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  • Mykolas Vilkelis
    Mykolas Vilkelis

    The old spice was probably from your Girl Kenny. She didn't knew how to tell u that u smell

  • Kat R.
    Kat R.

    I have one of those lights except it’s the best team Lakers!

  • Wesley Avery
    Wesley Avery

    Hi Kenny

  • Ian Rhodes
    Ian Rhodes

    “bigger is not always better, in some cases”😨 don’t think we missed that one kenny

  • Xzander Graves
    Xzander Graves

    Jesus #1 no cap all fax Whatever we do and whoever its for it's for Jesus. Verse: "The King will reply, 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.'" Matthew 25 40 God bless Jesus loves you. Websites: BibleGateway BibleStudyTools Book: Bible.

  • LaMelo Ball
    LaMelo Ball

    When Kenny was going through the cards and saw Kelly oubre he said “ouuu Kelly oubre 😵🤣

  • charlie zellner
    charlie zellner

    kenny: gets deoderant, air freshener, outlet covers also kenny: those snacks were the weirdest things i got

  • Brian Laoz
    Brian Laoz

    I Quote Kenny said "These boxes are higher then i am" Okay Mr.Kenny smoke alot lmfao

  • YungB223

    ngl bro Kenny is one of the most humble and positive you tubers out there I’ve been watching since 2k17 and Kenny still the best ALgoner out there shout out to Kenny man💯‼️

  • Cody Kratzer
    Cody Kratzer

    Play some park on kot4q I dont get y y dont play it on ur other channel

  • YnR_ 23
    YnR_ 23

    When Kenny started spazzing for the snacks that was wholesome ah

  • Quinton J
    Quinton J

    No disrespect but I feel your mom sent the deodorant lol she’s been watching the vids and was trying to be funny lol

  • Wacko Jacko
    Wacko Jacko

    I am triggered that New Zealand person really said that Tim tams are a New Zealand thing mate those are Australian, New Zealand Reyna say they invented all our good food, there is pavlova but Tim tams that’s taking it too far

  • Cole Strawn
    Cole Strawn

    After opening 10 outlet plates Kenny says that a box of chips is the most random thing that could’ve been sent to him🤣

  • Oscar Tayleur
    Oscar Tayleur

    All the Australians including me mad because New Zealand trying to steal Tim tams one of our cultures

  • Cole Strawn
    Cole Strawn

    “The boxes are higher than I am” you good Kenny?🤣❤️

  • Ethan the legend
    Ethan the legend

    who sent me dearderent

  • Rhys England
    Rhys England

    5:44 Kenny with “A Christmas Story” reference :)

  • Zachary Clarke
    Zachary Clarke

    10:16 does he not sound like he from australia

  • the_real_zp

    The man had ONE job and he missed the end of the video in half a second lol

  • Qaurter

    “Ricky Ricky Rubio” -Kenny 2020

  • Joe Rush
    Joe Rush

    Hey guys - just wanted to provide info for “I Got Bigga Jreams” - check us out @ WWW.BiggaJreamsMerch.Com , @BiggaJreamsMerch , @IamJoeRush

  • Tobias Floramo
    Tobias Floramo

    The day he filmed this was my bday

  • nasier bennett
    nasier bennett

    Please keep myteam

  • Iconic Boys
    Iconic Boys

    Hy Houston Kenny we waitin

  • George Edgar
    George Edgar

    Nobody: Kenny: 9:19 “ooh Kelly Oubre, nice”

  • Jaden Reyes
    Jaden Reyes

    Just put Kenny Hardaway on the main channel.

  • BubbaGump Shrimp
    BubbaGump Shrimp

    You’re such a good dude despite all the excuses not to be. Mad respect Kenny. I really appreciate your grind and personality ✊

  • Jack Berman
    Jack Berman

    Put Kenny Hardaway on the main channel!!!!

