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  • Laiyemo Boys
    Laiyemo Boys

    I actually watched the whole video of your most viewed vid

  • Ruinn YT
    Ruinn YT

    Lmao I got the noti 5 days later 💀

  • CW Tye
    CW Tye

    Nah u was on Google frfr

  • Connor Bullinger
    Connor Bullinger

    ayo his most viewed video is published on my birthday, october 12

  • Air-Brodee

    Kenny should do a nfl Quiz and see how good he does

  • Chris

    React to music

  • MrNumbah1stunna

    Yooo can we get another movie review the last one was good but ik if u lock in make 25-35 mins u could do some fire movie anime or even album reviews

  • C J
    C J

    Play some cool math games no cap

  • Zac Margolis
    Zac Margolis

    4:06 I love how Kenny goes from 😄 to 😐 mid sentence

  • MoneyshotMonday

    Yo Kenny, its been an awesome journey so far. I've been watching for the last 5 years man, where did the time go! Its been so cool watching you grow as a person and content creator. I know this is just the beginning for you my man ❤💪 I'm heading into adulthood myself and you've been an inspiration. NO OVERTIME

  • Vivaan K
    Vivaan K

    Irl basketball

  • Steven Dookie
    Steven Dookie

    I played house hunter with my girl. You were right. Fire idea from Kenny once again 😂

  • Amaar Hussain
    Amaar Hussain

    Bruv this man grinds like a god

  • JJ Anderson
    JJ Anderson

    Play gio guesser with your gf

  • Aapo Häkli
    Aapo Häkli

    Minecraft series??!

  • MarvelFree Free
    MarvelFree Free

    Kenny hair got that nice nice!

  • Kyriakos Gerogiannis
    Kyriakos Gerogiannis

    Kenny watching too much agent 2:15

  • Jerren Drummond
    Jerren Drummond

    Pokemon Nuzlocke instantly millions of views thank me later

  • Josiah Rosenbloom
    Josiah Rosenbloom

    I remember the Timberwolves vids in 2k16 😂

  • Joel Neuhaus
    Joel Neuhaus

    Do the world not us

  • nick

    every time i go to sleep with auto play on i wake up and that worst team in every team in every 2k vid is on

  • Elijeah Hatfield
    Elijeah Hatfield

    Would be nice to get some more nba quizes if you can find any great content bro god bless you keep it up!! 💪💪🙏

  • jmoney2177

    You did make the recommended for real

  • Emo Kid
    Emo Kid

    This channel only works because of his personality I swear

  • Marc Non
    Marc Non

    Kentrell, Play Madden 21 on this channel and try to rebuild with your current NFL knowledge. How bout it?

  • Jayden Degalis
    Jayden Degalis

    lmao the d mills one got me rolling

  • TVS Galaxy
    TVS Galaxy

    I wanna see kot4q with 2hype

  • joshua bolton
    joshua bolton

    Bro Why the Kenny In the Bulls Jersey picture look like a my player.

  • LilKermit

    Since kenny didnt wanna say it imma say it... ON FOENEM

  • DeAndre Friendly
    DeAndre Friendly

    Petition for Kenny to start a channel dedicated to GeoGuessr


    Him saying it is a top tier quality meme because it's Derrick

  • Crimson Warrior
    Crimson Warrior

    Jenna bandy destroyed y’all

  • Crimson Warrior
    Crimson Warrior

    Why does everybody care so much about zion

  • Logi Andreuson
    Logi Andreuson

    Its still 720p

  • Owen Johnson
    Owen Johnson

    Kenny should build a ginger bread house but only use the outlet covers

  • Christian Mutamba
    Christian Mutamba

    Make a discord

  • SomeGoodBroth

    Dwade: Sees kennys jumper "I'll give that a 9"

  • Nick Vigil
    Nick Vigil

    I’m waiting for more house videos

  • Kyle Thomas
    Kyle Thomas

    I bet the player who hasn't seen has dad hasn't because he's playing basketball in America fulfilling his dream while his dad is probably living in a foreign country. Another player from FSU met his mom for the first time in years on his senior day

  • G3 Baller
    G3 Baller

    Jenny wins HOH knouckout Me: Jenny Beecham in disguise🤔

  • JPK

    Do reacting you your subscribers basketball highlights or lowlights please I’m uploading after I finish editing them

  • Bryce

    ON 4 NEM

  • Leo Corbin
    Leo Corbin

    The google page is personalized so everyone's is different.

  • Petros Panagiotis
    Petros Panagiotis

    Btw I had u on my recommended too

  • kinggalexandre

    Kenny really came up. Form the youtube trenches with a laptop 😂

  • Charlie Wingert
    Charlie Wingert

    Ayo Kenny time to bring back KennyCraft on this channel

  • Knick N Ack 123
    Knick N Ack 123

    He finally used the subreddit again

  • Ahjahni Rodriguez
    Ahjahni Rodriguez

    You should play gta rp

  • eugenia tsintavi
    eugenia tsintavi

    can we get like a weekly reddit review like every saturday or sunday?

  • Kelvin G
    Kelvin G

    The Kenny Beecham bulls photoshop picture is Coby White's body

  • Robert Dunn
    Robert Dunn

    5:45 bro i've seen that video in full like twice and it keeps popping up in my recommended

  • Gaming With Al Capone
    Gaming With Al Capone

    Do a MrBeast type of video... pranks on others, competition amongst your subscribers for KOT4Q merch or cash, etc.

