i have been exposed

  • KFQB1

    Kenny can you please bring back the mycarrer series you were my favorite person to watch do it and I would love to see you do it this year.

  • come play with me
    come play with me

    meant yikie meaning yikes

  • come play with me
    come play with me


  • AverageHSP

    klay thompson is like KOT3Q.

  • Wesley Avery
    Wesley Avery

    Hi Kenny

  • Nicolas Leal
    Nicolas Leal

    We got 15k

  • Gus Fochtmann
    Gus Fochtmann

    “So maybe weekly? Ok every two weeks.” Kentrell Beecham-2020

  • Owen Rogonjic
    Owen Rogonjic

    Yo Kenny that rap was low key nice

  • Bot Ski
    Bot Ski

    Why is Kenny acting like he couldn’t take over the hip hop underground bruh

  • Kaveon Staton
    Kaveon Staton

    Kenny , 17k likes drop the 2013 song boiii

  • Owen Grizzly
    Owen Grizzly

    the rap was fire ngl

  • OutlawStarkiller

    kenny's def a gambino fan judging from that verse lol

  • UrSoxUntyd

    Kenny the dame dolla of gm’s

  • Critical Kai
    Critical Kai

    Where it at Kenny???

  • Boden Derbyshire
    Boden Derbyshire

    yo we got 17k likes

  • big kuba
    big kuba


  • OneWay _Jaiden
    OneWay _Jaiden

    13 year old Kenny bout to come with some heat

  • The Saucer
    The Saucer

    Petition for Kenny to drop a freestyle because that one was fire

  • Vincent Max
    Vincent Max

    we like ur messy root hair, u look cute kenny 😘

  • RAH Talks
    RAH Talks

    i haven't laughed that hard at the bust one in a while

  • Tigenal

    10:47 Well? *where is it kenny*

  • Tigenal

    9:39 kinda cap next gen sux

  • Tigenal

    4:47 as if getting engaged is ever a L

  • Tigenal

    3:25 when i un-bOoDoOpBoOdOoP

  • Heffe12 450
    Heffe12 450

    It’s weird hearing Kenny cuss

  • Brando

    Kenny lowkey sounding like Rocky

  • Alexander Toback
    Alexander Toback

    Aye ngl kenny aint that bad

  • david chang
    david chang

    W for kellys wife fo sho 🥵

  • derozanfan10

    "And I'd say, 99% of the time, it works 100% of the time." - KOT4Q (a.k.a Kenny), 2020

  • Jay Foat
    Jay Foat

    Let's go. We got the like goal

  • enemyK2

    When Kenny said fat bitch, I was shocked like if he wasn’t a whole grown man or something...

  • Stewie Lewis
    Stewie Lewis

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 got bars

  • Aaron

    Fire rap actually lol

  • GFreezy

    That rap goes so hard I remember seeing it years ago

  • Vincent Gagliardi
    Vincent Gagliardi

    Damn Kenny you gotta show us now

  • JoBRo24

    NGL Kenny's rapping is fire.

  • RussianWoodRo

    Kenny we don't care if you not a rapper bro but you actually spit fire there in that free style

  • Matt Don't
    Matt Don't

    so now we just waiting for that genius video and the 13 y/o kenny rap huh

  • Erik Stepanyan
    Erik Stepanyan

    there is that 15k i cant wait for 13 yr old kenny spitting barrs

  • Cole Strawn
    Cole Strawn

    “60% of the time, it works every time” it’s from anchorman😂

  • D3F1NIS 21
    D3F1NIS 21

    The rap low key nice

  • Subby Hop
    Subby Hop

    POV: your here cause you got another notification a day after

  • Ty Mitro
    Ty Mitro

    If ALgone died tomorrow, Kenny can have a Rap career

  • braycuz


  • Colt Russ
    Colt Russ

    16k where it at

  • Colt Russ
    Colt Russ

    Note to self: never watch Kenny Reddit videos in front of fam

  • Christopher Perez
    Christopher Perez

    It’s at 16,000 likes now😎

  • BDG is number 1
    BDG is number 1

    16k likes, I'm waiting on that song to drop👀

  • Bdo

    Kenny was spitting bars because he was wearing the white Sox hat. No cap.

