2020 was unhealthy, im changing that in 2021...

  • Arth0r L
    Arth0r L

    add protein bro... clean protein

  • ESPN Cooper
    ESPN Cooper

    i'm no expert (and i'm also late to the video) but i went through something similar to you where I just felt bad and wanted to improve that part of my life. some things that helped me were: - exercise everyday. i like jogging and doing mostly cardio but anything at a gym is good or even just walking outside for 30mins-1hour - get sunlight - go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier - eat better. less fast food, more fruits and vegetables. baby carrots/bell peppers/celery with hummus is good and healthy. - drink better: completely cut out soda and most juices just stick to water - less screen time edit - stop beating ur dick

  • Arshiya Azmi
    Arshiya Azmi

    This hoodie is too nice to mess up Puts on his own merch

  • L McClain
    L McClain

    Thin is in especially as you get older. Do some videos shirtless.

  • Leboban Jokic
    Leboban Jokic

    I don’t think ive ever seen the back of his head before. I haven’t seen a lot of other things before this vid too tho. We get to see his younger/more childish side. And i love it

  • Alexander Boulton
    Alexander Boulton

    Make a sammich Avocado, lettuce, turkey, all dat

  • Trent Newman
    Trent Newman

    “You’re a ketchup bottle”- Kenny Beecham with the greatest comeback ever

  • BrazinDemiGodd

    2:51 legit thought you were a women lol

  • Call-of-duty Mobile
    Call-of-duty Mobile

    When your 12 years old and your 121 pounds

  • Dylan Frank
    Dylan Frank

    Bruh kenny built like me with that weight I feel him though I’m trying to hit 135 too I hit it this summer but then lost it in the winter

  • TjLoading

    6:20 Ayo chill😭

  • Ari Held
    Ari Held

    you should watch browney hes a great fitness youtubes and his body transformation vids are really inspiaring

  • Pnbtwotimes

    You should use pan spray Kenny

  • Leadeaus

    kenny you gotta start sleeping more fr

  • NBA

    Eat soup salad and peppers + rice or or something and for breakfast have a healthy milk shake

  • Bryan Regus
    Bryan Regus

    Hey Kenny, I did the same thing. I started losing weight in March 2020, and I’ve lost 70-75 pounds! I still have another 60-65 pounds to go!! Let’s hold each other accountable 💪🏽

  • Angel Lujan
    Angel Lujan

    tbh. Kenny made my year wayyy better

  • MyCelticsBlewIt !
    MyCelticsBlewIt !

    Im 34 and ima skeleton too kenny 😂😂😂 but my face is super thin ur lucky to not have the shrunken head look like me 😂😂😂

  • Klay Curry
    Klay Curry

    Kenny to be healthy you need to have a balance diet and do proper exercises. Weight lighting can just walking could help a ton. Eating you should focus on protein. Chicken, ground turkey, fish, steak will help a lot. Eat any vegetables you enjoy. Eat sweet potatoes regular potatoes rice pasta. Also look up Greg Doucette on ALgone he will teach you a lot about nutrition and exercise.

  • Sebastian Board
    Sebastian Board

    Eat lean meat, fish, oats, smoothies, eggs, green veggies and beans and legumes

  • Mik

    Oatmeal is a good breakfast. Add some fruits, add some milk and honey and its delicious

  • Jaskirat

    You should add pasta and chicken n rice to your diet a lot of protein carbs and healthy

  • Karan Gill
    Karan Gill

    How many college hoopers besides me watch Kenny ???

  • Roques

    damn... i'm on 101 pounds

  • Rodga Laurius
    Rodga Laurius

    What chicken that is Kenny ?

  • Rodga Laurius
    Rodga Laurius

    How many channels you got Kenny loll put them in your description my guy

  • Bryce Smoov
    Bryce Smoov

    Kenny don’t cook on high it’s not going to be as good promise

  • Bryce Smoov
    Bryce Smoov

    Chicken and make a fruit smoothie with protein powder for some quick calories

  • Luxx Gaming
    Luxx Gaming

    Oatmeal for breakfast, salad for lunch, and protein for dinner. I try and condense my meals into a 9 hour window too. It’s healthier to allow your body a large amount of time to Bruh the access fat. If you’re tryna gain a little probably wouldn’t matter then

  • Zuhair Abdo
    Zuhair Abdo

    You’re a ketchup bottle

  • the vip Ivo
    the vip Ivo

    is anyone gonna talk about the cornbread in the back

  • Abhiram Dingari
    Abhiram Dingari

    Black bean burgers are heat

  • Spfhoops

    At 4:32 who else thought that was their PS4 making that noise...

