The "In Real Life" channel of KOT4Q or The King Of The Fourth Quarter.

  • EG Refresh
    EG Refresh

    I wonder when it comes out I love your videos Kenny

  • Z Games
    Z Games

    10/10 Of Your Home I Live In Canada But Your Place I Better To Me!!

  • Falafel Pizzahead
    Falafel Pizzahead

    i've never seen someone so happy to be averaging 5 ppg. 8:36

  • King Savage
    King Savage

    The one thing that was OFF on this list was the Fritos🤦🏾‍♂️

  • King Savage
    King Savage

    I ain’t even know this channel existed it’s just something ab Kenny that makes u want to tune in to what he says

  • DamianDanger15 Mobile
    DamianDanger15 Mobile

    And I got bronze silver :Kenny Beecham

  • Matthew Lado
    Matthew Lado

    19:21 that explains the title

  • Matthew Lado
    Matthew Lado

    I clicked faster than Jabari Parker leaving the Bulls

  • Rashard Lewis
    Rashard Lewis

    Kenny I'm sending u a Christiano Felicio card

  • JR Pseudo
    JR Pseudo

    keep it a1

  • Pele K
    Pele K

    Out of 10 brackets I have watched including the official one, you are the only one with a better bracket than me.

  • rare_reggie

    Kenny has like 20,000 coby white cards

  • Ruffhouse Nation
    Ruffhouse Nation


  • Jesse

    Need Fritos


    the school bus said north carolina

  • Jusuf Nurkić
    Jusuf Nurkić

    Ngl, I was fighting Kenny after the first two snacks 😂😂

  • Jill McBride
    Jill McBride


  • 2kGoat._.Bruce.07

    This is pt2

  • 2kGoat._.Bruce.07

    I’m just commenting to get the vid to 1,000 comments there is a pt2

  • Tommy Plays
    Tommy Plays

    Kenny I agree I hate sour patch kids to

  • Troma 333
    Troma 333

    You literally spent 100$ on highlights you can watch for free! This "market" is for suckers, and there's one born everyday

  • JAYproductions

    Kenny if I got you a Jersey what size are you

  • JAYproductions

    I was excited and I almost cried till I saw that thumbnail

  • kaybub

    Jenny says he got delware when his point was in maryland

  • kaybub

    Kenny dosent see wyoming

  • kaybub

    kenny passes a sign that says east chicago

  • zesty avacado
    zesty avacado

    Wait why is there shaq on shzaam I thought it was a different person

  • Bo Fleming
    Bo Fleming

    He missed the sign that said vail

  • iBobbyM

    My meme was the Chicago Connections one, I made it using Snapchat and always come back to this video. I love you Kentrell

  • Arshiya Azmi
    Arshiya Azmi

    Subway a lower tier sub Proceeds to put it in b

  • David Cordova
    David Cordova

    ayo kenny I've been to Penn Station. Im from Cali but I went to one I think its in OHIO and its fire a must try Kenny

  • Alexander Boulton
    Alexander Boulton

    Kenny havin a few bruh moments

  • racquel parrilla
    racquel parrilla


  • kaybub

    i could guess animal kingdom in 1 second no cap

  • ParkerTheFifth

    Just now watching this, funny how you got Theis & Vucevic

  • Zamin Ahmed
    Zamin Ahmed

    Clickbaited man I was so hyped for a momenet

  • Ethan Ruffing
    Ethan Ruffing

    Kenny can we get an apex legends video? I see you playing that all the time

  • Pg 13
    Pg 13

    Sixers my favorite team

  • BrendyGaming

    Kenny Beecham with 1 Milly Milly

  • Help me Killer
    Help me Killer

    You legit clicked right where I live. Fairfield maine

  • The sneaker head 13
    The sneaker head 13

    Wsg Kenny can you put that Kobe thing up!

