I Hired Designers To Give Me My Own Signature Sneaker... Here's What Happened
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  • iSnxgz_YT

    i really wanna have a big role in a shoe company now just so i could call Kenny and give him his own color way

  • Edward Rodriguez
    Edward Rodriguez

    this a huge L

  • BeenZone

    definition of a scam am I right kenny?

  • Paxton Cook
    Paxton Cook

    Make a shoe collection vid!

    • Paxton Cook
      Paxton Cook

      Please like so I can show my friends

  • Angie Boamah
    Angie Boamah

    thats sad

  • Luke Wilhelm
    Luke Wilhelm

    The subtitles said Ellen iverson

  • Sherri Bishop
    Sherri Bishop

    Do a rebuild of hairstyles(ect Rudy gobert short Montreal Harrell dreads marcus smart Mohawk lbj waves)

  • Ansh Shah
    Ansh Shah

    I knew you would use Fiverr when I heard u introduce it

  • Big bubz
    Big bubz

    If I designed a sneaker like for real I would just try to make it colorful as heck lol

  • Juan Echanove
    Juan Echanove

    next time try answering their questions for a better result

  • Jaquavias Zintavious
    Jaquavias Zintavious

    Nike Id

  • ThatCheeserRy

    U should sell all the shoes and by MJs house

  • Just For fun Vids
    Just For fun Vids

    I DONT HAVE THE FUNDS Spends 20k+ on cardboard a year

  • Nico Macurak
    Nico Macurak

    Make a dog vid

  • Nico Macurak
    Nico Macurak

    Make a dog vid

  • Nico Macurak
    Nico Macurak

    Make a dog vid

  • Nico Macurak
    Nico Macurak


  • Nico Macurak
    Nico Macurak

    Make a dog vid

  • Milan_holand

    How many channels does kenny have ?

  • Malachi Murphy
    Malachi Murphy


  • Tristan Power
    Tristan Power

    Kenny ask JDL he designs shoes His ALgone is JDL pls see this love your vids

  • Comments only
    Comments only

    You should check out Nike ID, it's pretty dope.

  • That_miLkMan

    The "2K All Day Jordan 1s"

  • Sean!

    12:09 they’re literally 997’s😂

  • Malcolm Burns
    Malcolm Burns

    Yo Kenny thank you pt. 1

  • Nile Chan
    Nile Chan

    it's the flipped nike logo for me

  • Josia Cliffor
    Josia Cliffor

    Why no adds kenny, get that $ man, promise man we can wait 30 seconds

  • oneTWO ONEtwo
    oneTWO ONEtwo

    kenny hired warren lotas on that first 1

  • Thomas Sadberry
    Thomas Sadberry

    hey kenny i have on both shoes autographed scottie pippen signature shoes

  • Q12 beatz inc
    Q12 beatz inc

    Where is the “ and we back” 😔

  • Mouse On Feet
    Mouse On Feet

    😂😂 this is gold

  • Munir Ramozi
    Munir Ramozi

    "12:32" kenny making sus noises

  • PewDieCry

    My bucket list - Get On A Podcast With Kenny

  • UP1982productions

    I saw this notification 2 times 🤔

  • B00st3r

    Kenny got SCAMMED

  • Cole Clark
    Cole Clark

    couple player debates you could have for the through the wire podcast: donovan mitchell or jamal murray jokic or embiid tatum or luka trae young or ja morant klay thompson or bradley beal jaylen brown or khris middleton jamal murray or kyle lowry de'aaron fox or goran dragic d'angelo russell or zach lavine vucevic or sabonis gobert or porzingis siakam or john collins kyle lowry or kemba walker

  • Noah Reutzel
    Noah Reutzel

    Yo Kenny I'm a sneaker customizer lmk if you trying to throw something together 👀👀

  • Torrance Bradford
    Torrance Bradford

    we all know that kenny is rich stp tryna play us lol love u dude

  • Gerald Awkard
    Gerald Awkard

    bruh the first shoe the guy spelt October like okctober

  • Supr3me FEVER
    Supr3me FEVER

    He should’ve hired Jiedel😂

  • Team MH
    Team MH

    Check out my Fiverr, regangd

  • Evo

    Ayo why tf his camera quality so clean

  • meina46

    When someone wants some 2k21 VC , only use hug0.monster They are the real deal when it comes to this! ଏସ୍ତଙ୍କସ୍ତଙ୍କହା ସମସ୍ତଙ୍କ ପାଇଁ ଉପଯୁକ୍ତ

  • Elijah Lindsay
    Elijah Lindsay

    for once kenny is the one getting finessed

  • Bam2 Slime5
    Bam2 Slime5

    Kenny if you go to Nike website you can customize your own shoe

  • John Wallisch
    John Wallisch

    Lmao the second guy literally just put the shoe emoji 👟 👟👟

  • Dj Dawk
    Dj Dawk

    Kenny I thought your girlfriend is your first passion smh🤦🏽😡

  • Alten0216

    Bro, as a designer/animator myself, these guys RIPPED YOU OFF. You were saying that the first one was a good artist because he drew that? I'm pretty sure that's a template you can get online. He just used photoshop to make a bunch of different colorways. Really disappointed with the first 2 designers

  • Daniel Guan
    Daniel Guan

    yall know kenny be tryna get those vids out to us, just look at how dark the background is on the edit kenny here at the beginning.

