The "In Real Life" channel of KOT4Q or The King Of The Fourth Quarter.

  • ethan_LifeStyle Stronger every day
    ethan_LifeStyle Stronger every day

    If Sonic was on here it would b S tier

  • ethan_LifeStyle Stronger every day
    ethan_LifeStyle Stronger every day

    Fruit loops and marshmallows Would have been S tier

  • Xavi City
    Xavi City

    Kenny got bars

  • JB the Stoner
    JB the Stoner

    You make me want some cereal now, I just don't buy it ever since I moved out of home.

  • Darby Burns
    Darby Burns

    W but no way apple jacks is better than B

  • Christie Hebler
    Christie Hebler

    kenny: im gonna guess new York *proceeds to guess vermont

  • Brayden Rechtiene
    Brayden Rechtiene

    Tommy farm 😂🤣

  • Mvelo Sithole
    Mvelo Sithole

    cinnamon toast crunchy is the best

  • Nodblus's old channel
    Nodblus's old channel

    Who didn't put sugar in the rice Krispies

  • Devante Jackson
    Devante Jackson

    The answer is wings

  • Joey T
    Joey T

    Now you have to do a cereal commercial tier list

  • Nathan

    as a portuguese guy that hurt 😭

  • Josh August
    Josh August

    Fuzzy daily recap!!

  • Ben Deuitch
    Ben Deuitch

    were you watching Hikaru Nikarumuru? Edit: I kept watching the video nvm it was him lol

    • Ben Deuitch
      Ben Deuitch

      I spelled his last name wrong btw

  • Kamal Taylor
    Kamal Taylor

    I found this quiz, and completed it in 1:09

  • Teon T
    Teon T

    Skyline be bussin

  • Jarret Cole
    Jarret Cole

    Love your vids Kenny but Cinnamon Toast Crunch on the B tier is a crime it should at least be A

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith

    It’s painful watching not know how to castle

  • Zane Ginsberg
    Zane Ginsberg

    Are we just gonna ignore Kenny’s god squad. I mean sheeeeesh

  • Kenny McCormick
    Kenny McCormick

    When you are European and only have had a handful of those: :/

  • SpiderMan 2.0
    SpiderMan 2.0

    You ain’t had count chocula or boo berry?

  • Steelers 19
    Steelers 19

    We want mlb the show content

  • huh whut
    huh whut

    there is a cereal in our country is an amazing chocolate cereal

  • jaylen .
    jaylen .

    Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Fruity Pebbles, & Frosted Flakes really the only S tier cereals. You can debate Honey Nut Cheerios and Froot Loops to be up there. Nothing else lol

  • Sam Bowles
    Sam Bowles

    The bar on the side shows who’s winning. So if the bar is mostly white, whites winning and if it’s more black then blacks winning.

  • Dewey B
    Dewey B

    Definintely keep posting baseball videos. Love to hear you talk about it

  • Keshiv Sekhon
    Keshiv Sekhon

    4:09 Steve Francis

  • lilgibby vert
    lilgibby vert

    I just started getting into mlb period. I picked the Red Sox as my favorite team bc that’s what my friends favorite team is. And Ik bout big papí David Ortiz 😂

  • Aceman303

    KOT9I coming in??? (King of the 9th inning 😂)

  • Micah Zitko
    Micah Zitko

    It’s funny how he said”I’m the MJ around here“ when MJ’s around there

  • Kingston Casault
    Kingston Casault


  • The Mighty Midget
    The Mighty Midget

    You should ask Gotham chess or Hikaru for a lesson. Gotham loves teaching and he’ll teach you how to better understand the game.

  • Zeno Dal Carlo
    Zeno Dal Carlo

    I am so down to teach you the basics, hit me up!

  • Brayden Seagle
    Brayden Seagle

    Welcome to the mlb Fandom Kenny

  • Nicholas

    Are just gonna ignore the first result when he searched Cinnamon Toast Crunch rap

  • Josiah Johnson
    Josiah Johnson

    Underneath your usernames, it tells you what pieces you and your opponent have taken, it will also assign a point value to each piece: pawn is 1, bishops/knights 3, rook 6 and queen 8 I believe

  • Squiggum MeMeS
    Squiggum MeMeS

    You haven’t had Peanut butter Cap’n Crunch 😐

  • Josiah Johnson
    Josiah Johnson

    The bar on the right is your odds to win, not a timer 😂


    Get some almond milk

  • Iffan Skillz
    Iffan Skillz

    Yo Kenny, try collabing with GothamChess. He has thought a lot of people including Gordon Hayward! I wanna see more chess content from ya 👍🏻

