    The whole premise of making this video about like mike 2 is almost as unnecessary as the I watched the whole thing and I love it- great content- made my morning!

  • Action Entertainment Now
    Action Entertainment Now

    Unfortunately I saw this movie first before the original “Like Mike”. It was my favorite movie when I was like 10 😭😭

  • Matt W
    Matt W

    Bruh ALgone been trying to get me to watch this vid since the day you uploaded gaaahhhhhhh. Happy now... I actually liked this movie, don’t wanna see a guy bash it geeeez

  • Blue Mace
    Blue Mace


  • SiNKarnage

    Inb4 ALgone recommends Coming 2 America from this channel Ive never watched before

  • Kevin Marshall
    Kevin Marshall

    They put AF1s and put MJ on the tongue lmao. Jerome was rocking Rasheed Wallace’s 😂😂

  • Clan bj
    Clan bj

    8:29 had me dying 😂

  • BubblzXP

    I just KNEW there was gonna be a cap turned backwards!!!

  • TV Sized Anime Channel
    TV Sized Anime Channel

    Kenny you were a hokage and now a youtuber keep going Naruto op yura yura

  • TV Sized Anime Channel
    TV Sized Anime Channel

    Kage level

  • Ken Masters
    Ken Masters

    This is what happens to a sequel when you can't think of an actual Part II.

  • ?????????

    They were both fire

  • SoloDoloWill

    Gotta remember and1 was poppin around the time

  • FumIgatIon

    We need Kenny’s Movie Reviews

  • Josh Vigs3
    Josh Vigs3

    Tbh it was a bad movie but still a classic

  • MiltoENT

    I wasn’t a basketball fan but I loved Space Jam and Like Mike

  • Zae

    jerome head peazy as hell😂😂

  • Johnny Bravo's feet fetish
    Johnny Bravo's feet fetish

    Mj got to stop leaving his fucking shoes everywhere

  • Harry K
    Harry K


  • desimond robinson
    desimond robinson

    He looks like a combo of Kel and Algee Smith

  • The Silver Ghoul Gaming/AMV/MotoCross
    The Silver Ghoul Gaming/AMV/MotoCross

    I used to watch the second one allll the time as a kid I loved it

  • Michael Marshall
    Michael Marshall

    Why is it ruined, just don't watch it. Stop making this generation worse. Everyone is being stupid and overthinking everything they cut Mr from potato head and Ellen page is now Elliot.... Stupid shit really

  • Quix Panda
    Quix Panda

    They played that dang movie everyday at my elementary school

  • John Joyner
    John Joyner

    3:07 Bruh, the dude on the right wearing a Tracy Mcgrady/Penny Hardaway Jersey Inverted. I'm done 🤣

  • ツJani

    No Instagram?

  • Bonga Ntuli
    Bonga Ntuli

    The only thing I remember about the movie is Kel Mitchell😂

  • Zariya J
    Zariya J

    I see why I didn’t remember Like Mike 2🤣

  • Kevin Kijiji
    Kevin Kijiji

    Man! Like Mike was my childhood movie would stay replaying that shit 💯🏀

  • Bobis Hackis
    Bobis Hackis

    Like mike was a 9.7 out of 10 Like mike 2 was a 2.5 out of 10

    • Bobis Hackis
      Bobis Hackis

      The reson that it's it 2.5 and not 1.5 is that the person playing tripple j is a pretty good actor but the script is so bad

  • Payroll money 19
    Payroll money 19

    I have a number with his uncle had to get shoes

  • Payroll money 19
    Payroll money 19

    My favorite basketball movie is like Mike tomorrow to round the best player on the team

    • Payroll money 19
      Payroll money 19

      Do you know where his shoes here I’m broke

  • Im Alone
    Im Alone

    I did not know about this movie till like a year ago

  • The OZAR
    The OZAR

    This shirt goes hard though

  • Calvin White
    Calvin White

    You trippin trippin like mike 2 was super nice.

  • Isaiah Taylor
    Isaiah Taylor

    Rebound with Martin Lawrence is a hilarious basketball movie


    I'm getting berlezzy vibes

  • LightskinJD

    If it was bow wow in this one u probably would have loved it 😂

  • Dmacc 127
    Dmacc 127

    Lol Like mike two was a banger... both movies were good

  • matt

    The only thing I related to Like Mike 2 was the first scene of him playing PS2 eating Cheeto puffs lmao

  • General Trill
    General Trill

    See the problem is you watched this movie in 2021. But if you would have watched this movie during the street ball era it would have hit different.

  • Revoked Fate
    Revoked Fate

    Like Mike 2 always remind me of Sandlot 2. Nuff said....

  • Albert

    Aww man did I love basketball movies growing up you name it even airbud idc 😂

  • Jordan Dutra
    Jordan Dutra

    I’ve been waiting for so long of this video. I hate Like Mike 2 so much. That is the worst movie I’ve ever watched, even though it’s not theatrical. It’s a direct-to-dvd movie. I have a soft spot for the first Like Mike movie. I will always hate the sequel, I will always be.

  • Glen Richardson
    Glen Richardson

    Jesse Plemons too

  • Choco Drumz TV
    Choco Drumz TV


  • A A
    A A

    It wasn’t that bad tbh he just doing to much

  • Buddie Greens
    Buddie Greens hone again

  • Opochtli

    Same bro

  • Bryce Warren
    Bryce Warren

    This scene at 11:10 make no sense bruh😂

  • Chris Wiseman
    Chris Wiseman

    This was a lit ass movie. Bro trippin

  • DirtyWater

    Lmao I never knew there was a like mike 2

  • Lil Roc
    Lil Roc

    Like Mike 2 is tough tho

  • Jbo Longway
    Jbo Longway

    Nigga I’m crying lmaoooo

  • King Gaming
    King Gaming

    Like mike 2 was good

  • Tray Weathersby
    Tray Weathersby

    Yea Like Mike 2 was trash💯

    • Jordan Dutra
      Jordan Dutra

      YES!!! I hated that sequel so much.

  • Htown Q
    Htown Q

    this movie hoed and robbed the and 1 lovers and supporters shit was straight garbage

  • TheBeefywolf

    12:56 How is he boxing out 3 people

  • New World Order comics
    New World Order comics

    Baseball has different age rules

  • AJ

    Now he's just Regular Bow-Wow

  • Kobe Smith
    Kobe Smith

    He watched it too late. Streetball was in then. It makes a huge difference

  • NoRest Twitch
    NoRest Twitch

    Do above the rim with 2pac !


    You crazy Mike played at Rucker Park

  • James James
    James James

    When you said “early 2000’s gangsters” I immediately knew they were white guys lmao

  • James James
    James James

    I had like mike for my PSP and I would watch that shit on repeat all the time as a kid.

  • Bando 1017
    Bando 1017

    Lol your 24 yo?? I legit thought you was 35-42.

  • Stephen Serna
    Stephen Serna

    Why his dead best dad look like sen dog from cypress hill

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