Kenny vs GeoGuessr


    the school bus said north carolina

  • kaybub

    i could guess animal kingdom in 1 second no cap


    Did you really not know that Disney was in Florida lmaoo

  • Griffith F.K.
    Griffith F.K.

    For reference, here is what the best US player can do in this gamemode -- 100% perfect score in under 5 mins:

  • Alec Sievert
    Alec Sievert

    How u not know we’re Disney is 😂

  • Grant Williams
    Grant Williams

    1:32 holy shit I go their all the time

  • Cade Wooten
    Cade Wooten

    Bro don’t know where Disney is even after the bubble.....bro

  • wbg_69

    I’ve been to animal kingdom lodge lol

  • Kalin Sawtelle
    Kalin Sawtelle

    Ive been to animal kingdom

  • me still me
    me still me

    So this man saw a bunch of trees and thought: “This is New Hampshire” but when he saw the words “Disney World” he was wondering if it was Disney World. wtf lmfao

  • Jeevan Sandher
    Jeevan Sandher

    6:50 - the bus said "North Caroline Public Schools"!!

  • Anthony Hood
    Anthony Hood

    :Kenny i am a genius! then Kenny: what state is Disney World in :me you are dumb

  • Christian Buna
    Christian Buna

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  • איתי גדות
    איתי גדות

    8:58 "who's looking at this and says this is New Hampshhire". Answer is actually New Hampshire🤣

  • Edward Campanelli
    Edward Campanelli

    12:05 Kenny I've been there you're an idiot 😂😂😂 But fr, that's Disney in Orlando I've been there twice (and it's not perfect, Disneyworld sucks)

  • Robert Dalton
    Robert Dalton

    Lmao Kenny how you not know Disney is in Orlando

  • Colin Maher
    Colin Maher

    After the Orlando Magic are sponsored by Disney and the Bubble was in Orlando you didnt know it? 😂 Kenny you have to go to Disney after Covid

  • Jack Dinunziø
    Jack Dinunziø

    Send this man to Disney world

  • Richard Chacko
    Richard Chacko

    Make a series, this was really good

  • King Chris
    King Chris

    I remembered passing by those exact signs whole going to Disney with my two friends we got lost from the GPS and we were looking at signs a lot this felt real cool ngl

  • Gabe The Habe
    Gabe The Habe

    The 5th my guy didn’t even know he was in Disney world lol

  • Gabe The Habe
    Gabe The Habe

    The first one my friend litterealy goes to college there lol

  • Zavi Nat
    Zavi Nat


  • The Fritz
    The Fritz

    On the fourth one I was thinking it was new jamla Hyde and then bam he says New Hampshire

  • Emmet O'Connor
    Emmet O'Connor

    ive been on that road in NH lmao

  • Gabe MItchell
    Gabe MItchell

    That New Hampshire guess was actually insane

  • Deep Voice Dude
    Deep Voice Dude

    University City in St. Louis is named after Washington University. It's also where Jayson Tatum and Brad Beal grew up.

  • Dick Trickle
    Dick Trickle

    Wtf Kenny I’ve been to that Walgreens in Gary lol that’s crazy my grandpa live there

  • Leonardo DiCaprio
    Leonardo DiCaprio

    Bruh i can’t w the last one 💀💀💀 DID THE NBA BUBBLE TEACH YOU NOTHING

  • Leonardo DiCaprio
    Leonardo DiCaprio


  • Carter Clarke
    Carter Clarke

    Is it University of Missouri St. Louis?


    I live 15 min from Gary lol

  • Water bottle
    Water bottle

    Kenny clicked my home town and it’s in the middle of New Hampshire. Gotta feel blessed

  • E CON
    E CON

    Animal Kingdom Lounge... you mean lodge, right?

  • Selcuk Tobal
    Selcuk Tobal

    I wonder if anybody lives/goes to school in the homes/schools Kenny passed by

  • Almighty J
    Almighty J

    Ayeee milwaukee 🙌🏽🙌🏽🔥

  • MStraat2

    U look like lamar lmfao

  • Myskie Turn Me Up
    Myskie Turn Me Up

    Wow I found my church here 🤣🤣

  • Potato Aim
    Potato Aim

    tbh i live in stl and i did not know where that was lmao maybe my memory trash

  • ayedatsluhkell

    i thought everybody knew disney was in orlando

  • Ryan H
    Ryan H

    I saw the blue sign and instantly knew it was Disney, before he zoomed in on anything....

  • Colby

    as soon as they put you on the last one and i saw the purple and red sign, i was like yep hes in orlando by disney

  • da moose
    da moose

    Do u play gta Kenny

  • Santiago Acosta
    Santiago Acosta

    yo the BUBBLE was in florida tf

  • Jake Sutton
    Jake Sutton

    This dude is lowkey very good at this game

  • xwolfspackx

    How does my man Kenny know literally so much about basketball but stumbles to remember the Orlando “MAGIC” of course it’s in Orlando 😂

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith

    Kenny needs to get on geoguessr battle royale

  • Terry Black
    Terry Black

    This was mad entertaining

  • Ethan Agro
    Ethan Agro

    6:52 it was right there on the bus

  • Tanner Holt
    Tanner Holt

    i knew immediately that was new hampshire😂, all the suburbs look exactly like that

  • Brendan D
    Brendan D


  • John Lauer
    John Lauer

    I can’t believe I’m the first place was UMSL my dad works there and I grew up nearby!