  • Miguel Geof Lopez
    Miguel Geof Lopez

    Do a 1v1irl

  • Ankeet Bhattachan
    Ankeet Bhattachan

    Lets go back to quizzes now

  • Michał Pawlak
    Michał Pawlak

    Yooo, Nuni Omot plays for my team in Poland this year... thats funny

  • Tyler Nash
    Tyler Nash

    Surely do a try not to laugh please 😊

  • Frank Dominick
    Frank Dominick

    I saw you on the front page

  • Quentin Rodehaver
    Quentin Rodehaver

    Story time’s would be goated

  • Blazeman 65
    Blazeman 65

    Yoooo kenny man I aint got no video ideas just wanna say that keep up your grind bro your killing it and we all love your bro, shits been sad in my life and ur videos always put a smile on my face even if its only for 15 min so thanks brotha ❤️

  • ?

    you should make a discord

  • Hassan Imran
    Hassan Imran

    I just had a sad moment and realized one day I’m gonna be watching less ALgone because of life and I won’t see Kenny as much anymore 😔

  • Christopher Turcios
    Christopher Turcios

    A day in the life would be cool to see 🔥🔥

  • Jean-Franco Jimenez
    Jean-Franco Jimenez

    It’s confirmed. Kenny and Adam Silver are homies

  • Lachydokey123

    Kenny the quiz good back???? Pls like so he can see

  • Leopota Aholelei
    Leopota Aholelei

    I remember the exact "old video" he is reacting to because I broke my computer while it was playing lmao

  • Bateski


  • Stone Wu
    Stone Wu

    Extremely wild thought: Kenny dunking on 8 ft rim

  • The Trickstaz
    The Trickstaz

    You actually were on the front page of google

  • Nicholas Senhouse
    Nicholas Senhouse

    ngl kenny that rebuilding worst team in every 2k was the first vid i watched of u great stuff ever since 🙏🏾

  • Ernie Nicholas
    Ernie Nicholas

    Grinding on the corner of his bed bent over?? Suss.. lol

  • Reese’s Pieces
    Reese’s Pieces

    “I would sit on the corner of my bed and grind” 💀

  • Jaime

    Yo Kenny do some pokemon openings

  • Blake Gardner
    Blake Gardner

    2:40 lmaooooo

  • Kade Lewallen
    Kade Lewallen


  • T. H
    T. H

    Do reddit review every monday or Friday

  • Valenti

    I SEEN THAT GOOGLE THING AND I WAS JUST LIKE "oh fuck ya thats my boy but i been on that"

  • Will Marple
    Will Marple

    Who else loves when Kenny leans over

  • daniel lopez roman
    daniel lopez roman

    To be honest, i also want to get rolled by Jenna Bandy.

  • Berel Knight
    Berel Knight

    I think I can speak for all the nba nerds when I say I really loved the basketball reference videos like so Kenny can see

  • David Shook
    David Shook

    You should do Minecraft on this channel more

  • Matt Pack
    Matt Pack

    Yes when that came out you were on the front page of google it was when you came out with called game

  • Selcuk Tobal
    Selcuk Tobal

    They going with the WHAT??

  • The Goat
    The Goat


  • johnyg2002

    I think I just died laughing at the video suggestion box. Taking about getting rolled by Jenna.

  • SoloSpence

    Sporcle Quizzes!!!!!!!

  • Mason Jacob
    Mason Jacob

    Google thing was real

  • Giants Football 26
    Giants Football 26

    Day 1 of asking for Kenny Hardaway back

  • Brendan Reardon
    Brendan Reardon

    Kenny you should react to NFL or MLB highlights because why not 😂, love you bro

  • Badadula

    This 7 people that disliked are bad people, I’m calling it


    The hairstyle is fire

  • Cameron Schaffer
    Cameron Schaffer

    TIER LIST OF BEST SNACKS PLS🙌🏻 would be wayyy to funny

  • joeylord12

    Would like to see some classic sports games like NBA Street, Backyard Baseball, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, etc..

  • Linc Waddle
    Linc Waddle

    Love and hate rebuilding challenge Rules: - fantasy draft - Have a 9 man rotation - must have 3 people you love( people like D-Rose, shai, and Swiper, etc.) - must have 3 people you hate(people like Ro-Co.) - must have 3 people you love and hate at times. have fun and win a championship

  • Insaine YT
    Insaine YT

    i’m gonna copy everyone I love how random this channel is

  • Swedish Fish
    Swedish Fish

    11:26 You got me sounding like a producer tag WOAH, KENNY

  • Braxton Stewart
    Braxton Stewart

    U should do a card collection vid

  • ad sweets
    ad sweets

    Open more packs plz bro

  • Diego the lengend !
    Diego the lengend !

    React to flightreacts funny moments

  • Oliver P
    Oliver P

    GeoGuessr rebuilding challenge 10 man rotation, 10 rounds of GeoGuessr If you get a score of over 4,000 for a round you choose a player from that state If you get a score of 3,000-3,999for a round you use a random number generator to select a player from that state If you get a score less than 3,000 for a round you get andre levingston Flip those assets Abraham

  • Jacks.


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