  • bennett

    this dude put wheaties in S tier have you ever even tried them

  • Prince Commander
    Prince Commander

    More chess content!!!! Please I love chess. Beginner tips: watch some ALgone videos about opening tactics. Learn all the abilities of the pieces and learn one opening. That’s gonna get you started on the game of chess

  • Matthew Altman
    Matthew Altman

    Buggin yo strawberry mini wheats the best mini wheats

  • Ndiye Nsengaali
    Ndiye Nsengaali

    Watch some baseball anime like Ace of the Diamond. That's what got me into baseball deep

  • theepoetrygod

    for everyone wondering why the one video went viral, here's what happened: so basically, the kid at bat was facing a do or die situation (9th inning, 2 outs). his team was in a tournament, and one strike away from being eliminated. kid hits a home run with some SAUCE on it, wins the game, and keeps his team alive for another day. Tim Anderson, Yermin Mercedes and the rest of the White Sox are the biggest "let the kids play" team in the league (we also have the best record in the league as of writing this comment lol). Flip the bats y'all, it makes the game fun.

  • NikeFein3

    The disrespect to Cocoa Puffs and cocoa pebbles

  • Wayne Wagner
    Wayne Wagner

    IMO Wawa has the best Subs. I love getting a Sub and Wawa brand Chocolate milk. Just incredible together.

  • Shawn Claspell
    Shawn Claspell

    Hey Boss I have to say I've only been watching for 1 day but your fam out there is amazing. If I had anyway to send you stuff I would. I have a special needs child that has my everything so much love and keep it going. Boss

  • Kyle Tran
    Kyle Tran

    seeing 3 minutes of this video made me go play chess for a whole night and morningg

  • Connor Sien
    Connor Sien

    For a guy that hasn't really kept in touch with mlb that much in 8 years, he did pretty good, then again all those players were either, all stars, former all stars and players that have been playing for awhile.

  • xuav Rice
    xuav Rice

    How he gone do Honey Crisp like that, S tier fo sho

  • Christian Lee
    Christian Lee

    Post mlb the show gameplay

  • NoMuckYou

    Aye imagine if this man did football 😭

  • Tecca9

    Krave been out for a minute Kenny.

  • Justus Bearden
    Justus Bearden

    Pizza topping tier list?

  • Kishan Patel
    Kishan Patel

    8:10 Kenny likes raisin bran boomer confirmed

  • Christopher Perez
    Christopher Perez

    So you mean to tell me fruity pebbles aren’t s tier?

  • PHASM0

    Cringe level 18 000 000

  • 83 Films
    83 Films

    I'm in the same boat I'm an nfl fan and I'm trying to get into baseball and basketball

  • FreedBus

    we need more please

  • Micah Zitko
    Micah Zitko

    2:05 and 5:10 Man that old mans career is definitely over

  • Micah Zitko
    Micah Zitko

    7:04 Kenny:” Imagine if I got team mates that were good “ Bizzy: “Are you sure about that”

  • TonyV_06

    Same man I also feel like MLB the show got me into it too man lol. It's been great to watch and enjoy a new sport

  • CJ

    The horse can only move in the shape of an L

  • Clay Putthoff
    Clay Putthoff

    lol you didn't win because he couldn't move anything else meaning it was a stalemate which is basically a tie. Also, when you said horsey, I laughed so hard haha

  • Noah Jensen
    Noah Jensen

    play espn beat the streak to stay current on how players are doing day by day. fun game that’s free to play with big cash prizes

  • JPR

    As soon as he got his second queen I knew he was going to stalemate😂😂

  • Blake Gibson
    Blake Gibson

    Donut ceral for 10 at night is fire honeslty

  • JRL _ Monkey
    JRL _ Monkey

    Move up Kix

  • Mco38

    bro he high as fuck

  • Austin Mulka
    Austin Mulka

    Why am I just getting this notification????

  • Timothy Craig
    Timothy Craig

    Frosted mini wheats, Elite ELITE

  • Ari Kiirikki
    Ari Kiirikki

    Do a lesson with Gothamchess

  • Nicholas Wilhelm
    Nicholas Wilhelm

    I swear if he has Frosted Flakes as one of the worst I quit

  • KLP Banks
    KLP Banks

    Strawberry special k is S no cap


    U should watch dodgerfilms

  • Joshua Land
    Joshua Land

    How is papa johns a F if it's the best pizza ever made?

  • BigZakSnak

    I am so disappointed rn it’s not even funny

  • Saif Quraishi
    Saif Quraishi

    Just me, or did Fruity Pebbles start tasting different a couple years back? Used to be my fave but now it just tastes like cardboard

  • iBloxonic

    Raisin Bran A tier is an absolutely great decision