I Speedran Basketball Reference...

  • ParkerTheFifth

    Just now watching this, funny how you got Theis & Vucevic

  • ceddyboi 36
    ceddyboi 36

    damn theis and vooch are now bulls

  • KamaraIsMyDad

    Who’s here after Daniel Theis and Nikola Vucevic are teammates?

  • Jane molino
    Jane molino

    The boring degree inexplicably use because closet ordinarily scribble besides a general gentle step. delightful, painful snake

  • jwwilhelmi

    The theis to vucevic matchup is funny now looking back at it

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    @7:49 Holy crap!!! Kenny's video predicted the two centers the Bulls got at the trade deadline!!!!!!!

  • The Shawshank Inception
    The Shawshank Inception

    Who came back here just to see 7:50 because they’re teammates now?

  • Splash_greenzz

    Kenny play madden

  • WindowwasheRxxXdad

    Just going to game log, clicking on the team the player you’re pursuing played for, then going to a year they were on the team is foolproof easy. This is dumb

  • Mr Jenkins
    Mr Jenkins

    Do this again 👍🏾.

  • Joshua Martinez
    Joshua Martinez

    Never seen jae'sean tate and diallo in the same room together

  • Adam Bunnell
    Adam Bunnell

    That hoodie is dope

  • Card Collecter2
    Card Collecter2

    Kenny was dropped out in this one

  • Dhruv Chinta
    Dhruv Chinta

    Did pippen play with kersey, he couldve went from hodges to pippen to kersey? or am i mistaken

  • Oliver Wampa
    Oliver Wampa

    Stephen King> List of adaptations of works by Stephen King> It Chapter Two> Bill Hader> Trainwreck (film)> LeBron James> National Basketball Association> Indiana Pacers> Damontas Sabonis. Took about five minutes.

  • Austin Clark
    Austin Clark

    This was very interesting plz do more of this

  • SourPatch Kazoosケイド
    SourPatch Kazoosケイド

    You remind me of chaz smith

  • Logan Davis
    Logan Davis

    Goes from guy Rodgers to guy rodgers

  • balltalkdeep

    I'm tryna get on your level man

  • Grantt Beckford
    Grantt Beckford

    I’m no grizzlies fan but I knew they played together

  • Christian Massey
    Christian Massey

    Stephen King -> Chicago -> Chicago Bulls-> Eastern Conference Central Division -> Indiana Pacers -> Domanta Sabonis

  • Allan K
    Allan K

    I knew Bill Russell was the Sonics coach in the 70s, so I got at Heinsohn through that

  • Adrian Jeziorski
    Adrian Jeziorski

    jerome jersey couldve just been pippen, pippens trailblazers day then kersey

  • Lightning Bolt
    Lightning Bolt

    I'll speed run the world, we all came from same 2 organisms which means we're all long distance relatives to each other boom speed run done

  • Conner

    Bro please install an ad blocker lmao

  • Cole Aspect
    Cole Aspect

    This was dope

  • Zac Margolis
    Zac Margolis

    I feel like Vince would just be a cheat code for this😭


    criag hodges to scottie to the blazers to Kersey

  • PM Punk
    PM Punk

    I'm a simple man. I see kevin huerter I click the thumbs up.

  • Unspherdcomb6

    Kenny is the ultimate speed runner that Ed Davis strat was record breaking.

  • Deeon Samuels
    Deeon Samuels

    Craig Hodges was done dirty by the NBA underrated legend

  • Aaron Hess
    Aaron Hess

    You NEED to get an adblocker for these Kenny! Can't give away that precious advertising for nothing!

  • Javien Taylor
    Javien Taylor

    I think Kenny forgot that Hodges was on the Bulls in 92 when they played the Blazers with Jerome Kersey in the Finals.

  • Nathan Purcell
    Nathan Purcell

    Fire vid Kentrell. Love this random channel

  • JohnnieH821

    Learn your own favorite teams history my guy. Craig Hodges to Jerome Kersey just click on the 91-92 Bulls season they played each other in the Finals.

  • Nick Vosburg
    Nick Vosburg

    I like how he said he played for LeBron not with LeBron 😂😂

  • G Propho Loading
    G Propho Loading

    This video the most random but tuffest video.. need more of these!

  • Philip H
    Philip H

    These basketball reference vids are 🔥🔥🔥

  • Malik _
    Malik _

    I actually tried a speed-run from Stephen King and Domantas Sabonis and it took 1 minute

  • Kubilay Tunc
    Kubilay Tunc


  • Matt Don't
    Matt Don't

    easiest way to do this is to just click on the draft year your first player was drafted, then go down to all draft years, find the draft year your second player was drafted, then find your second player.

  • Dwight Kueper
    Dwight Kueper

    Bro when you came out with the last basketball reference video I did this because of the Wikipedia thing and now you got the exact same idea 😂😂

  • Stefan Larsen
    Stefan Larsen

    u should do more top shot videos

  • trash can
    trash can

    what i learned from this video? damion lee is linked to tommy heighnson

  • Mateo Benito
    Mateo Benito

    Yo Kenny i love this but try to zoom it a lil bit for the next time please

  • Austin Sanders
    Austin Sanders

    Kenny they just made a virtual GM basketball app, that seems to be pretty realistic. I would love to see you try that out or a speed run for it. It’s called Ultimate Basketball GM. Love the vids Kenny! Keep grinding my man ✊🏽

  • Lurkin indrej
    Lurkin indrej

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  • Hendrix Boyle
    Hendrix Boyle

    This third channel is so random and so fun, love it Kenny

  • Rael

    5:01 Kenny Dennis

  • Jacob Welch Jr.
    Jacob Welch Jr.

