I Paid $99 For This Premium NBA TopShot Pack

  • Troma 333
    Troma 333

    You literally spent 100$ on highlights you can watch for free! This "market" is for suckers, and there's one born everyday

  • Cody Nardone
    Cody Nardone

    Sweet No Dunks shirt Kenny!! I watched you on happy hour the other night, it was a blast! hope you do more collabs with them soon

  • JohnRey Pines
    JohnRey Pines

    There's no value/rarity to that. Why waste money on short clips where you can watch whole game for free? Much better if you collect cards rather than this.

  • Charles F. Elliott
    Charles F. Elliott

    I was scared that this was another ponzi scheme. But my fears have been cleared after I took the long route of 180 days investment plan. I now know for

  • fuck youtubemorons
    fuck youtubemorons

    Idiots pay hundreds, or even thousands of dollars for highlights that they don't own. Things that will have no monetary value to anyone in a few years. It is sheer madness.

  • Abe McGee
    Abe McGee

    this is probably the gayest idea ever. why pay for these video clips when you can get it off youtube? do you have exclusive rights to these clips and sue anyone else with these videos?

  • Sean Livingston
    Sean Livingston

    what a rip off lol.

  • Random Views
    Random Views

    🤣🤣🤣 , sooo your paying for highloghts of random nba players ???? And this is a thing??? I now have all those replays you just showed for free....just as I did when I watch any sport....

  • mstein18

    What’s the difference between a low and high cerial number

  • Miamifan4life305

    Top shot is insane just got a pack today

  • Rookie!

    screw top shot

  • supersnappahead

    I feel very old sometimes.

  • Tanner Myers
    Tanner Myers

    Damn he got it listed for $410 still hasn’t sold

  • Antonio Villanueva
    Antonio Villanueva

    What I don't get is this: Can I just rewatch the highlight on ALgone? If so, then wtf?

  • Justin Wiseman
    Justin Wiseman

    Boom! Good buy bro!

  • AJ Mensh
    AJ Mensh

    I think when you see those random CC moments with terrible serial numbers selling for high amounts, it is just someone who has multiple accounts and wants to consolidate their money from one account to another.

  • Christopher Trappe
    Christopher Trappe

    update: he has his satoransky on sale for $410

  • Shark Attack
    Shark Attack

    Dude you’re funny. Just stumbled across this video and subscribed.

  • Hans

    i love crypto

  • yuyuzfool yuyuzfool
    yuyuzfool yuyuzfool

    its like going to the casino losing a million dollar but bragging about winning $20 bucks at the end of the night #fail

  • Darren The Delivery Driver
    Darren The Delivery Driver

    People are millionaires with crypto they will buy your stuff lol

  • Darren The Delivery Driver
    Darren The Delivery Driver

    Best thing you could of done lol crypto is is legit

  • Kien

    You could play Jamie Foxx in his future biopic.

  • Patrick Boyer
    Patrick Boyer

    Hey, my guy.. email me? Have a cpl questions for you about your screen? And, could help you with lots of different info in the whole top shot/NFT/crypto universe... a little quid pro quo in info? Huesote86@gmail.com... hope to hear from u, my guy n congrats

  • Portland Goose
    Portland Goose

    Great content and great charisma. Keep it up dude 👍 I'm subbed

  • J

    you rich bro?

  • Jefferson Osorio
    Jefferson Osorio

    I love cyrpto

  • Door Dash For Cash
    Door Dash For Cash

    Fools buy this shit

  • First Name Last name
    First Name Last name

    Whoever actually uses this is DUMB!!! Kenny is fine bc he's just making content

    • Grinding Vic
      Grinding Vic

      @Patrick Boyer they dont understand i thought i was late but i guess not LOL

    • First Name Last name
      First Name Last name


    • Patrick Boyer
      Patrick Boyer

      Yoo, that's such a lame n whack statement mann.. but hey, more for my wallet.. you will be buying from me and @kenny soon. Nodtress

  • Scott French
    Scott French

    Do you buy and sell these for Ethereum?

  • Just chuck
    Just chuck

    We all watched it for free

  • dmob420

    Anybody who buys this either has money to waste or they are retarted

  • Matt

    This is NUTS !


    Hit me up on twitter @Blockchainmac


    Trust me I never thought I would spend $1,000 on something like that until the pack dropped and I was so quick to join the line unfortunately I didn't get one

  • Sherene Mcmillan
    Sherene Mcmillan

    Lol at step above knowing nothing

  • Christopher Spearline
    Christopher Spearline

    So you buy video clips for thousands that are free on the net?

