I had a daughter...
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  • Matthew Lado
    Matthew Lado

    19:21 that explains the title

  • Matthew Lado
    Matthew Lado

    I clicked faster than Jabari Parker leaving the Bulls

  • JR Pseudo
    JR Pseudo

    keep it a1

  • Jesse

    Need Fritos

  • Jill McBride
    Jill McBride


  • 2kGoat._.Bruce.07

    This is pt2

  • 2kGoat._.Bruce.07

    I’m just commenting to get the vid to 1,000 comments there is a pt2

  • JAYproductions

    Kenny if I got you a Jersey what size are you

  • JAYproductions

    I was excited and I almost cried till I saw that thumbnail

  • zesty avacado
    zesty avacado

    Wait why is there shaq on shzaam I thought it was a different person

  • Alexander Boulton
    Alexander Boulton

    Kenny havin a few bruh moments

  • Zamin Ahmed
    Zamin Ahmed

    Clickbaited man I was so hyped for a momenet

  • Ethan Ruffing
    Ethan Ruffing

    Kenny can we get an apex legends video? I see you playing that all the time

  • Pg 13
    Pg 13

    Sixers my favorite team

  • The sneaker head 13
    The sneaker head 13

    Wsg Kenny can you put that Kobe thing up!

  • Jonah Yarbrough
    Jonah Yarbrough

    y do u have to do me like that bro, I thought u were being FR.. scared me

  • Juju

    How many things is Kenny allergic to

    • Stacie Mohler
      Stacie Mohler

      It’s probably a shorter list with the things he isn’t allergic to

  • Carter Downey
    Carter Downey

    im unsubscribing for doing that clickbait

  • Super pig Gaming
    Super pig Gaming

    I saw the title and I was like: He is unboxing his daughter

  • Aidan Cook
    Aidan Cook

    Me and Nina share the same Birthday

  • HoodMade J
    HoodMade J

    Clikbate Brooooo

  • owr86Mamba

    Two girlfriends?

  • Savi Kannangara
    Savi Kannangara

    Kenny you have betrayed me and now I have to turn off notifications on every channel for a day.every single one I'm subscribed to

  • Christian Hernandez
    Christian Hernandez

    Make that dog sneeze. TTW reference. Y’all ain’t real fans man 😪

  • Butt Cheeks McGee
    Butt Cheeks McGee

    Click baiting us huh Kenny?

  • Jake Klotz
    Jake Klotz

    ahiru no sora is a basketball anime that i fw kokuros is still better but they be hoopin fr

  • Wuthell Wethbrook
    Wuthell Wethbrook

    "Basketball Fan reacts to Slam Dunk for the FIRST TIME!" video coming soon??

  • James Noble, Jr
    James Noble, Jr

    Wait are we just gunna gloss over the fact that Kenny said he has 2 girlfriends??

    • n e
      n e


  • Cannon Brewer
    Cannon Brewer

    inspirational man

  • JC Medina
    JC Medina

    Spider isekai is great fr tho

  • Joan 10
    Joan 10

    Bro good choice for the thumbnail cuz I clicked quik

  • william Jordan
    william Jordan

    Jason Kidd is black ? Why do I feel dumb🙄

  • 937

    on beach stepping today , give us a classic . 2 hours .

  • HoodieGhoul

    i don’t mind clickbait, but come on kenny😂

  • Sib Mitdip
    Sib Mitdip

    Ok I didn't watch the video

    • Sib Mitdip
      Sib Mitdip

      Bruh 😂

  • Emon Johnson
    Emon Johnson

    The bear was born the day D rose tore his Acl

  • Riad Berisha
    Riad Berisha

    Make the dog Sneeze ahahahahahah

  • Deion Fall
    Deion Fall

    I knew that was a stuffed animal bear, but c'mon it's Kenny. I gotta click no matter what

  • Zach L
    Zach L

    "Make that dog sneeze!" I choked on my cereal! ts was hilarious

  • Ivor Daniel
    Ivor Daniel

    “Two of these for each of my girlfriends “🤣🤣🤣7:22

  • Sam Allebach
    Sam Allebach

    Woah. 7:22 😦😧🤔😂

  • Chase Carder
    Chase Carder

    That hoodie fire Kenny

  • Covers Daga
    Covers Daga

    How its sayed at mexico, pendejo me asustaste

  • JT Houston
    JT Houston

    He didn’t actually have a daughter btw. You can keep scrolling

  • Mac Pro Sports
    Mac Pro Sports

    Ay I saw the post with the Reggie hoodie

  • SWPSP Studios
    SWPSP Studios

    Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny what is this clickbait

  • Papaduopolos

    19:37 🥲

  • Francisco Arce
    Francisco Arce

    “Soo this is an old Baer” JAJAJAJAJA

  • Jacob Dorian
    Jacob Dorian

    Get hoodwinked run amuck and possibly bamboozled

  • Luis Tell Em
    Luis Tell Em

    aren't u a kings fan

  • GodlyGamer23


  • GodlyGamer23


  • Tmac Legend
    Tmac Legend

    What does make that dog sneeze mean? Imma tryna be a real one

  • NotSeth

    Was this supposed to be the April fools video? Lmao

  • Sebastian Board
    Sebastian Board

    Next funko Kenny gonna get is killer B

  • ChainGang

    the cap is immaculate with this one

  • daniel lopez roman
    daniel lopez roman

    Kenny, if you end up watching Slam Dunk, you will have to read the manga since 1/3 of the story (the end) is missed in the anime; and it's sooooo worth it.