    Black Sox Kenny is back

  • Aidan Wheller
    Aidan Wheller

    satisfying lol

  • Isolation Jay
    Isolation Jay

    U should try and do a pt 2 of this, I liked it

  • Hazz Productions
    Hazz Productions

    i went from wilt to ja on my first ever attempt in 2:20 ill take that

  • OsoArrogant 00
    OsoArrogant 00

    Theis to Kyrie in Boston. Kyrie to Harden, Kd, or Jeff green in Brooklyn. One of them to Ibaka in OKC. Ibaka to Vucevic in Orlando.

  • Matheus Piquet
    Matheus Piquet

    For the second try you could go Hawks - hawks 15/16 - Jeff teague - celtics - celtics 64/65

  • Cade Nollen
    Cade Nollen

    At 4:14 could've just gone from pippen to Kersey I believe lol

  • Robert Story
    Robert Story

    Gotta just always go from the younger to the older guy

  • 424

    Ooh kenny lookin clean in the intro god damn

  • JJ Anderson
    JJ Anderson

    Do K🏀T4K to goat this should be easy

  • Lebron Hairline
    Lebron Hairline

    Shout out to lud stanz and atrioc

  • Yahli Savir
    Yahli Savir

    For Damion Lee I would have gone to Wanamaker @ celtics, then just go whoever is the longest tenured celtic, go to his first season there, switch to the longest tenured then etc until I got to the 60s

  • Landon Mauney
    Landon Mauney

    Crazy you got Worthy and Armstrong on the same one considering they both grew up in the same town

  • ok

    Yes more

  • Mike Nellis
    Mike Nellis

    Kenny seems to be getting a lot of influence from Ludwig, among others I assume for video ideas

  • Kamden Drosos
    Kamden Drosos


  • Jay M
    Jay M

    I had to make sure I wasn't tripping. I grew up in Chicago during the MJ 90s era, so I'm familiar with Horace Grant. As soon as I saw Horace Grant, I'm like, "didn't he play for the Lakers?" He was on their championship Kobe team. Dang, Kenny. I'm sorry you missed that one.

  • DatHaroldMF

    Just like the Wikipedia speed races, W idea Kenny

  • Dale Sobes
    Dale Sobes

    jae’sean tate in the thumbnail we love to see it

  • Oluseye Adesehinwa
    Oluseye Adesehinwa

    Next time you should try doing this on Wikipedia and go from a random term, like a color or an object, to a random nba player.

  • King Berto
    King Berto

    10:48 the real Brandin Knight

  • Seth Kemple
    Seth Kemple

    I played against Darrell Armstrong’s kid😂he gave us buckets

  • Scott Wilson
    Scott Wilson

    Only know Alton Lister for being Kemp’s most famous Poster. The Lister Blister

  • Nick Leavitt
    Nick Leavitt

    That was a great idea Kenny keep it up great thinking

  • f̶a̶k̶e̶b̶l̶i̶n̶g̶

    We should go head to head on zoom or something. It would be a pretty good challenge for you 😉

  • Devastating Buckets
    Devastating Buckets

    We need more of these

  • sean

    For the damion lee guy to the guy in the 60s kenny could have went to the 64-65 season and clicked standing then went to Celtics and look at the roster and there.

  • Cad Chamberlain
    Cad Chamberlain

    there is a random page option on bball reference

  • Ayman Khan
    Ayman Khan

    Guy Rodgers sounds familiar Literally clicked on him before

  • epicgamer

    bro use an adblocker, it'll help

  • julst129

    This was fun

  • julst129

    Kenny install an ad blocker

  • Sander Leroy
    Sander Leroy


  • kylie winter
    kylie winter

    Thats what we used to do me and my bro back when we still young tryin from an african star to kobe

  • Kabazame

    someone get my mans an adblocker

  • GrantGrafGames

    Kenny Fr the goat

  • Miles Marcelline
    Miles Marcelline

    Awesome idea

  • Hiskiviski

    make it so that you cant go back to previous page

  • Brady Georgia
    Brady Georgia

    Alton lister is the man Shawn Kemp put on his best poster, they called it the “Lister Blister”

  • flyingchimp12

    Get ad block lmao, the page won’t load so slow and make you misclick

  • Travis Bentler
    Travis Bentler

    This. This is it

  • Caleb Cowan
    Caleb Cowan

    White Sox hat 👀

  • CapitalCityCarter

    W for jae’sean

  • Nikhil G.
    Nikhil G.

    Great idea for a video 👏🏽

  • Paul George
    Paul George

    Idk if anyone has done this but Kenny did the quizzes first so if anything it’s gonna be a banger

  • Penn

    best video on youtube

  • Ryley Willkomm
    Ryley Willkomm

    The idea you mentioned at the beginning would be pretty cool. Do a Wikipedia speed run from a random thing to a basketball player

  • robert Thomassian
    robert Thomassian

    you could do this but instead try to get the least amount of clicks

  • bruh


  • Noah Downer
    Noah Downer


  • Windie Boy
    Windie Boy

    RIP Tommy

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