  • YPG_ Deshawn
    YPG_ Deshawn

    Honestly you’re not a bad rapper that freestyle was a solid 7/10 dawg

  • %gg100 zj
    %gg100 zj

    Kenny: And. If this video gets 15000 likes i will show u the video I made when I was 13 Me:where is the vid


      its here

  • Texas Fan 19
    Texas Fan 19

    Kenny were is the genius interview

  • Khizar Haider
    Khizar Haider

    YES 15 l

  • ken ken
    ken ken

    You can't follow the Stephian rule...Presti AIN"T calling you

  • Alexander Kilborn
    Alexander Kilborn

    ITS AT 15K

  • kuaze yin
    kuaze yin

    15k likes boys

  • dooop stake
    dooop stake

    15k likes to see kenny’s song at 13yrs old??! easy.

  • mjamesh

    You really didn't expect us to hit that 15k, huh Kenny?

  • Todd

    The thumbnail is gold

  • xxUnscramblexx_235

    YOU GOT MORE BARS THAN A JAIL CELL!!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯💯🚔🚔


    “99% of the times it works 100% of the times” Kenny is a GOD😂😂😂😂

  • D1J

    Letsssss goooo!!!! We got 15k likes

  • YeetBeeterson

    Do a rap for 1 mil on the main channel GOAT 🐐

  • Olz33

    Clicked coz of the thumbnail

  • Brian Scalabrine
    Brian Scalabrine

    I see that Kenny hired Clique to edit his thumbnails

  • Donovan Allen
    Donovan Allen

    15K 👀

  • Abel Finny
    Abel Finny

    Hey Kenny bro, thx for viewing my friend’s story. @k3nny_fanpage. Bro plz reply I love u bro.

  • Theowitha_t

    Came here from his tweet of the like to dislike ratio

  • Jeff Murray
    Jeff Murray

    15k Kenny you knew this would come😂

  • Niraj Rajprameelan
    Niraj Rajprameelan

    Can someone post Kenny's rap on ALgone?

  • Cayden Parks
    Cayden Parks

    14 year old kenny was wilding

  • Derek Banks
    Derek Banks

    Kenny lowkey a rapper 😈

  • Taylor Morrill
    Taylor Morrill

    Ayo we missed out who’s we I mean but oubre tho

  • Brodie B
    Brodie B

    You was sickkkk this whole video 😂

  • Laxpro1.10

    “Good luck” gets 15k like in a day

  • Austin Clubb
    Austin Clubb

    that 15k came quick lol

  • Will Huff
    Will Huff

    Kenny you need to rap bro you got some talent

  • OZNET2

    Well I guess we’re getting a song

  • VtgamingYT

    we got 15k kenny

  • Bob Sanders
    Bob Sanders

    Y’all better like the fuck outta this video

  • Rob Beeney
    Rob Beeney

    104 likes away from kenny's actual song lol

  • A. B
    A. B

    This the kind of content i’m tryna see from Kenny man. Elite stuff. Them bars hittin low-key 😂😂 ‘my nigga got the tek like he was yelling at da ref’ 🤣🤣 #BARS

  • Pascal Siakam
    Pascal Siakam

    15 thousand likes time to see the song that he wrote when he was 13 years old

  • Elephant Cuber
    Elephant Cuber

    WE HIT 15k LIKES

  • julst129

    15k likes baby we did it

  • Jay ‘
    Jay ‘

    Kenny raps like saba😂

  • PCF

    Better follow through with the 15k likes promise

  • Brayden Howell
    Brayden Howell

    low key.... kenny was spittin

  • James Vanchure
    James Vanchure

    Yo kenny you got 15k let's see if 13 yr old you got bars 😆

  • Squat On The Comet
    Squat On The Comet

    We got 15k liked boi

  • To The U
    To The U

    Keeny freestyle is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Kendon Skalicky
    Kendon Skalicky

    Kenny spits heat

  • Mikey Maggs
    Mikey Maggs

    I aint even cappin, kenny a fire rapper🔥🔥🔥

  • Reid Schwartz
    Reid Schwartz

    that feeling when i’m the one like that made it go from 14k to 15k

  • Dylan Padilla-Castillo
    Dylan Padilla-Castillo

    Kenny:I dont know who created this Me: Rip kennys plug :(

  • [Puckkluckkk ]
    [Puckkluckkk ]

    Run them likes

  • Dylan Padilla-Castillo
    Dylan Padilla-Castillo

    0:56 hmmmmm 🤔

  • Christopher Suarez
    Christopher Suarez

    Kenny...... it’s at 14k likes don’t get stingy on me now

  • Rhiley Spott
    Rhiley Spott


  • MC Cook
    MC Cook

    Kenny gonna be the new KSI he just gotta start boxing

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