  • Hayden Blocka
    Hayden Blocka

    if u are looking to bulk make sure to have one gram of protein for each lbs of body fat and also use oils and condiments to add a few hundred calories for little volume

  • Joel

    Bro, eat some carbs. No wonder ur under 130 if u just eat plain ass chicken and salad

    • Joel

      Plus that is trash salad. Add some broccolo carrot paprika etc to it. Atm u eat like 1200 calories a day


    Why is Kenny so underrated😔😢

  • Gavyn Reed
    Gavyn Reed

    fruit.... oranges apples bananas blueberries. they all good

  • Cousin Fun
    Cousin Fun

    Me watching this while eating Taco Bell🤫

  • Richard Hudspeth
    Richard Hudspeth

    Them elbows ashy as hell tho Kenny lol

  • The Goat
    The Goat

    For weight gains eat PB. Cuz it’s got protein too

  • julst129

    Let's go Kenny fitness grind 💪

  • Tayden Miller
    Tayden Miller

    Chicken is always good

  • Jason Lizardi
    Jason Lizardi

    Chef Kenny had me like 😂😂😂

  • Eamon Hogan
    Eamon Hogan

    Salad is not calorically dense enough to put on weight, I would try chicken and rice once or twice a day and maybe one good salad for veggies, eggs are great in the morning, I also recommend a vitamin D3 and fish oil supplement to help your whole system work smoothly 👍🏼👍🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  • Z’s Garage
    Z’s Garage

    Find your maintenance calories on a calculator online. Find that number, and eat 200-300 calories over that number everyday. For example, if your maintenance is 2,500 calories, you would eat about 2,800. Eggs, yogurt, fruits, lots of proteins (chicken, beef, fish), lots of water, greens, oats, peanut butter, protein supplements if you’d like, and weighlift at least 4 times a week. Compound exercises such as bench press, deadlift, and squat, and you can throw in pull-ups and push-ups. In addition, try to stay away from processed foods especially chemicals like high fructose corn syrup. Good luck Kenny!

  • Zeke

    So inspirational

  • Calvin

    A good breakfast is 4 eggs, 4 ounces of ground turkey, and a piece or two of toast with anything you want on it.

  • ahwoofe

    Lol I was 5’7 125 I finally reached 5’8 135

  • Krispy Krenzy
    Krispy Krenzy

    Kenny's klutch kitchen

  • Lane Brockmeyer
    Lane Brockmeyer

    Some good foods that are healthy are rice cakes. I’m trying to do the same thing as you Kenny and they are my favorite snack!

  • Aiden Pellerine
    Aiden Pellerine

    This gives me a lot of inspiration because I need to gain some weight myself so keep it up Kenny!

  • Mr. K
    Mr. K

    Drink water whenever you can and cut out sugars, also if you are hungry and dont feel like making dinner you can always have healthy snacks in between such as fruits, berries, nuts.


    I just realized I’m 13 and heavier than Kenny

  • Afonso Monteiro
    Afonso Monteiro

    check out Bullyjuice workout challenges, good for muscle building if you pair them with a healthy diet!

  • Boiled It Fried
    Boiled It Fried

    6:25 😏

  • Matt Don't
    Matt Don't

    As someone who cooks a lot i enjoyed this Kenny, you do gotta watch out for that overcrowding but glad to see the thermometer come out. Next recipe gotta be a lil sum Mexican like Enchiladas, they are amazing and you can hide a lot of vegetables in there without noticing the difference.

  • Davide Leahu
    Davide Leahu

    I recommend trying out some asian and italian dishes. most of them are really basic to cook, taste amazing and are pretty healthy. something like a curry with coconut milk or a simple tomatosauce with grain pasta

  • Liam Watson
    Liam Watson

    kenny try to diversify what you eat if you only eat salads you will blow out and become very tired of their taste and it will lead to you hitting a wall.

  • Efram Kendal
    Efram Kendal

    To make your salad better change the chicken to a plant substitute

  • BubbaGump Shrimp
    BubbaGump Shrimp

    I’ve been losing hella weight recently (no bueno anymore) and I really appreciate you and this video... gives me some more motivation to help myself ✊

    • BubbaGump Shrimp
      BubbaGump Shrimp

      Also meat (typically white but there’s nothing wrong w the occasional ny strip steak) and eggs were my main source of food back when I gained 15 pounds in 2 months while working out but diversity is good! Thanks again homie

  • Nick D
    Nick D

    yo kenny ! i’m seeing this a little late bc I was on a trip and not on my phone much, but anyway, get on a high protein diet ! chicken, fish, yogurt (lactose free of course), eggs, protein shakes with milk (lactose free for you), peanut butter and a banana. also since you’re gaining weight carbs for sure help. also, try to find time to exercise at least 3 times a week. you can sign up for a gym or use the basement space if you have. your split for the gym should be chest and back 1 day, shoulders and arms another, and legs in between those 2. or if you don’t have time for that you can try body weight exercises (calisthenics), pull ups, push-ups, jump squats, dips, crunches, etc. I hope you see this and I hope it helps you out

  • Brandon M
    Brandon M

    if you are trying to bulk up eat a lot of protein

  • Wasana Karunarathne
    Wasana Karunarathne

    The like an old married couple

  • Paul Rodas
    Paul Rodas

    Ion know if anyone already said this but I recommend checking out Greg Doucette on ALgone. He got a lot of quality info for improving health n overall quality of life through diet n exercise. He also got a fire cookbook too ,albeit a lil pricey, but it’s got healthy recipes that are bomb. If you don’t agree with him then that’s alright but I also recommend being careful with the sources of health information that you choose to trust. There’s a lot of bs info on the internet. Anyways, God bless 🙏🏽 much love and gl on the health grind.

