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  • Jackson Whitaker
    Jackson Whitaker

    I live right next to that movie theater i was shocked when i saw it knew it right away

  • Prince JR
    Prince JR

    it's hilarious since im from illinois, completely understanding why kenny is making all these guesses and knowing that almost nobody else does. also super cool whenever i know where one of the areas is

  • Jimbo._. .-.twisT
    Jimbo._. .-.twisT

    Do a geoguessr rebuild edit:you make the rules

  • Nick Eldredge
    Nick Eldredge

    Yoooo the Texas one is my neighborhood that’s crazy

  • ツHavoc and Lauren's Dad
    ツHavoc and Lauren's Dad

    That last one was 5 mins f4rom my house i was like wtf

  • Basketball Brian
    Basketball Brian

    12:03 This is where I used to live

  • joe monardo
    joe monardo

    kenny you should do a state streak challenge where you try to guess as many correct states in a row as u can

  • timothy

    this game deadass landed on my own town in class Bc we play it on the smart board

  • ClxmpedOTFS

    I live in bmore

  • Stxkxli

    12:00 that’s in my school district 😳

    • Stxkxli

      Actually I think that Spartan sign was for my school ...

  • Dylan P
    Dylan P

    im actually happy u got baltimore west side 💪🏾

  • Almighty Sosa300
    Almighty Sosa300

    Kenny they just released a new game mode called US state guesser. This was made for you

  • Robyn Chabot
    Robyn Chabot

    This is insanely random but I've been to that movie theater where Kenny guessed Kentucky lmao

  • jaxattack7 b
    jaxattack7 b

    Kenny: Sparkland?

  • Ryley Marko
    Ryley Marko

    Hell yeah Illinois

  • Bruh

    Kenny I could give you coaching lessons

  • adrian torres
    adrian torres

    It’s crazy cuz the one that was Texas I was like that Texas just from the way the buildings look I do live in Texas but still 😂

  • All year hoops
    All year hoops

    The best part about it is I am that 2% that lives in Illinois

  • ryerock32

    Dawg the Cypress one killed me bc I used to stay out there and I knew the moment you said Cypress

  • Rocco Pavone
    Rocco Pavone

    I live on Irving Park that was cool to see

  • patuurr

    love from indonesia 🇮🇩

  • Benjamin Simon
    Benjamin Simon

    Just loving the video because it's more kenny

  • Liam O'Leary
    Liam O'Leary

    know nothing bout Illinois, but for Kenny playin geoguesser I'll drop a like

  • Ian Deosaran
    Ian Deosaran

    Yooo Kenny the one at 8:50 was in New Jersey! It's like 20 minutes from where I live. Im hype

  • Brett Fetro
    Brett Fetro

    I’m from Oswego bro this is so dope

  • Lunch with Landon
    Lunch with Landon

    i literally work right down the street from the first location that’s crazy

  • James W
    James W

    @kot4q i swear when you said it was the first time in the city you were super close to my house i recognized one of those shops

  • Madden Bro
    Madden Bro

    This is so cool cause I live in Illinois

  • prod. jvenchy
    prod. jvenchy


  • Colby

    aWhy you still in KM Kenny? switch to miles

  • FTK Hazard -_-
    FTK Hazard -_-

    I live in Wheaton were y’all live

  • jay

    When he basically skipped robbins my hometown 💀💀

  • SebastianToroATX

    Yo I live in Naperville

  • Joe Jeffrey
    Joe Jeffrey

    make it a series

  • Henryyy 44
    Henryyy 44

    you should do a geoguessr but the whole world and allow yourself to use google

  • Drip2Hart

    you gotta do more of these

  • Alex Arlos
    Alex Arlos

    I got that same Deathworld hoodie 🔥🔥🔥

  • Max

    Chicago Geoguesser is a beast look at his channel

  • _ Xds4325 _
    _ Xds4325 _

    Kenny please react to a geowizard video of some sort, maybe craziest moments. He's a God at this game

  • Jordan Linwood
    Jordan Linwood

    Kenny ever been to Peoria?

  • 01_Mark

    I’ve seen geowizard do this, and wolfie the yt was the one who showed his channel

  • SemiSolid Snake
    SemiSolid Snake

    I wanna see Kenny do the map for Croatia or Botswana or some shit

  • Chevan

    I was really wanting to see him get O'Block

  • JoBRo24

    If you don't know, guess Kansas, because it's equally close to everywhere.

  • Michael Scarpinato
    Michael Scarpinato

    Big fan from the QC Kenny Rock Island stand up

  • CSON

    11:45 that’s my school

    • prod. jvenchy
      prod. jvenchy

      8:23 is my local movie theater

  • Kyle

    Was hoping to see my city Elgin but wasn’t there sadly

  • YuDelu

    You didn’t seem that happy this video hope everything alright

  • Paul Specht
    Paul Specht

    The first one I knew because of fazolis

  • Dylan O’Leary 33
    Dylan O’Leary 33


  • yaboi chat
    yaboi chat

    Do Illinois hardcore on geo

  • BezzleFish

    King of the 4 Corners

  • Carlos Serratos
    Carlos Serratos

    Yessss Illinois!!

