• Evoid Lum
    Evoid Lum


  • Philippe Baumann
    Philippe Baumann

    *Kenny calling a millennium a hundred years* it’s 1000 years btw love the content

  • Jazzygoesomnom

    Kenny a millennium is 1000 years

  • ZES Highlights
    ZES Highlights

    It’s 1000 years Kenny lol

  • Randy DeLaRosa
    Randy DeLaRosa

    is he ok its been over 96 hours since he has posted and i dont have my phone

  • Its Galaxyyy
    Its Galaxyyy

    When will you do my career on NBA 2k21? I have been waiting so long.

  • peyton lamb
    peyton lamb

    gm of the millennium

  • peyton lamb
    peyton lamb

    gm of the millennium

  • peyton lamb
    peyton lamb

    gm of the millennium

  • peyton lamb
    peyton lamb

    gm of the millennium

  • peyton lamb
    peyton lamb

    gm of the millennium

  • peyton lamb
    peyton lamb

    gm of the millennium

  • peyton lamb
    peyton lamb

    gm of the millennium

  • peyton lamb
    peyton lamb

    gm of the millennium

  • peyton lamb
    peyton lamb

    gm of the millennium

  • peyton lamb
    peyton lamb

    gm of the millennium

  • peyton lamb
    peyton lamb

    gm of the millennium

  • It's Simon
    It's Simon

    When a hundred equals a thousand

  • Sam Edgecombe
    Sam Edgecombe

    A millennium is 1000 years

  • Rafael Joseph
    Rafael Joseph

    Kenny: "A milleneum is a hundred years!" Gonna have to fact check that bro

  • Ultimategaming 700
    Ultimategaming 700

    Who is here after Derrick rose was traded to the knicks

  • Kamarion Grier
    Kamarion Grier

    d rose back knicks

  • Paxton Young
    Paxton Young

    I have been try’s o hard to get a lamelo city jersey and I can’t find one for a good price

  • Christian Hernandez
    Christian Hernandez

    Anyone remember where he got that mama bear nike swoosh hoodie from?

  • Justin 23
    Justin 23

    No Salary Cap Rebuild 1. Turn off Salary cap 2. 3-peat 3. You can sign only 3 players in free agency every offseason 4. Have a 12 man rotation Good luck and keep up the good work

  • Kaden Kulukhon
    Kaden Kulukhon

    11:00 Why is no one talking about this face

  • Sumanth Kamath
    Sumanth Kamath

    That man will be real pissed, you left his package on the side for the bulls package, and just threw his package away saying there is nothing else😂😂

  • Shuylar Webb
    Shuylar Webb

    Am I going to have to be the one to tell him that a millennium is 1,000 years, or I’m is someone else gunna do it 😂😭

  • Shuylar Webb
    Shuylar Webb

    Those shoes in the background are fire

  • Soy Saucing
    Soy Saucing

    I hope he knows that 100 years is a century lol

  • ForgiveClutch

    His name is DaFuq

  • Antonio A
    Antonio A

    who else came to the comments to see the millenium = 100 years comments 😂

  • Disguised Cupcake
    Disguised Cupcake

    Did anyone else realize Kenny said that a millennium is 100 years

  • Yung Quanzaa
    Yung Quanzaa

    No one: 5:51 Kenny: goes full lightskin

  • Yung Quanzaa
    Yung Quanzaa

    Just letting you know for the future that a millennium is 1000 years. That’s why millennials are called what they are bc they were born at the end of the millennium.

  • Simply_Senpai


  • Flight Fun
    Flight Fun

    I bet middle school Kenny would look so funny with a flattop

  • Theodore Bervoets
    Theodore Bervoets

    i’m liking the video you and your gf are hilarious

  • Aaron Albrecht
    Aaron Albrecht

    Oh hey I sent the Vancouver Grizzlies

  • Grayson Pitts
    Grayson Pitts

    A millennium is 1000 years

  • Kellan Mullen
    Kellan Mullen

    Kenny hit the light skin mode

  • Michael Blackwell
    Michael Blackwell

    No onegonna tell him a millennium is 1000?

  • Bx Forever
    Bx Forever

    He didn’t answer are you purposing to me 😭

  • Bx Forever
    Bx Forever

    Milenium don’t know how to spell it but it’s a thousand years I 🤔

  • Random ass plug
    Random ass plug

    10:00 been here since the viral “hardest logo quiz” video

  • Random ass plug
    Random ass plug

    7:00 I think that “Rosè” Beecham would be a good name bc Rosè sounds better than Rose as a first name

  • ScottySkilz

    millennium is 1000 years bruh

  • Cheick Doumbia
    Cheick Doumbia

    millenium is 100 years??

  • Zoe Bailey
    Zoe Bailey

    Kenny was so excited for the Kap jersey 😎

  • Warriors Fan
    Warriors Fan

    Who else screenshot Kenny and his glasses

  • KTG 2k
    KTG 2k

    1:41 who’s gonna tell him...

