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  • Z Games
    Z Games

    10/10 Of Your Home I Live In Canada But Your Place I Better To Me!!

  • Bo Fleming
    Bo Fleming

    He missed the sign that said vail

  • Help me Killer
    Help me Killer

    You legit clicked right where I live. Fairfield maine

  • Jackson Smith
    Jackson Smith

    Clarksville TN looks way better than Chicago

  • Demetrius Lash
    Demetrius Lash

    The disrespect on Ohio crazy 😂😂😂

  • Post Script
    Post Script

    Kenny with the Maine shoutout, I live like a half hour from Portland lmao

  • NESparTAN

    is there another nba top shot vid coming soon???

  • Noah Freeman
    Noah Freeman

    9:13 “uh, yeah, I sure hope it does”

  • Mr Beast
    Mr Beast

    10:10 bro Kenny are u serious 😂🤣

  • Joey

    lol I live 10 minutes away from that bridge in Raleigh I was screaming at kenny

  • xXAwesoMekhiXx

    “Are we in the trenches?”😂😂😂

  • Brandt Cadet
    Brandt Cadet

    y u ain’t posting

  • TheGamingGeneral

    Miami 🤩🤩

  • Amazing Gamer120
    Amazing Gamer120

    I live close to 1 of the places

  • A M A T E U R M U S I C
    A M A T E U R M U S I C

    Kenny we need that next PO Box opening😂😩

  • Carpio Griego
    Carpio Griego

    Kenny, you need to review last chance u basketball on netflix.

  • John Pittman
    John Pittman

    I guessed Raleigh but I’m from NC

  • Sam Gobeil
    Sam Gobeil

    Brah that Portland Maine video is 5 min from my house 😂

  • Rohde Smith
    Rohde Smith

    you the best kenny frfr

  • Edward Ash
    Edward Ash

    NYC over Chicago

  • snaggy zoom
    snaggy zoom

    Road work ahead. UH yeah I sure hope it does. 🤣🤣

  • LUCAS c
    LUCAS c

    @kenny since your from Chicago is Chicago deep dish pizza good and is it something to try?

  • Ram Productions
    Ram Productions

    Road work ahead? I sure hope it does!

  • Gerard Chirico
    Gerard Chirico

    Next Geo Guesser Video play the United States with no blur

  • Everett Cameron
    Everett Cameron

    Disrespecting Maine like that c'mon man!

  • Alexis Nova
    Alexis Nova

    Chicago is going to be a 0 for me dawg

  • By BsiodYm
    By BsiodYm

    video idea: Do geoguessr but with nba stadiums and go for perfect scores

  • JS7Fan

    Yes I got the Vail one right I’ve been there before

  • JS7Fan

    You should do a video where it shows a clip of a nba 2k game and you have to guess which 2k game it is

  • BKnudsen5

    Kenny you never heard of the Florida Keys?? 😂

  • TheSportsGamer

    The absolute disrespect not knowing where us Maine boys are at haha

  • Luxx Gaming
    Luxx Gaming

    8:20 bruh I’m in Reno literally right by that Panda Express watching this video and wondering where this spot is tryna guess...I’m like Texas feels right ...get my stupid *ss 😂


    9:13 “I sure hope it does”

  • The God
    The God


  • Nick Stangle
    Nick Stangle

    Miami the first one?

  • Razzamatrazz

    C’mon Kenny, Circus Circus was my childhood favorite. I knew exactly what it was from the first moment.

  • Joshua Bassi
    Joshua Bassi


  • Connor Haverdink
    Connor Haverdink

    Say where ever you live without saying what city you live in. We make the Icecream in Michigan

  • rlobozzo2007

    10:14 “You look mighty suspicious right now” 😂😂😂

  • Andrew Ramos
    Andrew Ramos

    The dude with the Cal hat on is in my hometown lmaoooo

  • Mavericks Fan4444
    Mavericks Fan4444

    9:13 ... I sure hope it does

    • Mavericks Fan4444
      Mavericks Fan4444

      RIP Vine

  • Jean-Franco Jimenez
    Jean-Franco Jimenez

    I sure hope it does

  • DaReal johne
    DaReal johne


  • Max Kellerman
    Max Kellerman

    Yoo key west and miami? Both my homes lol

  • Josh Clare
    Josh Clare

    9:11 a fire truck that says Dallas Fire Rescue goes by Kenny: I’mma pretend I didn’t see that

  • Aidan Ross
    Aidan Ross

    Mans really couldn’t tell key west by the buoy on the window

  • Angad

    9:12 Kenny with the drew gooden shoutout

  • Dustin money
    Dustin money

    9:15 well I sure hope it does

  • Dropkick Comet 974
    Dropkick Comet 974

    9:13, a... yeah, I sure hope it does.

  • Owen Johnson
    Owen Johnson

    9:13 I sure hope it does

  • miksxramos

    Chicago is 2/10


    Yo do Europe and guess off of your stereotypes for Europeans

  • Ryan Rediger
    Ryan Rediger

    I love Chicago

  • Johnawesome

    “Are we in the trenches” LMAO Kenny

  • Logan Crumpler
    Logan Crumpler

    Play random roblox games

  • Chase Weston
    Chase Weston

    9:17 ...i sure hope it does!