  • Jace Green
    Jace Green

    Really opens these Chicogoans eyes to the fact that they make up a very very small part of the state

  • Mas G Music
    Mas G Music

    The last place is cypress texas a street i drive on everyday im lowkey mind blown ill take a vid of me driving by and send it to u

  • Joey F
    Joey F

    Keep making these!

  • Zachary Miller
    Zachary Miller

    Just do major US cities no time limit everything allowed and try to get a perfect score.

  • /\//\TE

    Kenny please bring back Kenny Hardaway I've watched the 2k20 series about 10 times

  • Elijah James
    Elijah James

    Being from Baltimore I knew exactly where that was

  • KcFilms

    The fact that I knew the moment Baltimore popped up😂

  • Chubbz for Dubbz
    Chubbz for Dubbz

    11:30 THAT’S MY SCHOOL! Spillane Spartans, Cypress, Texas

    • Edward Campanelli
      Edward Campanelli

      @Monke DTG is superior and its not even close

    • Edward Campanelli
      Edward Campanelli

      @Xavier Rubio Hi westie 😈

    • Will Rudolph
      Will Rudolph

      @Monke obviously

    • KJ Amisial
      KJ Amisial


    • Monke

      DTG >>> any other sports app

  • Joseph Pulaski
    Joseph Pulaski

    Fazolis is a big clue. Don't think they have those in the burbs.

  • Antek Michalski
    Antek Michalski

    Kenny, you have to change your attitude. Try to see all of the things and analyze them. It will increase your score.

  • Parker Morisset
    Parker Morisset

    Try Canada

  • Kaienoa

    I have been to that Krispy Kreme

  • flyingchimp12

    Last one was literally the school I went to, crazy

  • Tezzle BomBom
    Tezzle BomBom

    ive never been i america but i at least know in which part of the map everything is

  • Tezzle BomBom
    Tezzle BomBom

    I literally said Georgia and then it says we are in atlanta

  • Jacob Roberts
    Jacob Roberts

    who else thinks Kenny should do a GeoGuesser series with each video being a different state each time

  • Christian

    irving park rd goes through my town

  • Rocky Flacco
    Rocky Flacco

    That’s where deaaron fox went to hs

    • Rocky Flacco
      Rocky Flacco

      On that last one

  • GXRLA Prod.
    GXRLA Prod.

    What’s the word yall😢

  • Multi

    Broo, never been to Illinois but we watching, YOU make the content!!!!

  • cherry cat
    cherry cat

    why are you implying every place looks the same if you get thrown into a countryside road? Surely you can easily distinguish between North and South, and pick up on East or West vibe

  • Crc Plays
    Crc Plays

    Play a game called BitLife jack scepticeye did a series with it

  • OSO

    Do world😪

  • HippedLemon72

    I lived in Belleville like 2 years ago

  • J Brooks7
    J Brooks7

    Is it just me or I am beginning to like this channel more than the kot4q channel

  • Jackson O’Mahony
    Jackson O’Mahony

    Kenny man you never gonna improve if you don’t start going world wide

  • MYKmaster26


  • Mason Demanuele
    Mason Demanuele

    i don’t know why watching kenny be a mad geographic-an is so fun idk it just is more fun to watch than quizzes lowkey

  • Manager Of Swag
    Manager Of Swag

    Am I the only one from Washington?

  • Alex Frye
    Alex Frye

    Yay I’m in the 1% of viewers that gets the Naperville Wheaton reference!! Illinois gang

  • Sean Moran
    Sean Moran

    10:23 damn that’s close as hell to my town lol

  • Wayne Wilson
    Wayne Wilson

    My guy Kenny making up words "shrinkening" 😂

  • E Herbooo
    E Herbooo

    Lmfao I was yellin Houston on the last one bc I think De’Aaron Fox went to Cypress

  • Super Mega Foxy Awesome Hot
    Super Mega Foxy Awesome Hot

    Holy shit the Irving Park brown line was one of my L spots for a while

  • Earl The Lion
    Earl The Lion

    As a Chicago suburb kid myself I really enjoyed this video.

  • Hunter Kauling
    Hunter Kauling

    yo i live in naperville shout out my guy

  • George Kashar
    George Kashar


  • keepxDreamin21

    Cypress 🤙🏽🤙🏽

  • official PLVTO
    official PLVTO

    Keep doing these!

  • julst129

    These geoguessr vids are so entertaining keep doing them

  • Jayden Hollins
    Jayden Hollins

    Kenny uploaded this to get it off his computer...and i still liked

  • Daniel Kornell
    Daniel Kornell

    Also I was literally at that first location like a month ago xD

  • Davey Markusic
    Davey Markusic

    Do Illinois again that was sick

  • Tok

    really loving this channel, kenny doing stuff non basketball related is fun

  • AyyAyy Ron
    AyyAyy Ron

    So no ones gonna talk about how Kenny actually guessed the right place without moving, panning, or zooming?

  • mark

    broo i live right by cypress wtf

  • 100fade cap
    100fade cap

    Hey kenny do you know what kankakee is?

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