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  • Splashbee 00
    Splashbee 00

    Did u realize that the H on the through the wire is the H from house of highlights

  • Chris Duggr
    Chris Duggr

    Look like he removed the nike swoosh from the outside of the shoes which is nice cuz nobody got those

  • Manaia Smith
    Manaia Smith

    “Me and the Mrs. are hitting the theatre” holy fuck 😂😂😂😂

  • Sebastian Board
    Sebastian Board

    Ayo Kenny you saw our currency now lets come to Canada and watch some raps games

  • Andrewfroid 98rbx
    Andrewfroid 98rbx

    Those shoes are clean

  • Prince Roy
    Prince Roy

    Nah I’m finding his girl

  • Finn Sheehan
    Finn Sheehan

    He did not just do that too abe

  • KBrew300

    Y'all rockin' with the beard ⁉️

  • Cash Tatum
    Cash Tatum

    How much longer will the PO Box be open I wanna send sum

  • Taaha Siddiqui
    Taaha Siddiqui

    ey congrats to kennys girl on working towards a masters, thats cool

  • drinkable liquid
    drinkable liquid


  • Colin Sainato
    Colin Sainato

    Last 5 second were outta pocket💀😂

  • Soap27_

    The month changed 2 minutes ago

  • Nicolas Tejeda
    Nicolas Tejeda

    "Me and the missess are hittin the theater" LMAOOOOO

  • Marv88bon

    Some should sent him a Lana rhoades poster

  • Vanessa y Orlando
    Vanessa y Orlando

    11:22 woah their Kenny whatcha doing 😏🤣

  • Jason VanderKlei
    Jason VanderKlei

    The Official Box Opening Hat.

  • Overdose

    6:55 for the shoes

  • Zachary Musselman
    Zachary Musselman

    I’ve been watching since flat top kenny

  • Nothin' But Net 2K
    Nothin' But Net 2K

    4:52 yo I have a basketball like that as well. I bought mine back in around 2015 or 2016 just saying.

  • Alien Ninja Dude
    Alien Ninja Dude

    I feel bad for the person who sent the chain for 16k

  • Kaden Patel
    Kaden Patel

    Yo I’m finna send you a custom skate board deck to hang up on your wall

  • MUYA !
    MUYA !

    KOT4Q be like: Famirir

  • Eli Scales
    Eli Scales

    The funniest part was when he said, “from hater, hater said, I love your videos and keep up the good work” lol

  • Skip You
    Skip You

    Kenny you know what you gotta do to make that beard grow brotha lol @kenny

  • Sleep Deprived
    Sleep Deprived

    When she said she didn't like his facial hair his expression had me dyin

  • free headd
    free headd

    Jesus loves you

  • Pearson Johnson
    Pearson Johnson

    Where can I find the page that those t shirts at the beginning came from?

  • Cam Viveiros
    Cam Viveiros

    Who else didn’t even realize Kenny has the same initials as Kobe until the KB on the shoe

  • Sebastian Walker
    Sebastian Walker

    Hey Kenny I have that exact same Kobe poster it’s fire 🔥🔥

  • DamnitCAM ?
    DamnitCAM ?

    Kenny dresses as, and fully commits to being, Abraham Lincoln... ends video saying he and the misses are hitting the theatre. Kenny we gone need you to leave Abraham at home for that, we don’t need any repeat assassinations.

  • Ugo Odudu
    Ugo Odudu

    Those Forces fire 🔥

  • Luke Arone
    Luke Arone

    You’re welcome for that fanny pack

  • Cole Zimmerman
    Cole Zimmerman

    did u get a red letter?

  • Oliver P
    Oliver P

    GeoGuessr rebuilding challenge 10 man rotation, 10 rounds of GeoGuessr If you get a score of over 4,500 for a round you choose a player from that state If you get a score of 3,500-4,499 for a round you use a random number generator to select a player from that state If you get a score less than 3,500 for a round you get andre levingston Flip those assets Abraham

  • Razzmatazz hops skiddly doo
    Razzmatazz hops skiddly doo

    that beard is 100% lebron's

  • jt mccoy
    jt mccoy

    King of the 19th century and 13:20 thats tuff

  • Danny24


  • Somto Kid
    Somto Kid

    So Kenny is at the heavens arena episodes

  • William Bourgeois
    William Bourgeois

    No way, im from nova scotia as well

  • Tugars

    This makes me proud of being apart of this community.

  • MJD

    Please catch up on Hunter x Hunter, the arcs after that is some of the best anime content I've ever seen

  • Elliott Helm
    Elliott Helm

    you trippin bru you gotta finish Hunter x Hunter!!

  • Kalen Brightwell
    Kalen Brightwell

    Kenny should get a shoe deal from someone

  • Jacob Bible
    Jacob Bible

    My dude Kenny seem stoned

  • Sausage Snxg
    Sausage Snxg

    Bring back the Kenny Hardaway vids

  • ahwoofe

    You gotta say the x in hunter x hunter

  • Jazz Collects
    Jazz Collects

    Miami fans reporting the video for Hateful or abusive content when kenny said D-wade Bulls legend

  • Augie Gvildys
    Augie Gvildys

    Lmaooo this mans said hittin tghe theater dressed as lincoln


    Shout out to Nova Scotia

  • Kyle Hoskins
    Kyle Hoskins

    Bro that last joke caught me so off guard lmaoooooooo

  • JackoVX

    Man didnt see York New and Chimera Ant. Damn

  • jmoney2177

    14:40 kenny you did not have to get that dark

  • Julius Thome
    Julius Thome

    You gotta continue H x H , after the tournament the powers of their universe are reveiled ! They are weak before it

  • G. Setchky
    G. Setchky

    ja morant is staring into my soul

  • J.D.