  • Jake Bulicki
    Jake Bulicki

    mans took 40 min to look for Chicago in geo guesser when he lives 40 min away 😭😂

  • Patricio Pinoargote
    Patricio Pinoargote

    The dapper time clinically scatter because antelope computationally stretch of a insidious eye. clever, handy harmonica

  • JRG 24
    JRG 24

    10:17 I thought he said “he has a cow hat on” 😂

  • Jack Bright
    Jack Bright

    kenny: im the best geoguesser in my household also kenny: lives with his girlfriend and 2 dogs

  • Jak Maverik
    Jak Maverik

    uh yeah I sure hope it does

  • Samuel Ottoson
    Samuel Ottoson

    Kenny: “Portland Maine? Never heard of it.” Me at my house living in Maine like brooooooooo lol

  • Romet Lempu
    Romet Lempu

    Please do the house zillow hunter thing again

  • Toby Shapiro
    Toby Shapiro

    That fire truck said Dallas fire rescue and he didn’t see it 😭

  • J

    4:12 that thing on the poster is a very famous American landmark. It represents the closest point to the Cuban coast. It’s at the most southern point of Florida (Key West)

  • J

    2:42 yes you did, that’s pretty crazy

  • logan garr
    logan garr

    petition to bring back kenny hardaway

  • That Maine Sneaker Head
    That Maine Sneaker Head

    I’m from Maine and it was pretty funny when Kenny said “does main have a major city”. Portland is definitely the closest thing to a major city

  • Beatbythebooke -
    Beatbythebooke -

    Video on the vucevic trade?

  • Dawson Coleman
    Dawson Coleman

    Who else is here waiting for home to post the vucevic trade video😂

    • J Moneystaxz
      J Moneystaxz


    • Joshua Lilly
      Joshua Lilly


  • The Life Of Brian
    The Life Of Brian

    Kenny did you just see vecevic get traded to the bulls😳😳

  • edgar rivera
    edgar rivera


  • Bryce Hutchison
    Bryce Hutchison

    i’m from canada and i thibk i know more about the USA then Kenny🤣

  • Lucky Sep
    Lucky Sep

    road work ahead? I SURE HOPE IT DOES!

  • Jackson Loth
    Jackson Loth


  • Hector Watt
    Hector Watt

    Here after Vucevic to Chicago

  • Colton Hubbard
    Colton Hubbard

    KENNY THE BULLS JUST GOT VUVEVIC!!!!!!!!! Yessss sirrr

  • Big 3 Highlights
    Big 3 Highlights

    Where the vucevic video

  • brandon schall
    brandon schall

    Anyone come here right when vuc went to the bulls

  • egg yolk
    egg yolk


  • Isaiah B
    Isaiah B

    Great trade


    Nikola vucevic got traded to the Bulls

  • The guy who likes NBA
    The guy who likes NBA

    Who’s here after bulls just got nikola vucevic?

  • Galaxy-valorant

    bulls got vucevic now

  • Zac on the track
    Zac on the track

    chicago's rating easy 100/10

  • Goalie 1
    Goalie 1

    7:35 I drive past that bridge all the time

  • ATR Golfs
    ATR Golfs

    “are we in the trenches?” naw dawg ur in mafia streets

  • ATR Golfs
    ATR Golfs


  • jmcfizzles95

    Finally Maine getting some attention you love to see it

  • Zoe Bailey
    Zoe Bailey

    This is so cool 😎

  • Just Kory
    Just Kory

    ohio was the correct guess, looks just like it apparently

  • C Loftin
    C Loftin

    Aye in that California museum there is a rising that echoes the most beautiful acoustics ever

  • Tyfu The Xterminator
    Tyfu The Xterminator

    10:57 D Wade: I’ll give it a 9.

  • Ryan Sheehy
    Ryan Sheehy

    Day 1 of asking the bloody legend Kenny to do a CityGuessr/ GeoGuessr Australian Edition for your Aussie fans big fella Like so he can see

  • angrywhiteboy

    day 1 on asking kenny to do the hardes city geougessr. You play 15 rounds of geugessr. Every round you try to gues the state. if you get it right you can take the worst starter from the team thats closest to the location that you were. If you get it wrong you get the worst bench player from the team closest to the location. You need to rebuild tge team and win a championship

  • Yassine Bouhanni
    Yassine Bouhanni

    Kenny better make a vlog if he likes Chicago so much

  • Undefeated

    Loooove these!!

  • Palash Gupta
    Palash Gupta

    The Kenny Skills Challenge: Skills - Bowling, Darts, Juggling (sry Kenny), Spinning a Basketball, Pushups, Gymnastics, Hula-hooping, and Hooping, Weightlifting, Kenny's Choice Level 5: Spin a wheel to get a top 50 player from any list of ur choice Level 4: Get a 51 - 100 player via the wheel Level 3: Spin a wheel with every NBA player and get someone random Level 2: Spin a wheel with every team and get their 10th man Level 1: Get the worst player in the NBA Felicio Level: get Cristiano Felicio and you can't trade and he MUST get PT in the Regular Season (If done more than once, go to Level 1) Level 5 - Turkey :: Level 4 - Strike :: Level 3 - Spare :: Level 2 - 4+ Pins :: Level 1 -

  • Mitch the reformed gutterpunk
    Mitch the reformed gutterpunk

    From Sacramento that is a real place Kenny 😒

  • Wild Explorers
    Wild Explorers

    More Kenny!!

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