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  • Sahil Makhani
    Sahil Makhani

    kenny listens to earl? whatta goat bro

  • PGH1BHaze


  • Lxnleyangl3 Aye
    Lxnleyangl3 Aye

    Kenny drop a song

  • Ty D
    Ty D

    Aye welcome back rose 🌹

  • Hollywood Breaker 27
    Hollywood Breaker 27

    is the magnus guys first name gavin

  • Afro Jack
    Afro Jack

    F in the chat for the guy who wasted his money on that felicio jersey

  • lilstump55

    Jesus loves you so much that he died for your sins so that you can have eternal life

  • Lets Game
    Lets Game

    Who here is here when derrick rose is on the Knicks again.

  • TheproGOAT

    Kenny wanted to forget about NYK Drose NYK did not want Kenny to forget

  • The OverLord
    The OverLord

    He just got traded to the knicks wow

  • Alex

    Rose got traded to NY

  • Matthew VanZandt
    Matthew VanZandt

    NO DUNKS!!!!

  • Matthew VanZandt
    Matthew VanZandt

    Need the number 4 D Rose now

  • D-Rose is underrated
    D-Rose is underrated

    Whoever sent the D Rose Jersey could predict the future

  • Raja Rao
    Raja Rao

    Kenny's girlfriend is a keeper

  • Collin Haas
    Collin Haas

    Donair sauce let's go hahaha

  • Bennett Barish
    Bennett Barish

    whos here after Derick Rose got traded back to NY

  • mknd3rjinf4rnjiof4rfr

    Whos here after derrick rose got traded back to the knicks

  • Josh Sletten
    Josh Sletten

    And now Derrick Rose is on the Knicks again 😂

  • Aden Polley
    Aden Polley

    it came true...

  • fatman no fallout
    fatman no fallout

    lawrys is the best marinate and seasoning

  • Shaun Garcia
    Shaun Garcia


  • cam

    someone sent kenny a drose knicks jersey not knowing that 13 days later he would be traded to the knicks. crazy

  • Weeed Graph
    Weeed Graph

    What a shock

  • topdakota

    who’s here after drose was traded back to the knicks

  • john foreman
    john foreman

    That knicks Jersey was some type of foreshadowing

  • Josiah Rosenbloom
    Josiah Rosenbloom

    D rose trade made sense only cause DSJ was obviously gonna get traded but the part that doesn’t make sense is how bad the trade was for D rose

  • LeBum Jamés
    LeBum Jamés

    i came back ot this video cuz drose is back on the knicks and saw the jersey in the thumbnail.

  • Ahmad Alsmadi
    Ahmad Alsmadi

    Whos here after the derrick rose trade and watching this makes me feel like kenny is a time traveler. @2:18

  • Tommy Frederico
    Tommy Frederico

    And Rose is back on the Knicks

  • Luka Dončić
    Luka Dončić

    Who is here after Derrick rose just got traded back to the knicks

  • BTCthavillian


  • Garrett Peterson
    Garrett Peterson

    Kenny Lareys Me lowrys

  • Michael Harte
    Michael Harte

    d rose is back to NY!!!!!

  • No Username
    No Username

    How fitting considering Derrick Rose just got traded to the Knicks

  • FadiChoppa

    Funny how he gets the d rose New York shirt now.

  • Rudra Patel
    Rudra Patel

    idk what kenny was on about when he said dwyane wade and cavs. Was that like a trade rumor or something back in the day.

  • Kyle Spencer
    Kyle Spencer

    Hey Kenny you should start welding

  • Tom Zimmermann
    Tom Zimmermann

    Def have to win a chip in ncaa bball that would be a sick episode !!

  • Cade

    “we can throw it back if we really wanted to”- Kenny

  • AV

    Buffalo braves did more in 7 years than the clippers did in all this time we deserve our franchise back from the bum ass clippers

  • SevynTheVillain

    “you sound broke” ayooo what 🤣

  • Dan The fool
    Dan The fool

    6:28 it’s coming hopefully it’s good

  • Zaylen Daniels
    Zaylen Daniels

    Wow that Kobe wallpaper in the background is my home and lock screen

  • Call-of-duty Mobile
    Call-of-duty Mobile

    “Talkin bout 2 goats” did he not see Kobe in the background

  • ETG

    chi bulls got the chip on me

  • 2K Universe StoryTeller
    2K Universe StoryTeller

    10:56 actually 3 GOATS kobe was in the Background

  • Jayden Ruffin
    Jayden Ruffin

    “I’ll find u in the bathroom and do that to you”😭

  • Jayden Ruffin
    Jayden Ruffin

    Bro said “so we can throw it back”😂

  • Cody Feisel
    Cody Feisel

    740 stand up

  • WayV

    1:35 l000l

  • Biggie Cheese
    Biggie Cheese

    bro imagine felcio is a big kenny fan 😭

  • Blueface JB
    Blueface JB

    He didn’t see Kobe on the poster

  • Kyrian Richardson
    Kyrian Richardson

    Monologue Kenny in the building

  • Aiden Lud
    Aiden Lud

    Petition for Kenny to make a welding channel

  • Colt Ashton
    Colt Ashton

    8:52 Kenny “this is bigger then the average one”