  • Daniel Guan
    Daniel Guan

    Cue the "Kenny saying the shoe dungeon" noises

  • HΞRΞ4fish

    3rd grade should have been price

  • Warren Pitts
    Warren Pitts

    Kenny you are such a original youtuber and when you accidentally or even purposely take anothers content you shout them out and when other youtubers like morgz or Carter sharer they don't even shout out the original creator

  • Noah Bohn
    Noah Bohn

    Just ask jiedel

  • It’s BeastMode!!!
    It’s BeastMode!!!

    What about the girl Kenny ain’t she your first love

  • Ron Brick
    Ron Brick

    1:28 I stopped my work with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*



  • Antonio Morales Jr
    Antonio Morales Jr

    They did you foul cuz🤦🏾‍♂️😂

  • Josh S
    Josh S

    What’s sup Kenny I’ve been subscribed and following you since I was in 4th grade and now I’m a freshman in highschool and I saw this video and wanted to ask if you want custom shoes if anyone in the comments what’s custom airforces Jordan’s basketballs shoes or cleats hit me up on my dms @justomkicks

  • B D
    B D

    Bro Kenny has the same interests as every one of my friends lmao

  • Tyla Kola
    Tyla Kola

    Kenny can u build shoes like jeidel does. I would like for u to paint them and stuff and see how u like ur shoed

  • Omar_Isa_ Johnson_
    Omar_Isa_ Johnson_

    more kenny hardaway

  • Vidit Agarwal
    Vidit Agarwal

    imma make my own kot4q design for free

  • a guy from nz
    a guy from nz

    Kenny: I have two loves, basketball and sneakers Kennys GF: oh

  • Stevon

    Kung Fu Kenny

  • TheproGOAT

    Kenny is a MAN OF THE PEOPLE! He really spent $200 on some shoe drawings. The ads better be PUMPING.

  • Trent Jackson
    Trent Jackson

    Is Kenny single? lol

  • Royal NoLimitEgo
    Royal NoLimitEgo

    F in the chat for his girlfriend not being his top 2 loves

    • Royal NoLimitEgo
      Royal NoLimitEgo


  • Dima Pokhnatiuk
    Dima Pokhnatiuk

    Hey Kenny , your favourite brand is Nike right? If Adidas threw you a contract to sign ,would you accept or decline? (Wear adidas only for the length of the contract)

  • Zaki Rahman
    Zaki Rahman


  • Slothdays

    im back from 3 days:still has the same shirt on

  • K Fox
    K Fox

    Like 95% of 5iver designs are copies of already existing things minus the logos.

  • Ashton Morris
    Ashton Morris

    Need more fiver vids

  • Marc Mwai
    Marc Mwai


  • Nico Molnar
    Nico Molnar

    „Basketball is my first love“ ur girlfriend must feel baaaad

  • Cooper Leland
    Cooper Leland

    Do NBA 2k21

  • Trav1s 129
    Trav1s 129

    Do the Kobe Bryant Challenge 1) Fantasy draft 2) Simulate the first season and draft a player which will be your Kobe Bryant 3) Your team must have a Shaq ( 88 ovr or higher Center ) 4) Get 5 rings and 3 mvps R.I.P MAMBA

  • JaheimKing00


  • DGC

    When he saw the second pair I was dead

  • Kali

    Kenny says we know his two passions and the things he most loves... Says NBA, Says Shoes.... Gf in corner crying lmao

  • Harry Woosnam
    Harry Woosnam

    11:20 I NEED THOSE!! The Kenny 1's

  • Refillz *
    Refillz *

    I've seen people on fivver take less than $20 to draw up some amazing shit. That first dude finessed a quick hundo 😂😂😂

  • Potatoblake21

    How did ninja get a signature shoe but our boy Kenny didn’t bruh


    As a Fiverr seller, I appreciate your support

  • Ethan Prout
    Ethan Prout


  • Rey Morag
    Rey Morag

    “Alright guys it’s a couple of days later and I’m still basically with the fuckin same shirt.

  • Brody’s Gaming
    Brody’s Gaming

    Mans said I have two loves in life and didn’t mention his gf😂😂

  • Veerpartap Sohal
    Veerpartap Sohal

    the day kenny passes away im quitting life

  • Nikhil G.
    Nikhil G.

    Manz got scammed, we need to leave a like to help him out 😂

  • Will Tennant
    Will Tennant

    The first guys first shoe was legit just a jordan zoom 92

  • Peter Mendigorin
    Peter Mendigorin

    His first love is basketball His girlfriend: 😔😢😭😭😭😭

  • kinggalexandre

    I laughed so much 😭💀💀💀😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 got finesssed hard

  • Wes Marcum
    Wes Marcum

    You got finessed

  • Xavier Vogrig
    Xavier Vogrig

    Yo Kenny you should talk to JIDEL. He made a custom Jordan 1 low when he hit 1,000,000 it goes hard. He definitely got what he paid for.

  • Kobus Smith
    Kobus Smith


  • Jacob Santos
    Jacob Santos

    Not gunna lie he kinda looks like polo g

  • ANT

    This man Kenny got scammed of $200+, this is an L, don’t ever order off of Fivver


    Alternate Title: Kenny gets scanned by random people on the internet.

  • Doc Adams
    Doc Adams

    Jiedel does sick shoes

  • Jos Jaison
    Jos Jaison

    if you tryna look for a colorway go to nike id on google, its obvious but they aint gonna scam you😂😂😂

  • Ibrahim Manlyman
    Ibrahim Manlyman

    You can call the customer support and ask for a refund

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