How I Got A Championship Ring
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  • A M A T E U R M U S I C
    A M A T E U R M U S I C

    Kenny where’s the next PO Box opening😩

  • Banana Man
    Banana Man

    Damn I actually guessed the simpsons

  • Luke Jarman
    Luke Jarman

    i have that same ring from amazon. go raptors?

  • Shrimpy-_- ツ
    Shrimpy-_- ツ

    Bruh he's using a karimbit to open stuff

  • Walter Emery
    Walter Emery

    I have a championship ring to nice.

  • Sry not sry boi
    Sry not sry boi

    13:17 ummmmmmm

  • Sean Lee
    Sean Lee

    🔥Vid Kenny


    He probly stole it from lebron james

  • Donovan Murphy
    Donovan Murphy

    O or zero

  • Windy City Nation
    Windy City Nation

    I'm 17 and 6'2 and he 2 inch taller and 2 years young fuck

  • Maxwell Taylor
    Maxwell Taylor

    not even gonna lie. kenny lookin like lamar

  • Christian Lee
    Christian Lee

    I have a Kobe Bryant championship ring

  • Robin K
    Robin K


  • Chase Weaver
    Chase Weaver

    nice hands kenny 1:07

  • Jackson Gonda
    Jackson Gonda

    Paul is secretly Christiano Felicio and Zach is secretly Jim Boylen trying to make amends with Kenny

  • Stalin

  • AaronXA

    Thats crazy... Danny Green ain't even got his ring from like two years ago... but Kenny got his #GOATshit

  • OtherMotherTriplets

    I did not know Kenny was a anime fan I point this out bc the pops in the background

  • AirPodUser 223
    AirPodUser 223

    Congratulations on the championship Kenny. If I ever become the gym of the bulls, witch probably will never happen. Just remember to answer unknown numbers

  • Kyle Thomas
    Kyle Thomas

    Are you filling out a tournament bracket this year?

  • Supreme Basketball
    Supreme Basketball

    You girl doesn't no what she talking about

  • Henry Ulrick
    Henry Ulrick

    9:50 KEnNy BeEChaM 🤣🤣 I love these vids he’s so happy

  • For The A
    For The A

    Kenny do a video on where you look back at every draft and compare the number 1 pick to the other players in the drafts.

  • Márton Glasz
    Márton Glasz

    Yooo where can i buy a Doncic jersey like that?

  • DurkDa Perk
    DurkDa Perk

    That Luka jersey fire

  • Gavin Doncic
    Gavin Doncic

    Like mike 1 is one hundred times better than 2 and I’m spitting fax


    Hey Kenny you should do No Money Spent Myteam again👍🏾

  • Darian Thomas
    Darian Thomas

    It low key hurt when he said “Real” Madrid instead of him saying “Real” Madrid lol

  • Sports34 34
    Sports34 34

    Ayyyy Kenny, your are the 🐐!

  • Nik8

    What's the Michael Jordan's tee brand? Can someone link me their website?

  • CrispyBaconGames 2005
    CrispyBaconGames 2005

    We can see your gf in the reflection of the show case

  • albert

    Lego Simpson

  • Iu Pereira Jané
    Iu Pereira Jané

    am i the only one that though seinfeild when they said the best show that started with an s?

  • Jabronylin43

    Kenny you could not bring your white wife

  • free headd
    free headd

    Jesus loves you

  • Zack Dunn
    Zack Dunn

    He was already my favorite ALgoner but then he said he was a cudi fan

  • Dark Stars
    Dark Stars

    Oh okay! I see my ring made it to you 🤣 And it made the cover photo 🥲 aka from drizzy

  • Manager Of Swag
    Manager Of Swag


  • rex9801

    If you are sending something to a different country it's actually cheaper to send thru their version of amazon you pay regular shipping you just open up the tab area and go to the bottom where ur flag is at and switch to the person country

  • Smarcus Mart
    Smarcus Mart

    What is this? Kenny opening gifts from fanboys?

  • Rocket Jackson
    Rocket Jackson

    Bro you don’t have to lie, we know Dusty Knox hooked you up with the ring

  • KPP

    Clickbait crazy

  • Scarface_ Dagoat
    Scarface_ Dagoat

    It’s crazy how Kenny has won more rings that Chris Paul-(This is a joke) (don’t take it serious Chris Paul fans)

  • Jace Baldwin
    Jace Baldwin

    This was an extra fire PO boxing I wanna get packages like this wtf

  • Lulu The Rottweiler
    Lulu The Rottweiler

    Reacts to old videos ( nostalgia) Jaisen

  • DropEAuzi

    Oh wow I never knew you watched anime lol

  • Trey-Jay

    Aye my brother just got the same tattoo as you lol

  • Kingston Casault
    Kingston Casault

    PO Box openings have been really good lately

  • Dominick Jeffers
    Dominick Jeffers

    Wonder if he’s watched my hero academia heroes rising only wondering because he watches it and I just rewatched the movie last night

  • javi fdez
    javi fdez

    luka wears 7 because its the striker number for the real madrid and legends like cristano wore them

  • Crimson Warrior
    Crimson Warrior

    Kenny has a lotta rings bc those rebuilds

  • Help Me
    Help Me

    we need a house tour update!!