  • Mvelo Sithole
    Mvelo Sithole

    i knew it edit: oh nevermind

  • Ty Ba
    Ty Ba

    I really thought

  • supremelord305

    I clicked fast as hell

  • Alex Todd
    Alex Todd

    I clicked faster than I click on free only fans clickbait

  • Logan akaFusion
    Logan akaFusion

    Kenny really pronounced “mocha” like mah cha

  • Eugene Sullivan
    Eugene Sullivan

    I'll take the hearing aid cause I am so so def

  • Zoe Bailey
    Zoe Bailey

    “Two of these for each of my girlfriends” 😂

  • Zephan Champion
    Zephan Champion

    Go on Reddit next video!

  • Rookie!



    kenny no cap i have that same "apple watch" lol

  • Hi my name is Ligm a
    Hi my name is Ligm a

    Kenny got a daughter in the mail?

  • KOT1Q Ball
    KOT1Q Ball

    “Make that dog sneeze” bro the vibes

  • Hector

    Y’all not real if u don’t know about “make that dog sneeze” 😂

  • Yvette Rolle
    Yvette Rolle


  • Quane Goodwin
    Quane Goodwin

    How is this man not over a million yet like fr 1 of the best NBA pages ever 💯

  • ramón del río calvo
    ramón del río calvo

    Slam Dunk is the best basketball series no cap

  • Isaac Serrato
    Isaac Serrato

    When you realize Manu started at the 2

  • brady magras
    brady magras

    kenny- " For each of my girlfriend's" his girfriend- " UHHH WHATTT"

  • Matt Ferrugia
    Matt Ferrugia

    can we all stop and think how proud we were of Kenny for the 5 seconds that we were fooled. we love u bruh. keep it going👊

  • Tre Hill
    Tre Hill

    Don’t do that man I was bout to cry

  • BT Gamez
    BT Gamez

    Kazam is fire

  • Eitan Witztum
    Eitan Witztum

    I see you have motm3 in the background, you have good taste in music

  • TheNinjaHertl

    Yoo deadass made my heart drop wtff

  • Liam Rooney
    Liam Rooney

    Damn kenny 😒😒😒

  • Blake Hathaway
    Blake Hathaway

    Congratulations Kenny you had a daughter!

  • Puto

    Master of clickbait but its true he did just a toy one I think.......


    I checked the comments and yall said this was clickbait so im not watching it so does this video have anything to do with daughter

  • applejuize

    oh nah what is THIS

  • marshall cai
    marshall cai

    yo kenny,trust me,slam dunk is the best basketball manga ever

  • Mello


  • Sean Moore
    Sean Moore

    MAKE THAT DOG SNEEZE! Through the Wire content on the Kenny channel😂🔥

  • coningham Leo
    coningham Leo

    I'm unsubscribing after that clibait his content is boring anyway

  • Lamaan Haq
    Lamaan Haq

    careful with the fake apple watch, it might be able to track your location

  • Brian Scalabrine
    Brian Scalabrine

    The clickbait is getting super annoying, ngl

  • Max Ellis
    Max Ellis

    This dude Kenny really can’t eat anything😂😂i feel bad man

  • vladimir saakian
    vladimir saakian

    Cheetos are gluten free though

  • Brian Arlington-Frisch
    Brian Arlington-Frisch

    He said sum bout having a kid on the main channel so this clickbait gottt me for a sec

  • George Tanner
    George Tanner

    One of my homies I played AAU with is the creator of Halftime Hoops! All of y’all should go follow their account on Instagram , he makes great content

  • Jackson M
    Jackson M

    All I want for the 1 million sub special is for Kenny to ACTUALLY HANG SOMETHING ON THE WALL

  • BubbaGump Shrimp
    BubbaGump Shrimp

    Love the video thanks Kenworth

  • Tèo Lyles
    Tèo Lyles

    Ignoring the click bait can we talk about how fire both of the Sixth man shirts were. The Shaq one was fire enough, but AI and Wade were my idols for basketball growing up. Lebron might be my favorite player and I might be miserable as a player, but I wanted to be just like AI as a kid and that shirt is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Kenny getting all the cool stuff on this episode!

  • Kashif Khan
    Kashif Khan

    Kenny be fooling us on 5th rather than 1st

  • Isaac Smith
    Isaac Smith

    Who i smoke In the hope of going to the finals again as a heat fan

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