  • JB the Stoner
    JB the Stoner

    If geoguesser was a rpg

  • FallingUpwardHD

    Bro the bubble was played there😂

  • Jake Worm
    Jake Worm

    *Disney sign* Kenny: “Somewhere in the desert!”

  • Brennan McCorkle
    Brennan McCorkle

    I remember that intersection and stayed in Coronado springs

  • AJ Evans
    AJ Evans

    Of course Kenny had to call Alabama scary😂

  • Justin Nunez
    Justin Nunez

    THE FACT THAT I LIVE 5 minutes from the disney place hdhdhdhd

  • Paul George
    Paul George

    No one : Absolutely no one: Kenny: bro someone lives there

  • Nighttree Gaming
    Nighttree Gaming

    If it was me if I saw “Disney” I’m automatically picking Florida

  • Sasha Deimel
    Sasha Deimel

    Geowizzard has been quiet lately...

  • ej

    it baffles me that kenny can recognize some bum ass houses as being near chicago yet he doesn’t know disney is in orlando lmao

  • Jared Trindel
    Jared Trindel

    How does he not know where Disney is

  • Ryan Nagle
    Ryan Nagle

    haha at 9:51 you can see my home town of Henniker

  • Justin _w7
    Justin _w7

    Ahahahha gelo wizard is a G

  • Slaprmy

    ayyy as soon as i saw number 3 i knew it was close

  • Clifford Cuh
    Clifford Cuh

    Lol seeing the New Hampshire one was funny for me cuz I live there

  • Gianna Castelli
    Gianna Castelli

    When he said he didn’t know where animal kingdom was I was raging cause where else would Disney be 😭 also I’ve been there so I know that its in Florida

  • Kristopher Mason
    Kristopher Mason

    Aye I love in north east Alabama and trust me it's a lot safer

    • Kristopher Mason
      Kristopher Mason

      I live in north east Alabama*

  • faiz Ali
    faiz Ali

    Do this again

  • Villager #3
    Villager #3

    0:00 he look like he about to sing.

  • stilllow

    plot twist: kenny IS GUESSR

  • Annie Gurr
    Annie Gurr

    "keep putting me next to a school"

  • Nathan

    it hurt me for how long it took you to find disney

  • TTK

    Milwaukee 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  • Matthew Ochoa
    Matthew Ochoa

    Is this Kenny goladay cuz idk

  • Sam Speer
    Sam Speer

    make this a series please,very fun to watchh

  • Nathaniel Thrush
    Nathaniel Thrush

    You def know america better than you say you do lmao

  • Yanzi

    Kenny’s mind: Where did the bubble take place? Disney World in Orlando Why are the Orlando Magic called Magic? Because of the whole Disney thing in Orlando Where is Disney World? IDK...

  • Mark Quijano
    Mark Quijano

    Also time yourself for the challenge!

  • Mark Quijano
    Mark Quijano

    Make more but with the whole world. Would seem like good fun

  • super91

    Kenny is a god

  • Alexa Johnson-Roach
    Alexa Johnson-Roach

    I’m hooked on this content. You have a new subscriber 😊😂

  • Alexander Glass
    Alexander Glass

    Bro it's always crazy when you watch a Geoguessr video and they get a place where you've been before, like what.

  • Yanzi

    Bro in that last one I was literally screaming It’s in ORLANDO!!!

  • Almighty Sosa300
    Almighty Sosa300

    No way man, geowizzard meets Kenny!!! My two favorite ALgoners

  • Pinky

    Came for geo guesser stayed for Lamar jackson

  • RoscoesWetsuit

    Due timed and world wide we want to see crazy guesses lol

  • William Long
    William Long

    Kenny “what can I use to know where I am” Also Kenny *is in DISNEY WORLD*

  • Bret Kane
    Bret Kane

    make it a series with time limits

  • Caroline O
    Caroline O

    watching you play this and figure everything out was SO IMPRESSIVE AND SO FUN!! Please make more of these!!!

  • Schecter Wolf
    Schecter Wolf

    GET IN!

  • Shewbie Plays
    Shewbie Plays

    I was at animal kingdom lodge last week really made me laugh

  • Simono Ono
    Simono Ono

    lmfao definitely do more of this, and don't worry.. Geowizard is on another level lol

  • Brycebell123

    the bus literally said north carolina 😭

  • Eden Hazard
    Eden Hazard

    that dude who had the crazy guess actually has a really cool channel

  • jeremy sutphen
    jeremy sutphen

    Jordan Game 6

  • jeremy sutphen
    jeremy sutphen

    Me...a native St. Louisan watching Kenny’s first guess about umsl

  • Tyree Griffin
    Tyree Griffin

    I’m from St.Louis and I recognized the UMSL sign immediately and the train station

  • Slate Chalice
    Slate Chalice

    I live in sc.....

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