  • YUZI

    Gotta send him more welding gear boys

  • Isaac Anderson
    Isaac Anderson

    Can we get another Zillow video

  • Anthony Caminiti
    Anthony Caminiti

    Short answer: because Kenny is GOATED

  • /\//\TE

    Kenny please bring back Kenny Hardaway I've watched the 2k20 series about 10 times

  • LuckySparrow tk
    LuckySparrow tk

    I got you Kenny for next time

  • Alexander Mini
    Alexander Mini

    My Name is Stiched on a Celtics jersey hanging over my desk in my room.

  • Andrew R
    Andrew R

    Welcome to the raptors family

  • Scott Bennett
    Scott Bennett

    kenny buys a $500 lego set for a video but still wont get one for his niece

  • Isaiah Prom
    Isaiah Prom

    I like how Kenny turned the knife on his girlfriend when she opened a package 😂

  • Play All Day
    Play All Day

    I got the same Toronto Raptors ring for Christmas but it was a replica for Kyle Lowry

  • Mael Furrer
    Mael Furrer

    No Kenny thé best show of all time is through the wire

  • Marcus Roser
    Marcus Roser

    *kenny points knife* “WHY YOU OPENING MY PACKAGES”

  • Eren

    These videos show humanity still has good in the world

  • Parker Rich
    Parker Rich

    The most wholesome videos on the internet

  • Showtime Nick
    Showtime Nick

    I've worn New York Giants Super Bowl rings so I can tell you first hand, yes those things are heavy.

  • Wussell Westbrook
    Wussell Westbrook

    Bro legos video can’t wait lmaooo

  • RySully

    the bond from them 2 on camera is gold

  • RIP Mamba 💜💛
    RIP Mamba 💜💛

    Those raps rings were given out at a raptors 905 game, my friend got one

  • Zac Gigs22
    Zac Gigs22

    Someone needs to send him a fake wedding ring and just say do it

  • Patrick Hyde
    Patrick Hyde

    Nah Luc Longley the better Bulls 13

  • David Bolivar
    David Bolivar

    as much as we love kenny we should defiantly show some love to kenny's girl so she can possibly have a video dedicated to her or just to bring a smile for being there for kenny

  • Jaideep Heer
    Jaideep Heer

    I think you can see Kenny’s girlfriend’s face from the reflection of the glass display case

  • Karan Kumar
    Karan Kumar

    1:03 spidy Kot4q

  • Tom Nani
    Tom Nani

    when kenny said he was building legos LETS GOOOOOOO

  • Colin Maher
    Colin Maher

    "Not a single troll" Like Mike 2 Poster: 🗿

    • Grant Vasquez
      Grant Vasquez

      well yeah but that one was funny

  • JohnMikH 4
    JohnMikH 4

    Hype to see the LEGO Simpson’s House build! The set is reselling for $300 on Stock X Kenny! Amazon has it for $500 because everything on Amazon is overpriced lol I’m sure Ebay has it for $300 too! The set originally sold for $200 and sold out like crazy because how big the Simpsons show is, LEGO retired the set a while ago and won’t bring it back, so now you can’t buy it and people are reselling it to make some profit. Buy it now because it’s value is only going to go up the more years past!

  • All year hoops
    All year hoops

    We can see your girl in the reflection of your case

  • Tremath

    "not a single troll" idk about that I would put the lego head in the troll category

  • oodfay

    Bro that DOOM shirt is too fire

  • not speedy terror
    not speedy terror

    Can you make a ring for your career sim in 2k that would be nice

  • Amaar Hussain
    Amaar Hussain

    This is the most random channel ever. But great vids keep it up

  • Yemmy Rox
    Yemmy Rox

    This was fun to watch!

  • Jedi Master Kanye
    Jedi Master Kanye

    i’ve been working on the side for sum imma send u be on the lookout

  • Diego Robledo
    Diego Robledo

    That like mike poster is so funny 😂😂

  • Paul George
    Paul George

    He won that by himself

  • no dad
    no dad

    kenny I'm sorry I'm also 6'4 and I'm 16

  • Ty Hield
    Ty Hield

    Simpsons is horrible 😭

  • Aj Prentis
    Aj Prentis

    Let’s send Kenny the whole Simpson’s lego set in separate pieces

  • Nate Weiss
    Nate Weiss

    "Hands bro, I just got 'em"

  • seyyy

    To be honest, I don't even watch his main channel anymore🤣. Unless its irl vids, 2k is super boring now

  • eleu

    kenny gets christmas every week

  • Monty Hopkins
    Monty Hopkins

    lowkey lookin forward to the simpsons lego vid

  • Elijah Alsberry
    Elijah Alsberry


  • Sean Koethe
    Sean Koethe

    not being nitpicky cuz i dont care that much, but kenny must be so pissed abt that mic change or whatever it was at the end

  • Mikhail Washington
    Mikhail Washington

    Kenny Shino has beetles not ants. Great video keep up the grind

  • Dame Hdz
    Dame Hdz

    Kenny you have a gaara tattoo??

  • Bryson Welter
    Bryson Welter

    These vids would not be the same without his gf just chillin in the background

  • thevolpe2

    Damn you didn’t mention what I sent you

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