  • Trayvon Williams
    Trayvon Williams

    Yooooooo, you not on Insta?

  • Drew Phillips
    Drew Phillips

    That’s how you know you made it, when your favorite sports team acknowledges you

  • Miguel Blanco
    Miguel Blanco

    Kenny completely ignores his gf when she asked if he’s proposing 7:33😳. Wonder what happened after lol.

  • Tecc32k

    These videos are always Ws

  • JoBRo24

    Bring back the rebuilding G0D.

  • All abt Matrix
    All abt Matrix

    Kenny Kenny Kenny... My brother a millennium is 1000 years 😂😂

  • DJ WavyD
    DJ WavyD

    So who’s gonna tell him....it’s 1000

  • Kelvin Muriuki
    Kelvin Muriuki

    Came here to see if he will get trolled

  • Jesse Jay
    Jesse Jay

    Who is Juan Toscano

  • Ethan Tracy
    Ethan Tracy

    No one: Kenny: It’s not meant for athletes it’s meant for humans

  • Jaxon

    A millennium is 1000 years

  • Yuh Digg
    Yuh Digg

    we gonna need a called game tonight

  • JakaHAY Strauss
    JakaHAY Strauss

    it’s 1000 kenny

  • Baller Weeb
    Baller Weeb

    1:40 quick maths

  • Jack Gilardi
    Jack Gilardi

    I know u prob won’t see this but I live in Chicago and this blizzard is crazzzyyyyyyy

  • Jonathan Lyria
    Jonathan Lyria

    so when Lebron James the X wins 20 straight rings in 2400 with the Seattle Supersonics as a GM... whose gonna have to tell him the award is already taken???

  • Allison Chao
    Allison Chao

    10 years is a decade 100 years is a century and 1000=millennium haha

    • Allison Chao
      Allison Chao

      @DAME FOR MVP Everyone should watching an icon 😂. I’ve been watching for a while




      Yo wtf u watch Kenny 2

  • Luke Davis
    Luke Davis

    Bro Kenny has some of the realest fans out there!

  • dustin audia
    dustin audia

    Is it Friday yet

  • Spicy Wick
    Spicy Wick

    I think it took too long for that award actually

  • Dlooneyslit

    He do be rockn the SnapBack hat though

  • M 901
    M 901

    0:55 Nobody: Me as a Grizzlies Fan: *stares intensely*

  • lilstump55

    Jesus loves you so much that he died for your sins so that you could have eternal life in heaven

  • lilstump55

    I got that same trophy for winning a march madness bracket

  • TheBingoMan 04
    TheBingoMan 04

    It’s a thousand years😭😂

  • Samuel Minton
    Samuel Minton

    A millennium is 1000 years

  • La Tha don
    La Tha don

    Kenny is a national treasure

  • Felix Greer
    Felix Greer

    Lmao you are like the worst GM I've ever seen but go off

  • SantaCruzBay

    love your content kenny

  • TK Moore
    TK Moore

    So Bradley Beal is human

  • Dahmen Holloman
    Dahmen Holloman

    that lofi beat is FIRE

  • King Aiden
    King Aiden

    13:08 you know he just wanted to swear lol

  • Tony Light
    Tony Light

    1:40 I would call kenny out but he the goat so congrats man

  • Greeny Weenie
    Greeny Weenie

    5:57 Kenny daddy 🤤🤤🤤

  • ulycha

    The look at 6:20 kills me everytime

  • R Dubz
    R Dubz

    Day 1/4 of asking Kenny to give me a Bday shoutout before Feb 8

  • cuhbluhgaming _
    cuhbluhgaming _

    bruh i think kenny skipped my package😔

  • Dominic McCarty
    Dominic McCarty

    You should make this into a podcast channel

  • Lucson Philogene
    Lucson Philogene

    Lightskin kenny

  • GreenBuck

    anyone got a link for the hat?

  • Pablo

    propose to Suzy

  • Matthew Bierstein
    Matthew Bierstein

    snapbacks are still fire kenny

  • Phil Barengolts
    Phil Barengolts

    Day 3 of asking Kenny to sim 10b years and rebuild the worst team

  • Elijah Jordan
    Elijah Jordan

    Wait a millennium is a million year right

  • a normal guy
    a normal guy

    Plot twist: U came down here cuz Kenny just said "A millenium is 100 years"

    • Jeriko Sports
      Jeriko Sports


  • Donny Jones
    Donny Jones

    The snap back era was so cringey😖😂

  • Jack Jack
    Jack Jack

    Kenny my boy, you need to put a ring on her finger at sometime you feel me?

  • Alden Hary
    Alden Hary

    shout out to da fuq

  • Dreylon Madison
    Dreylon Madison

    The SnapBack is completely fire. 9.5/10 🔥