The "In Real Life" channel of KOT4Q or The King Of The Fourth Quarter.

  • Gabby G
    Gabby G

    Lol I said Florida right before you saw it

  • Mike Honcho
    Mike Honcho


  • Raymond Ramos
    Raymond Ramos

    I would love to see mlb rebuilds

  • Soapy's Thoughts
    Soapy's Thoughts

    Shoulda put the lyrics on the side but this was fun

  • Karan Kumar
    Karan Kumar

    The auto is zaza he’s ZP 27

  • Alex Kirkpatrick
    Alex Kirkpatrick

    po box is back but its been a month🥲

  • Rashard Lewis
    Rashard Lewis

    I love Chicago bruh

  • Rashard Lewis
    Rashard Lewis

    I instantly guessed south beach on that first one

  • Rashard Lewis
    Rashard Lewis

    If Kenny saw a sign that said Portland he'd guess Oregon and it'd end up being the east coast Portland

  • Rashard Lewis
    Rashard Lewis

    Can I do this with arizona? Yes as long as it's Phoenix Suns Arena every time

  • Rashard Lewis
    Rashard Lewis

    As soon as I saw Disney I guessed Orlando lmao

  • Rashard Lewis
    Rashard Lewis

    I love his channel its so random lmao

  • Rashard Lewis
    Rashard Lewis

    8 need more of these vids bro

  • Rashard Lewis
    Rashard Lewis

    They on some Alabama type ish bruh

  • Rashard Lewis
    Rashard Lewis

    I'm 15 and 6 foot 5 lol

  • Rashard Lewis
    Rashard Lewis

    Most iconic show of all time is the fresh prince

  • Rashard Lewis
    Rashard Lewis

    Jordan 13s 14s 15s and 16s are solid too

  • Rashard Lewis
    Rashard Lewis

    I gotta get him scottie's memoir lol

  • Rashard Lewis
    Rashard Lewis

    My favorite play is the 2 move checkmate. That's the only one ik lol

  • Sebastian Lopez
    Sebastian Lopez

    the thong mightve been worn and signed by mj and you missed out

  • Ginger

    Ken said the F word since when did he sware

  • Itz_ Lucid
    Itz_ Lucid

    Kenny as a man who also loves subs…. You’re missing out on wawa, how do I ship you food without it going bad

  • Jake


  • Ricky Swervo
    Ricky Swervo

    Oreos is simple S tier

    • Ricky Swervo
      Ricky Swervo

      Fruity pebbles is to

  • Kendall

    I love me some canes. Did you know that it was started by a student at LSU and his professor gave him a c because the professor said you can’t be big off of just chicken.

  • Jennifer Takai
    Jennifer Takai

    Bruh I Was Screaming Igoudola For Like 3 Minutes Straight

  • DJW 16
    DJW 16

    I love ur vids Kenny! But dont watch Marc dude has some major bias especially towards the giants

  • Destinie Nguyen
    Destinie Nguyen


  • yaboi frankie
    yaboi frankie

    Wendy's is mine lol

  • Mike Ellis
    Mike Ellis

    more po box openings

  • yaboi frankie
    yaboi frankie

    I'm allergic to nuts to lol

  • ChumSecret 1
    ChumSecret 1

    God bless everyone. Give you're life unto Jesus. Follow God 🙏

  • Niv Manyesko
    Niv Manyesko

    Nobody noticed the mfdoom box bottom right

  • Andy Mendoza
    Andy Mendoza

    7 10

  • Logan Karam
    Logan Karam

    I see no one in the comments talking about the American cheese thing and it concerns me

  • Jmoney #14
    Jmoney #14

    Tony La Russa needs to go bck to gettin DUIs if he's ok with letting his player get hit with a pitch bc I'm a football/basketball player but Ik how hard a baseball is and how bad it hurts to get hit with one

  • fatman no fallout
    fatman no fallout

    i honestly think he should have taken the pitch but i don't think there is anything wrong with him swinging

  • amy teachey - Hayden Jones - Troop 360
    amy teachey - Hayden Jones - Troop 360

    Just watching this now but, this video was uploaded on my birthday!

  • Mikhail Washington
    Mikhail Washington

    Kenny use almond milk vanilla it's perfect with cereal

  • A.B.