    My mans did not just end the video with that dark ass joke. Bruh. 😂😂

  • Zachary Flynn
    Zachary Flynn

    Hey Kenny, have you been eating you salads? (And your a huge inspiration to everyone)

  • Dreni Gashi
    Dreni Gashi

    Broo kobe doesnt flinch even if he is looking

  • BEAST7433

    How has the package I sent not shown up? Amazon says it was deliver like January 20

  • Peyton Suiter
    Peyton Suiter

    That was the last theater kenny lincoln went to

  • Lance Timothy Concepcion
    Lance Timothy Concepcion

    kenny: i didnt finish hunter x hunter togashi: same

  • Shooting Hoops With Noah Smith
    Shooting Hoops With Noah Smith

    5 Greatest American Presidents: 5. Ronald Reagan 4. Theodore Roosevelt 3. Thomas Jefferson 2. George Washington 1. Kenny Lincoln

  • Louis Mcvey
    Louis Mcvey

    Am I the only one that saw the tiktok 🧔🏿🧔🏿🧔🏿

  • Christian Martin
    Christian Martin

    I lost it when Kenny put the beard on.

  • Jason Jefferson
    Jason Jefferson

    Light skin Kenny

  • Big Lowry
    Big Lowry

    Bro hisoka just likes the potential power they have lol

  • Isaiah Lahr
    Isaiah Lahr

    Man I love seeing more of this guys personality in these videos. The videos with his gf in them are just too hilarious

  • Eric Westfall
    Eric Westfall

    Them kicks are fireeeee🔥🔥🔥

  • Victor Hernandez
    Victor Hernandez

    13:16 He look like the kid from little rascals

  • Warren Miller
    Warren Miller

    I drink a boose for breakfast an ensure for dessert, somebody order pankcakes i just sip the scissor

  • Snail 425
    Snail 425

    I absolutely love these damn unboxing videos do you still read letters if I sent somethin with a card Kenny I just don’t know if letters are available to send

  • Ian Nolan
    Ian Nolan

    Can you give comment on how the rookies are doing this year. Like I’m a big fan of Immanuel quickly and I feel like I’m biased on input and I would like to hear a nuetral party.

  • crazyduckplayz

    Kenny ep 131 of hunterxhunter is the best ep

  • Philippe Baumann
    Philippe Baumann

    Dude you should read the manga. I’ve read the naruto manga In three days, it’s way more efficient than watching. Love the content, keep it up.

  • Carlos Gabriel
    Carlos Gabriel

    Look how big it... Pause Lol

  • Johnawesome

    “Look how big it is, pause” lmfao

  • Paul George
    Paul George

    Yoo get this man to 1 mil please he deserve it he the 🐐

  • Ven White
    Ven White

    “me and the mrs are hitting the theater” kenny idk if thats such a good idea considering the outfit you’re wearing

  • jucci178

    Of course she would say Kenny is street smart and she’s book smart 🧐. During this particular month as well

  • Scott Shearer
    Scott Shearer

    Kenny please keep it as a once a week thing, I ordered some stuff and it should be getting there next week in time for next week's episode

  • Some Nerd on the Internet
    Some Nerd on the Internet

    You fucked up for the theater joke 😂😂

  • Trystian Vecchio
    Trystian Vecchio

    Some get me the six man @ I’m tryna cop gear can’t find it tho

  • Wuthell Wethbrook
    Wuthell Wethbrook

    bro Kenny hasn't even gotten to the best part of York New yet

  • Kristofers Klavins
    Kristofers Klavins

    how is nobody talking about that chain. and the beard and top hat look so good on Kenny no homo.

  • Mr. Hip White Guy
    Mr. Hip White Guy

    On tiktok kenny was wearing the Lincoln fit

  • jack Ternan
    jack Ternan

    Try breaking the money Kenny

  • SaberMyBear

    i love the p.o box openings keep up the good work

  • Tyler Alverio
    Tyler Alverio

    Kenny did you know the Bulls were in the 6th seed better than the Celtics

  • Miles Faulkner
    Miles Faulkner

    Gotta love a good pair of AF1s.Them thangs hot🔥to the TOUCH

  • Jeff Murray
    Jeff Murray

    Kenny bruh me too in need to finish HxH

  • Giroux Arcuri
    Giroux Arcuri

    Ima get the proposal ring😈

  • jerry flynn
    jerry flynn

    The end 😂😂😂😂

  • Jaysaking

    Lightskin kenny??? W

  • Ryan Dunn
    Ryan Dunn

    Do nba top shot kenny

  • nathaniel g
    nathaniel g

    Day Thirteen of asking Kenny to do my challenge This is my challenge called the Instagram Challenge. You must find a player that has posted on their story one of these things or are one of these on Instagram. 1. Socially Aware: posted something related to social justice on their story 2. Party Animal: posted a video of photo of them partying 3. Mr. Popular: in the top 100 people followed on instagram 4. Loner: not following anyone 5. Mr Memories: posted on his story something that happened last year 6. DJ: listening to music 7. Team Player: posted their teammates in game 8. Pregame Practice: Posted a clip of them playing during before their game started 9. Showoff: posted cars on his story 10. Shy Guy: has less followers then you 11. Bonus: A player that follows you Once you have your team, you will need to win at least 2 championship in 3 years and have a player win DPOY, MVP, or MIP. If you can’t find a player who fits in the challenge, you’ll have to use a 40 overall instead.

  • Lil Nol
    Lil Nol

    Play some horror games !

  • Pablo

    New New York is unique to Futurama and Futurama ONLY.

  • lil Salt
    lil Salt

    11:21 welp see ya on twitter😂

  • Benjamin Fellows
    Benjamin Fellows

    KOT4 scores and 7 years ago

  • Declan Mahoney
    Declan Mahoney


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