  • papi paul
    papi paul

    The toy is called Bakugans

  • Brandon Perez
    Brandon Perez

    shoutout to kenny for not knowing what bakugan is

  • Leboban Jokic
    Leboban Jokic

    7:10, u disrespecting bakugan

  • free headd
    free headd

    Jesus loves you

  • Mrmiggy

    the knife kenny has is sickk

  • Brahnan Nagesvaran
    Brahnan Nagesvaran

    They're called bakugans. Its from an anime ,......kinda


    Kenny you should add your girlfriend into open them with you

  • Penn

    More sneaker content

  • Why Not
    Why Not

    The Kobe lebron Jordan poster is my lock screen

  • Levi Johnson
    Levi Johnson

    Kenny my brother is a welder and it pays really good💵💵

  • Jose Medrano
    Jose Medrano

    Yo Kenny you didn’t see at 11:00 of course it’s the 2 goats but behind them is another goat it’s KOBE RIP ❤️🙌🏽

  • The Fantasy Football Guy
    The Fantasy Football Guy

    Rebuild a college basketball team kenny

  • DTB_Dev

    11:01 not kenny missing kobe in the background behind lebron and mj

  • Zack Rubin
    Zack Rubin

    10:54 that's my phone case

  • Jordan Delarosa
    Jordan Delarosa

    Yo David Miller is the player that is bald and looks like a village in 2k :)

  • Cassius Floe
    Cassius Floe

    10:20 damn

  • Avi Lati
    Avi Lati

    I don’t think he realized that the Kobe jersey was in the bottom of the poster with lebron and mj. That is what makes it so great

  • IttZ_LuKe

    Kenny has the m&m case when he sponsored by raycon

  • Obviously MKZ
    Obviously MKZ

    Right after that he auctions the Felicio jersey

  • Kai Jones
    Kai Jones

    Time to send a knockoff Rose Jazz jersey, even though they waived him

  • Udhay Pandiyan
    Udhay Pandiyan

    Kawhi is my favourite player and you got his jersey for free so jealous man

  • Jeremy Chandler
    Jeremy Chandler

    im hurt he aint peep that the poster with mj and bron on it they were touching a kobe jersey

  • Harry Derry
    Harry Derry

    You need to get the drose jersey where he dropped 50 points

  • Unspherdcomb6

    I have a feeling the guy who sent the Felicio jersey is gonna send him a Cavs D rose jersey.

  • Meech

    The poster with Jordan and Lebron got kobe in the back too so 3 goats

  • kelen tryon
    kelen tryon

    So no one else notice at 10:56 when Kenny said “2 goats” but it was a shadow of Kobe too?

  • Gabriel Contreras
    Gabriel Contreras

    Whoever send PewDiePie’s G fuel deserves huge PP

  • Brig Walter
    Brig Walter

    7:50 is the real pause bro😭😭

  • William Vanner
    William Vanner

    What’s your shirt size Kenny

  • Grannis

    where does he buy his macbook stickers???

  • Drippy
    Drippy .

  • Jahleel Lewis
    Jahleel Lewis

    Did Kenny not notice Kobe in the back of lebron and mj

  • Shamus Bowron
    Shamus Bowron

    Where the Kenny Hardaway Mycareer

  • Jason Manan
    Jason Manan

    Ayo kenny have u heard about the anabolic diet? If not, search up greg doucette and ull learn a lot about it.

  • Emilio Rodriguez-Padilla
    Emilio Rodriguez-Padilla

    Kenny’s girlfriends reaction on the Felicio jersey pretty much summed up Felicios career

  • Beats Random Stuff 2
    Beats Random Stuff 2

    Bro he never knew byakugon

  • 6side JESWAY
    6side JESWAY

    KENNY! Have you heard of NBA Topshot yet?!? Its really awesome!if you haven't yet I'd love to show you the way! Have some moments to send you as a gift to start you off!💪🏾❤ much love dm me on Instagram ( jesway_ ) or something!!

  • Jahmad Peters
    Jahmad Peters

    Man let me go find that Cleveland Drose jersey💀

  • Noah Tellez
    Noah Tellez

    Dude said “you sound broke” 😂 10:22

  • henos aman
    henos aman

    Bro Kenny need to do a video of that meme team to see if they win a chip

  • Jamey Strauss
    Jamey Strauss

    we need college football games to come back before we even think about college basketball games. it has to be said

  • M 901
    M 901

    Welding is a good profession

  • IGRojikku

    It’s a “Bakugan” @ 7:00

  • Crazo

    Send him a d rose cavs jersey it would be funny

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