I Quit Youtube.
Agent's Video: algone.info/slow/video/rmW0s4mBkoSatGg


    Y'all should go watch Chris Stuckmann's video on the same topic. Very deep

  • James Ruocchio
    James Ruocchio

    Yall might not like madden that much, but I remember QJB and he was the absolute GOAT back then making madden videos.

  • cedrickdervil

    The March madness is when I subscribed to you 🙏🏾 been a fan since

  • Defensive Basketball
    Defensive Basketball

    lol that guy who you "stole" his idea was just mad you did it better.

  • Daniel Dilawri
    Daniel Dilawri

    2:50 I’m one of those kids rn. I make nba videos

  • Adam Genson
    Adam Genson


  • gangsta _
    gangsta _

    Gangsta kenny yo

  • Kloroxwrld

    Flightmikes a goat

  • Calvin Gardner
    Calvin Gardner

    Bruhhhhh Jreign 🥺 I used to fw his vids heavy but he just stopped uploading & disappeared for a whole year (last time I checked). Kenny this video was inspiring bro, and you were right when you said the fans of this channel fw you for you. We love Kenny the rebuilder, Kenny the commentator, Kenny the live-streamer, everything and we’ll always watch whatever type of content you make cause you’re naturally entertaining no matter what you do bro ❤️

  • Shoot2Much Gaming
    Shoot2Much Gaming

    Y'all are mad inspiring people. Both you and Agent.

  • Shooting Hoops With Noah Smith
    Shooting Hoops With Noah Smith

    Kenny, this video inspired me. I want to be a big ALgoner and have the impact that you have on people. I don’t really know what it is that I want to do yet. I love Basketball though and want to get back into playing it. You’re a huge inspiration man.

  • Wesley Avery
    Wesley Avery

    Hi Kenny

  • Raheem Norfleet
    Raheem Norfleet

    No its not

  • MvpThug

    this was a good video bro now i am inspired to start making videos again

  • Daniel Wiggles geography project
    Daniel Wiggles geography project

    MUCH is not even uploading promo

  • Daniel Wiggles geography project
    Daniel Wiggles geography project

    my head hurt becuase of youtube

  • Jason B
    Jason B

    Lmao QJB the goat

  • ThunderHoopsGT


  • BeastMode TV
    BeastMode TV

    Kenny hardaway


    Scared tf out of me please never do that again u keep my life entertained

  • Zach Jessel
    Zach Jessel

    i very much enjoy kenny’s personality especially as a 5’7 basketball fan


      Lmao you short man I feel bad for you bro🙏💀💩

  • Brad Vardell
    Brad Vardell

    Kenny! Your Personality is what sets you apart from other ALgoners. You can make the same video as many other people and yours is honestly better! I'm glad you didnt quit for ever.

  • Ben Flis
    Ben Flis

    We definitely approve of non-basketball content

  • T Man
    T Man

    What is his P.O. Box I got 100 wall outlets .😂😂😂

  • Yianni Douris
    Yianni Douris

    Jesus is king and our savior repent of sins so you can be saved Jesus loves you

  • S Reignite
    S Reignite

    Crazy thing is people are starting to go back to anonymity.

  • Motorizedcow Games
    Motorizedcow Games

    I remember watching those 2k16 videos

  • DrakeovoJun1or

    I feel you kenny I was on the same thing in '10 I wanted to do youtube but was scared my friends would roast me lol I still don't

  • Roman Moerua
    Roman Moerua


  • Nick Lulgjuraj
    Nick Lulgjuraj

    He scared me

  • JJ Blackner
    JJ Blackner

    I feel like everyone back then was ashamed to do youtube

  • Garrett zell
    Garrett zell

    I understand you bro

  • Nazzy Games
    Nazzy Games

    Bro I clicked as soon as the notification popped up

  • Tyler Ball
    Tyler Ball

    Fakts! I watch this channel because you are an interesting human.

  • Super Kraft11
    Super Kraft11

    no you dont kenny

  • Maurice Walls
    Maurice Walls

    Uh oh I don’t like the title

  • Khi'jir White
    Khi'jir White

    stop the cap

  • OfficialCoury

    Sheesh 🔥

  • S E T H
    S E T H

    why did i get the notification 2 days later 😐

  • Chad


  • Dillon Ysseldyke
    Dillon Ysseldyke

    Bro I loved watching this video. Great content

  • Nick DosVais
    Nick DosVais

    Plz b click bait

  • Chavez Ossom
    Chavez Ossom

    the first time ever that im glad this was clickbait...

  • יואב נוימן
    יואב נוימן

    I need to see Kenny play basketball. Please do a video of real basketball, your ALgone channel will sky rocking

  • Bot gamer Charlie
    Bot gamer Charlie

    Can u sell this channel

  • JudeHoops

    we all know kenny wouldnt do this... well at least i dont think so...

  • Chase Benner
    Chase Benner

    Hey Kenny, I like that BH vinyl in the back... my least favorite, but still 👏🏻

  • joseph hall
    joseph hall

    Jr3ign videos were HILARIOUS 😂

  • Gavin Vanrell
    Gavin Vanrell

    Why’d I get a second noti for this tf

  • B2kL

    Straightouttaboston ain’t got nothing on you

  • Cody Chew
    Cody Chew


  • thebeaverhatguy

    I know this gon sound like cap but I deadass remember this, I remember the old 2K cinematic video that were poppin and I remember I saw you come back with that midnight release gamestop video.