    • Christopher Spearline
      Christopher Spearline

      @Sherene Mcmillan crazy

    • Sherene Mcmillan
      Sherene Mcmillan

      Lol yes and ppl buy them right up

  • AdrenalineUnlimited

    Your hair look disgusting

  • cold hearted
    cold hearted

    U can just watch these games on tv and youtube. It's worthless

  • Zachary Paris
    Zachary Paris

    Seems like trash.

  • george guerra
    george guerra

    the satoransky card is worth like 1000-2000 rn

  • Speedy2332

    No offense but this top shot stuff is so stupid

  • Alex Anthony
    Alex Anthony

    Top shot has saved my life. I was down to my last dollars last week and bought a pack for 14 dollars. Pulled a James harden and sold for 450. Then I was lucky to get the 200 dollar pack on Sunday and pulled a James wiseman and sold for 1300.. NFTs insane.... they are the future... also look into chiliz crypto, symbol CHZ. Bought for 2 cents and is currently at 31 cents, bought for 200, currently up 2700. Chiliz is a fan based sports token trading market based in the Europe but just announced it will be expanding to US market, never to late!!!! NFTs saved me this month.... not to late, ride the wave people

  • Mr Smith
    Mr Smith

    So if I own a moment can I sue any of the network for playing it during a game?? 😂 😅 😅 🤣

  • Niccolo Rearte
    Niccolo Rearte

    its like sports card am I right?

  • AMEdits

    Top Shot is an L...yall weirdos for dropping cash on it

  • Gino delos Reyes
    Gino delos Reyes

    Hahahahaha! He was so disappointed with Satoransky. Same face with my Rising Stars De'Andre Hunter. But hey there's still a small chance he can be an all-star.

  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna

    all LE?

  • mike wingate
    mike wingate

    His hair hanging in front of his face was bothering me the whole video lol

    • mike wingate
      mike wingate

      @seanthug good one white man

    • seanthug

      Sounds about white...

  • Carson Lau
    Carson Lau

    Tomas Satoransky card is now worth $500-600 with his serial number

  • Supreem Court
    Supreem Court

    Imagine gettin a Quin Cook gold clip

  • Yung Content
    Yung Content

    If you want to learn more, we have a discord called TOPSHOTSNIPERS ... Tyrese Haliburton and Harrison Barnes are snipers with us in there. Come on in and learn more bro. Would love to send you and invite.

  • iSooSwaggy

    This is so dope glad I got into it

  • H I
    H I

    Stupided thing I have ever seen

  • Jevon Hamm
    Jevon Hamm

    PLayers buying they own cards lol

  • I’m a Investor Loser
    I’m a Investor Loser


  • Jeremiah Vinsant
    Jeremiah Vinsant

    Imagine hitting a 1 of 1 kobe shit would sell for like 500 k lol

  • Johnny Dunn
    Johnny Dunn

    Try veve!!!!

  • Jack Connolly
    Jack Connolly

    bruh I got a rare Giannis dunk on my first pack. Worth like 1-1.5k on their marketplace this shih is ridiculous. Now do I sell or hold this thing.

  • the king of digging
    the king of digging

    Buy pokemon not this digital trash

  • noir

    i mean its like buying skins in your favorite video games except this is just website....the same games we play now wont be here 5 years from now but why do people spend money on them? The thing about these highlights is that the NBA isn't going to disappear so these will always be somewhat relevant.

  • Brandon Heinzman
    Brandon Heinzman

    Why buy highlights when I can look up youtube clips

  • Nova Mike
    Nova Mike

    Great video, thanks

  • ET

    Thanks! Now I know what Top Shot looks like 👍

  • Alexander Choudhury
    Alexander Choudhury

    I'm still trying to figure out why people are paying money for something that's already free all over ALgone and the internet. What makes this different than a gif or an IG highlight or a YT vid?

    • Kyle Thomas
      Kyle Thomas

      @Patrick Boyer it's dumb

    • Patrick Boyer
      Patrick Boyer

      Ownership, verification, visibility and not to mention, supply vs demand, my guyy!!

  • Muratoya Muratoya
    Muratoya Muratoya

    Mlb, Nfl, Pokemon and the rest will follow. Nice vid👍. Bye bye to PSA !

  • Cole Gilbert
    Cole Gilbert

    Anybody know song?