    “Marc Luino” that’s GiraffeNeckMarc lol. He’s a baseball ALgoner


    Quote of the day “Life was good”

  • 3 Michelin Stars
    3 Michelin Stars

    Not a baseball fan, bit has to support kenny

  • Adam Carrick
    Adam Carrick

    Mike Burley is the goat

  • Rashard Lewis
    Rashard Lewis

    The unwritten rule for yt is don't disrespect pewdiepie idk y dude is cringe af and lowkey racist but that's how it goes

  • Rashard Lewis
    Rashard Lewis

    I love how Bauer basically said git gud

  • Rashard Lewis
    Rashard Lewis

    Tatis just did the same thing lol

  • RiZe Shadow
    RiZe Shadow

    I thought everyone put sugar in the rice krypsies lol

  • Killroy 8000
    Killroy 8000

    Better to cook yourself save money

  • CyKe Hawks
    CyKe Hawks

    Kenny: "What rookie gets to there first team and wants a trade: Kobe: -_-

  • Noah M
    Noah M

    Yo kenny how much for a feature?

  • Akio Kohler
    Akio Kohler

    Now Kenny... I dislike baseball but love you and I found myself watching this whole video you just made a baseball fan... you’re doing great work no matter the sport

  • Rian Austin
    Rian Austin

    I love how in his amar’e love goat simulation he was wearing his malice at the palace t-shirt

  • Big Man's Burner Account
    Big Man's Burner Account

    Max Kellerman would not be happy with you

  • Andrew Swann
    Andrew Swann

    Trevor Bauer is awesome. I have a similar story as in I played baseball growing up and then stopped because it got boring. I’m getting back into it and Trevor Bauer quickly became my new favorite player

  • Alfred Mireles
    Alfred Mireles

    How has Kenny never had Taco Be;;

  • reid.b

    YES! I've been watching jomboy for a while now and I've been feeling the same way about baseball. It is ridiculous.

  • Corey Reviews
    Corey Reviews

    seeing kenny talk about baseball makes me so happy

  • Liam Becker
    Liam Becker

    Your opinions are wrong

  • The magic Juice
    The magic Juice

    Is it not like dunking when you’re up by 20 with 10 seconds left

  • Just Jay
    Just Jay

    Already a year ago

  • Nathan Bilotta
    Nathan Bilotta

    Cocoa Krispies were the best chocolate cereal no debate

  • Adamc240

    As soon as I saw that bridge I said Raleigh I go on that bridge every week

  • Nano

    You Kenny you need to drop the album already.

  • Landon Spillman
    Landon Spillman

    You cant be crying about the other team hitting an hr to up it by 10 that's your fault your team is that bad

  • Brandi Reeves
    Brandi Reeves

    Bring back bronze ballers

  • Aaron Velander
    Aaron Velander

    I’m a twins fan from Minnesota and I’m fine with the dude hitting the home run. But I didn’t like how they suspended our pitcher for 3 games for just throwing behind the dude the next game. That was bs

  • Mário César
    Mário César

    make the mycareer series kenny

  • Parker Hamby
    Parker Hamby

    My man sounded like a happy earl sweatshirt 👀

  • Reagan D
    Reagan D

    2:07 as a twins fan i am not really offended tbh we suck every year😂 but as I’ve said for the past 10 years, there’s always next season

  • isaiah and the stars
    isaiah and the stars

    Unwritten rule about not celebrating is crazy bro you celebrated hitting a homer so let me hit you in the head with a 98 mph fast one

  • CDubbs99

    I really feel like nobody would've cared is LaRussa didn't say anything publicly. Sure Mercedes is supposed to listen to his manager when he gets the take sign and if LaRussa wants to say something about that to Mercedes privately after the game then go ahead. Where I have a huge problem with LaRussa is how he called his own guy out publicly and showed that he doesn't have his own players' backs.

  • Sean Koethe
    Sean Koethe

    we need some quizzes once in a while kenny

  • Kanye Smiles
    Kanye Smiles

    This series predicted so much: The hornets drafted a tall point guard in Lamelo that likes to pass first(just like kenny hard away), LaMelo was killing it off the bench but was still refused to be started, once he did start, he put up crazy numbers.

  • Mike Long
    Mike Long

    I thought everyone put sugar on Rice Krispies lol

  • Melissa Gabe
    Melissa Gabe

    The new goat Justin Tucker

  • • AST3RIOD •
    • AST3RIOD •

    Honey hornets

  • Ivan Diaz
    Ivan Diaz

    damn where it all started

  • ballerboy jj84
    ballerboy jj84

    kenny did you say a bad word

  • King Clutchy
    King Clutchy

    Fruity Pebbles and Fostered Flakes are A Tier material I agree with Kenny