  • Magee

    Shoutout to brockhampton’s irridescence in the background

  • Geetha Cheruku
    Geetha Cheruku

    For some suggestios this should be you gaming channel (Not 2k unless mycareer or my team or play now)

  • Hayden Lewis
    Hayden Lewis

    OOHHHH the classic bedroom broooo unlocked a memory I didn’t know I had. Didn’t realize I’ve been watching for 5 years

  • Hayden Lewis
    Hayden Lewis

    I mess with all Kennys lol you are genuine guy. Great person. Keep grinding you got fans everywhere. Very knowledgeable about basketball love the content

  • pipee gallo
    pipee gallo

    Come on kenny u cant do this to the boys

  • Holy_Water Feaster
    Holy_Water Feaster

    this is why school taught us how to use commas

  • jus

    this inspirational af

  • Jose Fantastikus
    Jose Fantastikus

    You gotta love this guy! Kenny you are real GOAT 🐐

  • Oliver S
    Oliver S

    I like this kinda content keep it up

  • Mad Vortex
    Mad Vortex

    I haven't seen it yet, but you better notttttttt

  • Ben Simmons
    Ben Simmons

    My Heart almost fell when I saw the title

  • Anthony Morris
    Anthony Morris

    "And We Back" And "Que da Wayne" Are 2 of my fav youtubers catch phrases.

  • LaHue Gaming
    LaHue Gaming

    Love this video Kenny, I appreciate the vulnerability you shared with the community one your true feelings. You are an inspiration for others trying to have fun creating content! Keep up the great work!

  • Danny Spicuzza
    Danny Spicuzza

    Glad you came back Kenny

  • RangerPG

    Your a fun guy man really cool how open you are it makes the videos more entertaining and relatable

  • Hackelberry Finn Hackelberry Finn
    Hackelberry Finn Hackelberry Finn

    Yo i nearly had a heartattack

  • Brandon Wolff
    Brandon Wolff

    would kenny quit youtube if he got an nba job and was forced to

  • Andrew Bennion
    Andrew Bennion

    Dude kenny please don't i hope this is fake because you have inspired so many people

  • Call-of-duty Plays
    Call-of-duty Plays

    He got me

  • Kewd

    he talks about how at 1 point he quit youtube he aint quiting its all good

  • Kawhi Leonard
    Kawhi Leonard

    Kawhi Leonard

  • Brendan Marchand
    Brendan Marchand

    Bro sent me back when he said xJawz

  • SMTX-Juice

    I remember watching this tournament when I was like 8 and I was trying to figure out who xjeree was and I was surprised to find out it was you

  • Wells

    I feel like when the season starts you will have a whole lot of more content to push out

  • Russell Fiscian
    Russell Fiscian

    I knew this was cap😂

  • Valentino Sansone
    Valentino Sansone

    My heartbeat dropped to 0 for a second

  • Wes Evans
    Wes Evans

    Why did you do it too us glad this isn't kot4q channel now then 2020 has done enough right

  • Ernest Frausto
    Ernest Frausto

    Him and Agent clickbaited asf lol

  • Ryan Russell
    Ryan Russell

    People saying I'm glad hes not quiting but the title didn't state that it legit says "I Quit ALgone" which is past tense.... Get good people

  • Joe mamma
    Joe mamma

    So technically not clickbait but still I panicked majorly when I got the notification

    • Owen G
      Owen G


  • Savi Kannangara
    Savi Kannangara

    Day 46 of asking Kenny to react to Chicago Bulls Lowlights

  • baller 72
    baller 72

    Bro you gotta do a video about chicago rap

  • Christian Gamer
    Christian Gamer

    be a disciple of JESUS today if you're not one right now read your bible every day talk to god every day try not to sin JESUS did die on the cross for us and GOD gave us this life JESUS might come back soon and only GOD knows when love JESUS and GOD more than anything try to learn everything that you can about being a disciple......

  • Karl Nonato
    Karl Nonato

    Geez man, Don't scare me like that

  • Lisa

    Don't do that to us we need you

  • NabilVert

    wow so inspirational kenny, i think imma start uploading

  • Alonzo Lopez
    Alonzo Lopez

    Bro pls don't do that pls your vids are fire

  • Finn badenak
    Finn badenak

    You scared me

  • Alec Jordan
    Alec Jordan

    do more story times

  • Toxic SportsMan
    Toxic SportsMan

    Who else been here since 100k

  • Yashh Veer
    Yashh Veer


  • Hector Sanchez
    Hector Sanchez

    This is a really good video bro 🔥

  • Shyan BAby gamer
    Shyan BAby gamer

    Really u scared the crap out of me

  • Brooks Olson
    Brooks Olson

    Nice Brockhampton vinyl

  • Big20 Gang
    Big20 Gang

    Been a KOT4Q since 2015 when he has like 2k I’m so glad to see him successful and happy keep grinding goat only OGs remember his White Sox hat

  • Protagonist __
    Protagonist __

    i honestly enjoy your rants on the quizzes and rebuild videos over what youre actually doing lol. they need to give you 30 mins per quiz so you can rant so you can talk more about w/e

  • deeaslls nesom
    deeaslls nesom

    Day 1 of asking kenny to react to one of those videos For the 1mill special like so he can see

  • Luke B
    Luke B

    Love this type of content, Kenny da GOAT

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