  • Drizzy Drake
    Drizzy Drake

    Skinny people eat one bag of chips and go:IM SO UNHEALTHY I NEEDA LOSE WEIGHT " Then my fat ass tries to lose weight but one chip at all makes me feel like I gained all of what I'm losing

  • Itsjakemarino

    kenny all men knew what you mean

  • Geddy Ridgeway
    Geddy Ridgeway

    You know I wouldn’t mind a cooking channel, just throwing that out there

  • Forrest Harrison-Grant
    Forrest Harrison-Grant

    My Mum asked me what I was watching, and I said Kenny beating the shit out of some chicken 😂

  • ThatsHeracles

    I’m not a health or food expert but you can eat grilled chicken, peanuts are packed with protein, of course water, eggs, you can also eat red meat but not a massive amount, fruits like Strawberries, Blueberries, Grapes, and Broccoli is also good, some spices are good for you idk which ones exactly, and I heard that something in spicy food is good for you, but you can’t eat it that much, I’m tryna get healthy too so I guess we in this together Edit: Smoothies are great too, if you put the right things in it

  • DM0 Magor
    DM0 Magor


  • 2Good 4You
    2Good 4You

    Bro at 4:11 he look like Jimmy Butler 😭😭😭

  • Ben Villa
    Ben Villa

    I think you should make something including eggs, like an omelet with sautéed mushrooms or something.

  • Kaab

    Take some protein shakes I Did It And Gained 15 Pounds of Muscle

  • Saturn

    kenny weigh 130 talkin bout running on the treadmill for an hour you gone be 115 in a month lmao

  • Tucker L
    Tucker L

    Hit the gym

  • Slime Guy
    Slime Guy

    Please give us more

  • Gerrard C
    Gerrard C

    Watch The Game Changers on Netflix. That might put some things into perspective as to why you felt sick after eating.

  • Itz Colors
    Itz Colors

    We want Kenny’s Kitchen!!!

  • MrRealdk

    where did you get the hoodie with the bears on it from?

  • Rockets Talk
    Rockets Talk

    you should try avocado toast with a egg on top and also protein shakes

  • Bugs in
    Bugs in


  • Rodrick Ingram
    Rodrick Ingram

    Kenny I am 15 and 5”2 and I’m 130

  • Henry Leone
    Henry Leone

    I'm 13 and I way more than that

  • Jacob Banzuela
    Jacob Banzuela

    put some apples slices and grapes its better than you think

  • The Link
    The Link

    we are all with you on this one kenny we believe in you

  • LandonAYT

    Should call this Cooking With Kenny.

  • Adam Bajrek
    Adam Bajrek

    I weigh more then Kenny

  • Trexster

    The Kenny/Suzy videos are fire 🔥

  • Huge Tryhard
    Huge Tryhard

    We are learning about this in school follow the SMART format so your goal is better

  • Mango chris
    Mango chris

    Getting heavy cash and ash vibes 😂

  • Dávid Kacsa
    Dávid Kacsa

    Hey Kenny its also very important, if you want to track you weight properly, to weigh yourself in the morning before drinking or eating anything and after going to the toilet. Also figure out how many calories you have to eat a day, to gain weight. You can do this, by adding up your calorie intake, and extract from it the amount of calories you burn. Eventually you will figure out how much is the amount you have to eat, to gain weight or to stay at your weight. Hopefully this was helpful

  • Lee Jia Jun
    Lee Jia Jun

    When u know Kenny starts the grind, and we all gonna keep Kenny and also ourselves in check, you know 2021 gonna be good

  • NiccoNassty

    eating salad everyday won’t help as much as people say. Try oatmeal with dried strawberries and honey. Also, try to make homemade smoothies

  • Joshua Roberts
    Joshua Roberts

    Washing chicken ?!

  • Arias1

    What 🤣🤣 I weigh more than kenny and 15

  • JuiceUp


  • Tameem Abu-Rshaid
    Tameem Abu-Rshaid

    dont cook with olive oil, its burns

  • DDDofTTTontheYT

    If you like a lil spice, buy curry powder, a little bit goes a long way. And herbs, ginger, and garlic are great healthy seasonings, especially fresh if you can. If you ever need ideas on cheap healthy ideas, i gotchu

  • Musa Rizk
    Musa Rizk

    Need more cooking vids

  • Musa Rizk
    Musa Rizk

    There r so many more healthy meals than just salad. Just pick a good and ask yourself if it is healthy. U will realize there are a lot of options

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