  • Karan Kumar
    Karan Kumar

    My boy got a Tesla 🙏🏽

  • Alex Lemon
    Alex Lemon

    Now its time to spam kenny with "deurdorant"

  • CJ Clxmps
    CJ Clxmps

    you need to do a timtam slam

  • Zach Howe
    Zach Howe

    Let's gooo rep New Zealand

  • Mvelo Sithole
    Mvelo Sithole

    note: there are only 24 hours in a day, kenny makes videos on all three of his channels in one day

  • Rayyan Khan
    Rayyan Khan

    Please do anime reviews/opinions/content

  • Patrick Smith
    Patrick Smith

    Yooooo I bought the merch as soon as it dropped it will be here in January

  • MSPaintAnimations

    Rest In Peace Kenny hardaway 😢

  • EJ Denzal
    EJ Denzal

    9:18 You ain’t slick Kenny 😂 Talking about Kelly Oubre

  • Calvin Herrington
    Calvin Herrington

    Imagine meeting a human being in America who didn’t know who KOBE was 😭

  • Brian's Redemption 2.0 The Remix
    Brian's Redemption 2.0 The Remix

    Bro, I'll legit trade you my own custom wood burned art of Kobe (image 100% BURNED into the wood) for that Tatum auto. Im a lifelong celtics fan n used to live in St Louis when Tatum was in high school n I reffed his AAU team tournament (St Louis Eagles, him and Harry Giles). Hit me up on Twitter (@BuckeyeBrianD83) if u wanna see the Kobe wood burned art, I'll dm it to you

  • Stu

    tim tams are aussie mate

  • Copy And Paste
    Copy And Paste

    NZ Gang

  • Nik Workman
    Nik Workman


  • 2kGoat._.Bruce.07

    Is it me or is it that “smaller” ALgoners are wayyyy more appreciative.

  • Cameron McCranor
    Cameron McCranor

    Bro timtams are aussie

  • Gingu

    me, and the goats share the same birthday as well, and who sent him Tim tams they are soooo good + im from nz as well

  • Liam Rooney
    Liam Rooney

    "Woah Ricky Ricky Ru- Ricky Rookie Ricky Ricky Rookie Ricky Rubio" -Kenny Beecham 2020

  • Liam Rooney
    Liam Rooney

    RIP kenny hardaway gone too soon rest easy Kenny

  • Jose Zavala
    Jose Zavala

    Moar wall plates

  • Michael Harvey
    Michael Harvey

    Glad you liked the air freshener Kenny 😂😂

  • Zachary Pfister
    Zachary Pfister

    Vacuum for carpet Kenny damn, there is crumbs everywhere. I feel like your damn mom lol

  • J B3
    J B3

    The prime position challenge The rules 1: everyone on your team has to be there worst position. 2: Have to win a championship in one year. 3: can only trade with each team once. 4: have fun!🔥

  • Epic Ved
    Epic Ved

    Y’all better get this vid to 10k likes

  • Peter Byrne
    Peter Byrne

    Do Kenny Hardaway on KOT4Q please

  • Diego Ron
    Diego Ron

    Kenny Hardaway!!!

  • Ballin’ Rawlin
    Ballin’ Rawlin


  • Ballin’ Rawlin
    Ballin’ Rawlin

    Plz don’t close ur P.O. Box imma try to send u something good

  • Soupie

    Y’all better like

  • tomer avrahami
    tomer avrahami

    Yoooo Kenny we share the same birthday

  • Jack Mensforth
    Jack Mensforth

    Tim Tam's are Aussie , pull ya head in Noah

  • arnav gulani
    arnav gulani

    Kenny u should do park so Kenny hardaway doesn't get boring

  • Ro1373

    no one tell Kenny they sell 50 packs of light covers

  • Ro1373

    rip Kenny Hardaway: 2020-2020. let's say he lived a long healthy, happy life Kenny should have a funeral for him


    Ricky Ricky Rubio Ricky Rookie Rubio Rookie Rookie Rubio Rookie Ricky Rubio. -Kenny

