Only NBA Nerds Will Enjoy This Video...

  • Brian Keegan
    Brian Keegan

    Hasheem thabeet was a defensive monster for UConn

  • Jacob LeBlanc
    Jacob LeBlanc

    I actually thoroughly enjoyed this

  • Matthew VanZandt
    Matthew VanZandt

    Glad to know someone else just goes on basketball reference and does stuff like this too

  • Matthew VanZandt
    Matthew VanZandt

    Thank you for talking about the confusing situation of the Hornets, I believe Charlotte Hornets count as the pelicans

  • Lord Megatron
    Lord Megatron

    daaamn kenny I genuinely did not know there was 2 channels...whats this one about?

  • Alex Matangi
    Alex Matangi

    Gotta call this series "The Rabbithole" love this kinda video, keep it up!

  • James Barbour
    James Barbour

    this is literely my life bro. i love this channel

  • jmoney2177

    I enjoyed the video 😤

  • Ayush S.
    Ayush S.

    The Kyle lowry dump was for getting Jeremy lin

  • J Boogie
    J Boogie

    Kenny be pluggin these ads by himself. No one looking at the ads until he mentions them lol

  • Mason Deprill
    Mason Deprill

    Kinda sad it was only 13 min

  • Ch Sch
    Ch Sch

    ublock origin

  • Arjun Srivatsa
    Arjun Srivatsa

    cant stop staring at the way kenny's braid merges into his eyebrow...

  • CrossWolf05

    bro you gotta make this a series... this pretty fun doing myself, but watching you do it and comment on everything is so entertaining.

  • Michalis A
    Michalis A

    Kenny is considered a nerd american basketball Europe most basketball fans are like that

  • Daniel Trummel
    Daniel Trummel

    This is talent. The talking skills of making a basketball reference video sound so interesting is insane. Well done Kenny.

  • Opochtli


  • f̶a̶k̶e̶b̶l̶i̶n̶g̶

    Bro how do you not have an ad blocker? It's 2021 wtf

  • Ben Fahy
    Ben Fahy

    If you look at the 2010-2011 hornets page he looked at, you'll see a prime 26 year old patrick ewing on the roster near the bottom 6:58

  • Jae Kennedy
    Jae Kennedy

    Damn guess I’m an NBA nerd...

  • Brad Nordlund
    Brad Nordlund

    Chris Kaman was nice when he was traded.

  • DropKick2772

    Should've kept goin

  • M C
    M C

    DON’T CLICK OFF THOUGH! I won’t man I’m on basketball reference like once a week lol

  • Damyon Callaway
    Damyon Callaway

    Definitely series potential in this

  • Allan Ruiz
    Allan Ruiz

    This is so random

  • Sunrise Pups
    Sunrise Pups

    That’s great lol best video yet more please!!!!

  • thoes dielen
    thoes dielen

    Hahahah as soon as he said “we are going on basketball reference” i was like hell yeah basketball statistics!

  • Lincoln Myers
    Lincoln Myers

    This shit was fun

  • Mitchell White
    Mitchell White

    I painfully remember that Jeremy Lamb buzzer beater. Literally cost me $450 from a $1 multi bet

  • philaw123

    The Chris Paul trade to the Clips gets worse. The original trade was to the Lakers til the league disallowed it since the Hornets were being run by the NBA at the time

  • Benjy Tucker
    Benjy Tucker

    I need more

  • Joseph Frank
    Joseph Frank

    When you said ads 😂😂😂😂

  • David Parkhill
    David Parkhill

    HA! Kyle got traded out of Houston cause he thought (and maybe was considering that bball IQ) he was smarter than Kevin McHale and McHale haaaaaaated him. Finally realized how to coexist with a coach and grew up a lil in Toronto. More of a maturity thing with him I guess. He also has talked abt how having kids reeeeally helped him with this.

  • R.M Haych
    R.M Haych

    I guess I’m an nba nerd

  • R.M Haych
    R.M Haych

    Eric Gordon should be coming off the bench for us in lakernation

  • Jamie Delaney
    Jamie Delaney

    Grizzlies traded Kyle Lowry because they were pretty locked in on Mike Conley being the franchise PG. Worked out pretty well for both organizations in my opinion. More so for Toronto, but they’ve both had really respectable careers.

  • Spacey Labasky
    Spacey Labasky

    Keep doing these videos

  • Gavin McCraw
    Gavin McCraw

    This is all I do so more please

  • Jake Waugh
    Jake Waugh

    really enjoyed this one

  • Austin Hurrell
    Austin Hurrell

    I can help with the Pelicans/Hornets chaos. There was a franchise in Charlotte called the hornets, they then moved to New Orleans and were still called the hornets. Then a brand new franchise was made in Charlotte called the bobcats. Then the New Orleans Hornets changed their name to the Pelicans and then the Bobcats changed into the hornets. And the Pelicans transferred all of the stats and records to the new Hornets, and that is why Dell Curry and mugsy and all of them are part of current day hornets and not the Pelicans history

  • Joseph Ramirez
    Joseph Ramirez

    Get an ad block

  • A.A

    God this is so entertaining.

  • Aidzilla17

    do this again it was fun

  • C Brunk
    C Brunk

    Isnt Ariza out because he is in a custody battle for his kid...

  • Kobe RedBeam
    Kobe RedBeam

    Super fun video please keep this going

  • Kyle Ritchie
    Kyle Ritchie

    Homie really runnin out of content lol

  • Glitch.aspect

    Jordan Clarkson was a late bloomer

  • K J
    K J

    Harden, Kyle and Dwight would be amazing

  • TheLAMoZe

    What is this hall of fame probability list. K Love over Kawhi. What are these odds makers smokin?