  • magic man
    magic man

    bruh is all i can say

  • KinderRat313 181
    KinderRat313 181

    Top shot is the biggest scam ever brah

  • F N
    F N

    2K myteam inspired this shit lol

  • TheGhostWithin

    Damn, this comment section is filled with idiots who have no clue what NFTs are or understand blockchain technology. NFTs have been around since 2017 and companies have been working on stuff like NBA shot for a while. It's only new to mainstream people. I have been into blockchain, NFT and crypto for about 6 years now and that shit changed my life. I haven't had to work for a regular job in forever because of crypto. I would recommend some of you actually do research on crypto, blockchain and NFTs before you give these weak ass hot takes on a topic you just heard about two weeks ago lol. So many dummies.

  • French Fry in your McDonalds Bag
    French Fry in your McDonalds Bag

    this is like nba2k myteam but way more useless and cost more


    Selling my pre-order base pack as soon as it comes in so if you would like to buy dm on ig @lsd_nez and let's talk numbers

  • Karl Bursa
    Karl Bursa

    So you need to DM me on discord. Username Reaper27. Part of a Hype Team on this if you want to get involved in Top Shot for real.

  • Ibraahxxm

    You got scammed

  • MasonMsotsos

    Cool stuff man!! Liked seeing what these we’re about

  • fiasckos

    I’m sorry but this has to be the biggest scam. You don’t own the rights to the clip. This is just a flop waiting to happen.

  • matt tim
    matt tim

    It's called a pyramid scheme and a market bubble. Yall are clowns for wasting your money. Some people have money to burn. Can wait until the economy collapses and money is worthless. Then what will yall do?

  • Jackson Leding
    Jackson Leding

    Someone really dropped 200 racks on a highlight u can look up on youtube💀

  • Stock Compounder - Brad Kaellner
    Stock Compounder - Brad Kaellner

    Awesome coverage Kenny! You've been added to the dream team

  • Barham Lane
    Barham Lane

    yo Fam go to (evaluate.market) then type in your Top Shot username and it'll give you your portfolio value

  • Alex Perez
    Alex Perez

    Thanks for this video. I had no idea WTF TopShot was. It seems like a form of collecting...and gambling. LOL! Hope u can get some rare/valuable packs in the future.

  • Philipp Ballmaier
    Philipp Ballmaier

    Am I missing something here? Can't I watch youtube clips for free?

  • SuperSavage

    Larenz tate making ALgone videos now

  • Ben TheBear
    Ben TheBear

    Someone give me the music at 3:00 please.

  • Adam McDonald
    Adam McDonald

    Just for anyone wondering usually big money sales on low dollar cards are usually used when your either trading or buying a pack from someone’s account. The pack trading from account to account will supposedly be put in later.

  • Goran Ljubenkov
    Goran Ljubenkov

    Bought from Terrence Ross himself he even liked my tweet!!!!

  • Finn Sheehan
    Finn Sheehan

    Anybody see the white sox hat 👀

  • DarioOreo's

    Aaaah so you're one of the influencers they gave a pack to.

  • Fantasy Football Counselor
    Fantasy Football Counselor

    Higher serial numbers are better. It’s all the same really cause it’s the same video!

  • Ken Leung
    Ken Leung

    Something else to check out is MomentTracks that shows the expected prices for your Topshot collection. Also, their Discord is a good place to hear about pack drops. discord.gg/CGJFYqCB

  • Booster Pack Reveal
    Booster Pack Reveal

    Kenny, great video! Welcome top shot.

  • RyDawg084

    I’m only acquiring Celtic player moments or past Celtic players. I want my showcase to not piss me off

  • BrxndxnR

    Shoutout fuckin crypto cuz it boutta change the world

  • Big Bunny
    Big Bunny

    You should do a rebuilding challenge where you do 'open' these packs and whoevers the main focus of the highlight has to be on your team. Open 10 packs 10 man rotation) and do a fantasy draft

  • Jacob Baskin
    Jacob Baskin

    Imagine paying 200k for a clip I can look up on ALgone

  • StopNPop

    I neeeed innnnnnn

  • Cash_R_ K
    Cash_R_ K

    Please open sports cards for videos. Those vids are 🔥🔥🔥

  • Jason Doutrich
    Jason Doutrich

    If ur a Kawhi fan that’s when he hits 10,000 career pts. So low key career highlight

  • Derrick Montgomery
    Derrick Montgomery

    Imagine how much a Ben Simmons card ACTUALLY MAKING A 3 would cost

    • Joulu Pukki
      Joulu Pukki

      Or kawhis game winner against sixers

    • focusboyproductions


    • ZimmFor3

      Fr lmao

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