  • Luke Austin
    Luke Austin

    Rookie Ricky Rubio

  • Baby Akumpo
    Baby Akumpo

    Bigger is not always better... In most cases - Kenny 2020

  • blake smith
    blake smith

    Before I keep watching the video I’m sorry but New Zealanders can not be claiming Tim tams as their own they are from the proud land of ours called Australia 🇦🇺. P.S. Love you Kenny

  • raphael reyes
    raphael reyes

    momomomo Money shot

  • Persian cellphone prince
    Persian cellphone prince

    Tim tams are Australian lol

  • beastybad

    Love the videos Kenny!

  • Plexii OG
    Plexii OG

    Bro, the “👁👄👁WHO SENT ME DEODORANT🤬” just totally killed me

  • The Goats
    The Goats


  • Richard Griebe
    Richard Griebe

    14:55 don't insult my basketball knolagde

  • Sam Houston
    Sam Houston

    does anyone else know that Tim Tams are from Australia and not from New Zealand, Tim Tams are an Aussie Classic.

  • Boss Odi
    Boss Odi

    Kenny how about doing kenny hardaway on kot4q


    That old spice 😂😂😂😂

  • The Saucer
    The Saucer

    At least upload the Kenny hardaway vids in some channel plssssssss

  • krys_gaming

    Did kenny really say the boxes are higher than him

  • Caden Hildebrandt
    Caden Hildebrandt

    9:19 “Ooo Kelly oubre nice”

  • Barack Gynna Wynn
    Barack Gynna Wynn

    RIP Kenny Hardaway 2020 - 2020 Rest easy sweet prince

  • Jordan Ford
    Jordan Ford

    We need a q& a on here

  • Kaden Power
    Kaden Power

    Hey uh how do we find your P.O. Box?

  • The Deener
    The Deener

    This man so lucky he gets christmas every week

  • Cooper Stanek
    Cooper Stanek

    Yo Kenny what’s your shoe size

  • Jordan Neven
    Jordan Neven

    I might just become a ALgone to open a PO Box to get all this

  • jmcteer

    Kenny no Kenny hardaway

  • jmcteer

    Dad gum

  • Grayson Pitts
    Grayson Pitts

    How do you not know who Kobe was

  • Aaron Nolan
    Aaron Nolan

    No more Kenny Hardaway :(

  • Kristian-Wilm Henniges
    Kristian-Wilm Henniges

    we need kenny hardaway

  • Korbin Zvokel
    Korbin Zvokel

    Can we get some Kenny Hardaway streams at least. Do what you enjoy tho 🙏🏼

  • Darlene Martinez
    Darlene Martinez

    kenny bein watchin u for 2 years favorite rebuilder on youtube watch u everyday since want kenny hardaway next gen but love that u stay true to urself n ur growth of of ur channels keep up ur rebuilds to the tough ones

  • Jamey Strauss
    Jamey Strauss

    "the boxes are higher than i am" sorry kenny can't relate 😭😭😭

  • YBSP

    Kenny man been watching kot4q 5 years now. You gotta do a my career somewhere. Whether it’s once a week or 5 times a day. Need it

  • Dudheijdufu Rushdheuri
    Dudheijdufu Rushdheuri

    ooouuu kelly oubre nice 😂😂😂


    “That’s the most random thing you could have sent me” The people who sent him outlets: hold my beer. I gotta go get something

  • Dillon Ysseldyke
    Dillon Ysseldyke

    Did he say... CALLED GAME STUDIOS?!?!

  • Matthew Bierstein
    Matthew Bierstein


  • Sebastian Arroyo
    Sebastian Arroyo

    15:46 pause

  • Jaskaran Singh Pahwa
    Jaskaran Singh Pahwa

    idk if u are reading this kenny but man i love this series i just kick back open a beer and eat my dinner while watching this on my tv p.s make these vids a lil longer :)

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