  • PepperOnTheRoof


  • Brett

    You should look at the seasons of the past decade and just look at stats n the teams. Go through how we got to where we are now in the nba

  • Brett

    Can never go wrong with a bball reference view, pretty interesting if you actually like ball

  • Alec Quebedeaux
    Alec Quebedeaux

    The original Charlotte Hornets moved to New Orleans around ‘03 becoming the New Orleans Hornets and leaving Charlotte teamless for about 4-5 years until the Bobcats came around. Then the New Orleans Hornets changed their name to the Pelicans after Tom Benson bought the team from the NBA. The following year the Bobcats changed their name to the Hornets. That’s literally it.

  • Michael Ryan
    Michael Ryan

    I’ll definitely watch this if you decide to make this a regular thing.

  • Rico Suave
    Rico Suave

    so entertaining for no reason

  • Sumanth Sridhar
    Sumanth Sridhar

    the steven adams pick was traded for harden right?

  • Alek Kuykendall
    Alek Kuykendall

    Lukas a locked hof rn and before he even got into the nba

  • msrcali

    Loved this video on my break man!

  • charlieknockout

    is that patrick ewing on the end of the bench of the hornets??


    What if we did the wikipage challenge where you would keep clicking links until you get to the place you were tryna go but instead of wiki links we have to find a certain NBA player and use the BR links to find them

  • Mediocre Productions
    Mediocre Productions

    Yo Kenny I’ve been a casual basketball fan for the longest and I’m really tryna learn more about the game and it’s history Vids like this sort of fuel that interest I actually started watching basketball again because I stumbled onto your videos again so thanks for that too.

  • Stelly2k

    Keep making videos like this

  • Raja Rao
    Raja Rao

    Make this a series

  • Nick Hess
    Nick Hess

    I was at that Tyreke game.

  • H DG
    H DG

    This is me

  • SevynTheVillain


  • Michael Scalzo
    Michael Scalzo

    I love this Kenny’s become my favorite content creator

  • SoWavyRyan

    Games finna come on

  • SoWavyRyan

    Thanks bro

  • Jack O
    Jack O

    I feel like a nerd watching this whole video intrigued

  • Fundamental Skill
    Fundamental Skill

    Why does this video feel too short despite being closer to 15 minutes than most of us are to fame?

  • Dylan Van Willegen
    Dylan Van Willegen

    I rlly enjoyed this fr keep it up. Kenny my dude I feel like you can make anything interesting you got some talent.

  • White Wolf
    White Wolf

    That 11-12 Hornets team was a New Orleans team. They moved from Charlotte to NOLA in 2002. We gave the name back to them a few years after 11-12 season.

  • carson.capalot

    When I heard basketball reference that’s all I’m on in class 😭😭

  • icydrew

    Shit if u wanted to u could’ve went on for 2 hrs #why not

  • Mamba 4 life
    Mamba 4 life

    0:10 I didn’t even know this was a second channel

  • Ashley Nelson
    Ashley Nelson

    This is me being a nerd

  • GXRLA Prod.
    GXRLA Prod.

    Me not about to click off Kenny DONT CLICK OFF THO

  • Connor McLeod
    Connor McLeod

    please make a lot more of these, the nba heads love it

  • Jaydrian Domingo
    Jaydrian Domingo

    i love this

  • ImDunnWithIt

    That hornets team was the pelicans Charlotte had the bobcats until 2014 when the New Orleans Hornets switched to pelicans. And Bobcats went back to hornets

  • DNF Cuber
    DNF Cuber

    This earned a sub

  • No _Øne
    No _Øne

    Charlotte Hornets ➡ NO Hornets➡ NO Pelicans. Charlotte Bobcats ➡ Charlotte Hornets

  • Neil Odeh
    Neil Odeh

    Dude that was to quick

  • 0095

    Can we keep doing this I like doing this

  • eulalio soria
    eulalio soria

    That was dope. Memory lane type stuff.

  • Lil Yoshi
    Lil Yoshi

    kenny u should make this like an hour long this was mad entertaining

  • TheDream Houston
    TheDream Houston

    Hi Kenny. I am a fan from Houston. As you might know I am going through some power outages in my area. This my challenge I really hope you read this bro. " Being Accepted " Rules: - use The Houston Rockets, if want to why, read my name lol. -Accept every rule NBA Rule Change (Day 3)

  • Bryan Guerra
    Bryan Guerra

    Get ad blocker homie

  • KingXx Playss
    KingXx Playss


  • Shnamnee Tv
    Shnamnee Tv

    This vid was honestly super entertaining

  • Shane Mathis
    Shane Mathis

    Have one of your friends do a speed run basketball reference rabbit hole. Then use all the players they got and rebuild.

  • Leonard Muth
    Leonard Muth

    Bruh, mentioning that Jeremy Lamb game winner broke my heart

  • Jack Alcroft
    Jack Alcroft

    Kenny make this a series!


    Kenny -You should PUT kobe in the nba right know and do a sim

  • Adam Kleinsmith
    Adam Kleinsmith

    i literally do this too

  • Justin Marfino
    Justin Marfino

    That was the trade after they nixed the Lakers trade so sad it was better for both side going with thr laker trade

  • Jvvg Sghhy
    Jvvg Sghhy

    New Orleans never left new Orleans keeny they just changed their name to pelicans and the charolet bobcats changed to hornets

  • Lorenzo Sorrenti
    Lorenzo Sorrenti

    Literally me every night before I go to bed. Thought I was the only one!

  • nootnoot7

    Do more of this man

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