  • Sevilledaman N
    Sevilledaman N

    The only thing I agree on is a hot Chito’s

  • Jonah Yarbrough
    Jonah Yarbrough

    y do u have to do me like that bro, I thought u were being FR.. scared me

  • Derric Rose
    Derric Rose

    Syracuse fans WYA

  • ceddyboi 36
    ceddyboi 36

    damn theis and vooch are now bulls

  • HarryGloverIII

    If dream had that seed he would have the world record agaian

  • Motorsport GR63
    Motorsport GR63

    Lance and Max on this😂

  • ESPN Cooper
    ESPN Cooper

    i'm no expert (and i'm also late to the video) but i went through something similar to you where I just felt bad and wanted to improve that part of my life. some things that helped me were: - exercise everyday. i like jogging and doing mostly cardio but anything at a gym is good or even just walking outside for 30mins-1hour - get sunlight - go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier - eat better. less fast food, more fruits and vegetables. baby carrots/bell peppers/celery with hummus is good and healthy. - drink better: completely cut out soda and most juices just stick to water - less screen time edit - stop beating ur dick

  • Cody Nardone
    Cody Nardone

    Sweet No Dunks shirt Kenny!! I watched you on happy hour the other night, it was a blast! hope you do more collabs with them soon

  • Juju

    How many things is Kenny allergic to

    • Stacie Mohler
      Stacie Mohler

      It’s probably a shorter list with the things he isn’t allergic to

  • Carter Downey
    Carter Downey

    im unsubscribing for doing that clickbait

  • Arshiya Azmi
    Arshiya Azmi

    This hoodie is too nice to mess up Puts on his own merch

  • Super pig Gaming
    Super pig Gaming

    I saw the title and I was like: He is unboxing his daughter

  • JohnRey Pines
    JohnRey Pines

    There's no value/rarity to that. Why waste money on short clips where you can watch whole game for free? Much better if you collect cards rather than this.

  • Avery Sampson
    Avery Sampson


  • Aidan Cook
    Aidan Cook

    Me and Nina share the same Birthday

  • FirstTakeTingz

    Why do you handle cards as if you have no thumbs? Gheeeez

  • Joshua Lor
    Joshua Lor

    Sibling or Dating Alabama: Yes

  • HoodMade J
    HoodMade J

    Clikbate Brooooo

  • owr86Mamba

    Two girlfriends?

  • R2 Icee
    R2 Icee

    I’m about to have a brain seizure watching this

  • Savi Kannangara
    Savi Kannangara

    Kenny you have betrayed me and now I have to turn off notifications on every channel for a day.every single one I'm subscribed to

  • Christian Hernandez
    Christian Hernandez

    Make that dog sneeze. TTW reference. Y’all ain’t real fans man 😪

  • Jackson Whitaker
    Jackson Whitaker

    I live right next to that movie theater i was shocked when i saw it knew it right away

  • Caleb Atkinson
    Caleb Atkinson

    What's wrong with papa Johns?

  • Butt Cheeks McGee
    Butt Cheeks McGee

    Click baiting us huh Kenny?

  • Jake Klotz
    Jake Klotz

    ahiru no sora is a basketball anime that i fw kokuros is still better but they be hoopin fr

  • Wuthell Wethbrook
    Wuthell Wethbrook

    "Basketball Fan reacts to Slam Dunk for the FIRST TIME!" video coming soon??

  • James Noble, Jr
    James Noble, Jr

    Wait are we just gunna gloss over the fact that Kenny said he has 2 girlfriends??

    • n e
      n e


  • Assirem Ahtash
    Assirem Ahtash

    mhm.... kfc.....

  • Cannon Brewer
    Cannon Brewer

    inspirational man

  • Mj Muschette
    Mj Muschette

    Funny thing is gram was greening 3’s when you didn’t have dimer on but now you don’t got it on he missing wide open

  • JC Medina
    JC Medina

    Spider isekai is great fr tho

  • Joan 10
    Joan 10

    Bro good choice for the thumbnail cuz I clicked quik

  • william Jordan
    william Jordan

    Jason Kidd is black ? Why do I feel dumb🙄

  • Alex The mta and r211,weather, fan
    Alex The mta and r211,weather, fan

    Pdq is a car wash too.

  • Jackson Smith
    Jackson Smith

    Clarksville TN looks way better than Chicago

  • 937

    on beach stepping today , give us a classic . 2 hours .

  • HoodieGhoul

    i don’t mind clickbait, but come on kenny😂

  • Walt

    m o r e

    • Srii Krishna
      Srii Krishna

      I think he stopped because he said he got bored